The outsiders

The outsiders

  • Introduce the main characters.

    Introduced the Greasers and the Socs ,Ponynoy was bitten by the Socs. We can see that the Socs were very cruel.
  • Met to girls in the cinema.

    Met to girls in the cinema.
    They went to the movie theater and met 2 beautiful girls.The names of them were Cherry and Marcia.Ponyboy talked with Cherry well.Dally molest Cherry many times but he was prevent from Johnny.Actually Cherry liked Dally even Dally made her feel annoying.Cherry talked with Ponyboy for a long time.
  • Ponyboy and Cherry talked with each other well.

    Ponyboy and Cherry talked about the Socs and the Greasers after movie.Cherry said that the Greasers were more emotional but the Socs were sophisticated.Ponyboy and Cherry watched the sunset together.
  • The Greasers and the Socs had a fight.

    Ponyboy and Johnny went to fight with the Socs.Johnny killed Bob for Ponyboy for self-defense.The Socs all ran away after saw that.Ponyboy and Johnny were afriad and asked the Dally for help.
  • Ponyboy met the girls' boyfriends

    Cherry and Macia's boyfriends came to find them ,they thought that Ponyboy molest their girlfriends, so the Socs argued with the Greasers.The Greasers felt angry. Pony and Johnny went home late. Darry was angry and argued with Pony. Pony and Johnny left home.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny hid in a church.The Greasers would fight with the Socs.

    They slept for a long time after they arrived at the church.They ate some food .They cut their hair so that no one could recognize them.Ponyboy wrote a poem when he saw the sunrise ,He wanted to express his emotion and feeling.Dally came to see Johnny and Ponyboy after a few days and told them that they were safe.He brought a letter from Soda to Ponyboy and told them that they were safe.He brought a letter from Soda to ponyboy .Then Dally told them that the Greasers would fight with the Socs.
  • Bob died.Ponyboy and Johnny escaped.

    Dally told Johnny and Ponyboy to hide in a church and gave them some money and clothes.They felt afraid.And they can't meet anyone at that period.Pony wrote a poem to express his feelings. Dally went to see them telling them that they were safe.And he brought a letter from Soda to Pony.Then he told them the Greasers woulf fight with the Soc's tomorrow.
  • The church was on fire .J and P saved the children but got hurt.

    Cherry said that Johnny killed Bob was just for self-defense.They went to the church and found that it was on fire. The children who at the church were on fire.Johnny and Ponyboy saved that children but got hurt.Then they were sent to the hospital.Jerry said that Johnny and Ponyboy were heroes.Dally and Soda came to see them and apologized .They said that they were afraid of losing Pony.
  • Johnny was in danger.

    Johnny was in danger. The repoters and polices came to ask many questions about this accident.
  • Randy wanted to flee

    Randy came to Pony's house and had a conversation with him.Ponyoy thought that Randy would also save the children in the same circumstance although Randy was a Soc's.
  • Johnny was in danger

    The nurse didn't want to let us see Johnny,because he was in danger.Johnny wanted Ponyboy to read Gone With The Wind.Johnny's mother came but he didn;t want to see her.The Greasers would fight with the Socs.Cherry talked aboutr Johnny with Ponyboy.
  • The fight began.

    They talked about P's two brothers while dinner.Ater dinner, The Greasers went to fight with the Socs.They fight was runnig for a long time.Darry came to save Pony in time so that Pony didn't died.Randy didn't come to fight because he hated fight. At last ,the Greasers won the fight.
  • Dally died

    Pony and Dally couldn't recieve the fact about Johnny's death. Dally wanted to die beacuse he Loved Johnny very much.So he went to steal a store.The police were chasing him.He ran into an empty place and shooted by the police.In fact,Dally did it on purpos.and the reason that the police killed Johnny was that he was a member of the Soc's.
  • Johnny died

    After the fight, Pony and Dally ran to see Johnny and told him that they won the fight .But Johnny almost couldn't breath.He should Pony that he should be kind and stayed gold.Then Johnny died.Pony and Dally couldn't stop missing Johnny.
  • Randy was going to the court

    Ponyboy stayed in his bed for a week and he was thinking abot Bob .Then Randy told him that he would go to court.Ponyboy said that Johnny didn't kill Bob,he did it by himself and Johnny wasn;t dead.Ponyboy squabbled with Randy.Randy left.
  • The end of the story

    They wennt to court.The judge asked him many questions and then judged Ponyboy as innocent.Ponyboy's performanec became terribles,his English might not pass only if he wrote a good thesis.After dinner,Ponyboy wanted to write the thesis but he didn't know how to do it.Then he squabbled with Darry.He saw Johnny's letter in his book.It told Ponyboy that he should face hi life in a optimistic way.Then Pnyboy decided that he would write a thesis about the Greasers.