The Outsiders

  • Ponyboy gets jumped by Socs

  • Ponyboy meets Cherry

    At the drive-in movies, Ponyboy meets Cherry Valance, a Soc. Her boyfriend Bob gets jealous.
  • Darry gets angry and hits Ponyboy and he runs away

    Ponyboy comes home late and Darry gets upset and runs away and meets up with Johnny.
  • Ponyboy meets up with Johnny, they get into a fight with the Socs

    After running away, Ponyboy and Johnny are found by the Socs. Ponyboy is almost drowned. Johnny saves him, but kills Bob in the process.
  • Bob is killed by Johnny

  • Dally helps hide Johnny and Ponyboy

    Dally hides Ponyboy and Dally in an abandoned church out of town.
  • Dally comes to get them, church burns down, children saved

    Johnny decides to turn himself in. The church catches fire and Johnny and Ponyboy go in to save some kids. They are both hurt and have to be taken to hospital.
  • Darry visits Ponyboy in hospital.

    Ponyboy realizes his brother really cares.
  • Johnny is going to be charged with Bob's death

  • Final Rumble

    The Greasers and the Socs agree to one last gang fight, or "rumble".
  • Johnny's death

    Dally and Ponyboy go back to the hospital to visit Johnny and he dies.
  • Dally robs a store, police shoot him down

    Dally leaves the hospital upset, robs a store, and the police shoot and kill him in front of ponyboy.
  • Ponyboy get ill

    Ponyboy get sick and while he is half conscious, he convinces himself Johnny is not dead.
  • Ponyboy goes back to school

    Ponyboys grades have dropped, but his teacher says if he writes a good theme, he will pass.
  • Johnny's letter to Ponyboy

    Ponyboy finds a letter from Johnny. The letter says he will die with pride after saving those kids from the fire.
  • Ponyboy starts his theme

    Ponyboy starts to write his theme and it turns out to be the first words in the novel itself.