The Outsiders

  • Characters and Introducion

    Characters and Introducion
    IntroductionIntroduction is the most important thing of the novel. In the Chapter1.The writer introduces the most of important characters .It not only tell us the two different groups----Socs and Greaser but also tell us the relationship between all of Greasers, And the writer use first person to narrate. From this chapter, we can know there are some contradictions between these two groups. The Greaser isn't approved by society.
  • Cinema and meet two Socs' girls

    Cinema and meet two Socs' girls
    Greasers are in the cinema that is the biggest in the town, and showed two movies every night and on weekends four. So that there must have Socs, (because they are rich) It also means there are something will must happen as these two groups both appear in the same place. Ponyboy and other Greasers meet two pretty girls of Socs, the one of their name is Cherry. Cherry didn't fell bad to tell with these two Greasers, because she thought they are not bad people.
  • Cherry is important

    Cherry is important
    Cherry is most important character in the novel. In my opinion, other events always happened before she had appeared. She liked a blasting fuse.
  • Talking between Cherry and Pony

    Talking between Cherry and Pony
    After the movie, Cherry and Ponyboy talked about the different between Socs and Greasers. Cherry thought Greasers are more emotional but Socs are more sophisticated, and they talked about SUNSET, Though they were in different groups, there are also have something in common. I think that point is very important because their talks look like themselves, it may be can change their attitude for each group.
  • Conflict between Pony, Jonny and Cherry's boyfriend

    Conflict between Pony, Jonny and Cherry's boyfriend
    Cherry's boyfriend was finding Cherry, when she was together with Greasers, when BOB (the Cherry's boyfriend) came, "we" argued with them for a long time. After that they sent two girls away. Ponyboy and Johnny both disliked that life----two groups always have conflicts. The event is important because that is the reason of why Bob wants to hit them. Maybe cause he didn't want his girlfriend get along with Greasers, Therefore Bob hate them very much.
  • Went to the park.

    Went to the park.
    It is because Ponyboy went back to his home late, his brother Darry was very angry and hit him, Ponyboy felt angry too, and went to the Park, then he met Johnny. They was going to hang out. The "Park" is the place that the accident happened, if they couldn't go to the park, the accident wouldn't happen.
  • The accident happened

    The accident happened
    When they stayed in the park, Bob with other Greasers came and found them, actually he wanted to hit them, in the fighting, because of self-defense Johnny killed Bob, They needed to run away, The man who can help him is Dally, He gave us overcoat, some money and a gun and let them go to the church by a truck. Because of this event, that changed Ponyboy and Johnny's fate, they had became escaped prisoner from normal citizens. As teenagers ,that above their psychological ability.
  • Disguise

    When Pony got up, Johnny had gone outside to buy something, As he came back, he took some food and a book (Gone With The wind) In order to escape police, Johnny wants to pretend themselves, they had to change their hair's color and cut their hair, but Ponyboy don't want, because long hair is the signal of the Greaser. Now he doesn't have it.
  • Nothing gold can stay

    Nothing gold can stay
    After several boring days. One day, when we got up early, we were fascinated by the view of sunrise, We felt sadly as we thought "nothing gold can stay". Before they escaped, they like as normal people, they didn't need to worry about police. They also didn't need to hide themselves, everything is better than now, So they said "nothing gold can stay" I think when they had experienced, they became more mature than before.
  • Cherry was a spy

    Cherry was a spy
    At the 5th day, Dally came and told them something about police. The fighting between Socs and Greaser will come. From Dally's speak, Cheery became a spy, because she thought she was a reason of all of things happened. She felt very self-condemned. Johnny wanted to confess his crime.
  • The little climax of the novel

    The little climax of the novel
    When they wanted to go back, the church was fired, there are three children still in the church, they needed help. At that time Johnny is the first person who rush to the church, then Pony and Dally both rushed to the church too. They helped out three children, but Johnny was burned badly. When Johnny got up, they lived in the hospital. It maybe can change people's mind for Greasers.
  • Changing after help children out!

    Changing after help children out!
    When they helped these children, they became heroes from juvenile delinquents, Johnny's surrounding was very dangerous, may be he would die. When Ponyboy got back to his home with his brothers, the newspaper reported them --Juvenile Delinquents Turn Heroes. That point is important in the novel that could let citizens know that Greasers were not very bad.
  • Randy appeared

    Randy appeared
    Randy is Bob's best friend. He came to find me, he said he don't like the conflict fighting between Socs and Greasers. He said he won't join the fighting. From Chapter7 we can know not all of Socs like fighting, the both of Greasers and Socs are hate fighting, if Socs meet someone in dangerous they also would reach out their hand, because they are people.
  • The talking between Ponyboy and Johnny

    The talking between Ponyboy and Johnny
    Pony talked many things with weak Johnny in hospital. Johnny realized that himself have never done many things in all his life. He didn't want to die, because he thought that he could do a lot of things such as help people out. The point is very important. Because there is the process of their thinking, Johnny became more mature. I think that only experienced a lot, people could become more mature.
  • Greaser's win

    Greaser's win
    The day was coming, they were going to fighting, Darry took his black knife, he wanted to win the fighting for Johnny and Randy hadn't came. At last, they defeat Socs. Pony went to the hospital and told Johnny Greasers won the game, but Johnny was not very happy, fighting is bad! He wanted Johnny keep gold, I think as the people who feel he will die, he might know what is the most important of the life, The thing that fighting can bring is only death.
  • Johnny died as well as Dally

    Johnny died as well as Dally
    Because of serious illness, Johnny died. The kind, brave, handsome boy left every reader’ eyes. That maybe made a lot of people very sad. As well as Dally, we know that Dally loved Johnny very much. When Johnny died, I think it is because Dally was afraid of Johnny lonely, so he wanted die. From other chapters we can know Johnny is the most important people of Dally. Therefore Dally robbed on purpose, then he was killed, he got his purpose. He could still together with Johnny.
  • Chapter 10

    Chapter 10
    In my opinion Chapter 10 is the most important part of the novel, It not only tell us two characters died, but also let the novel process culminates. Johnny died, Pony's idol--- Dally who is the most brave in the Greasers as well as died. Ponyboy had searched, and had been slept for 4 days. The only words can conclude the chapter is sorrowful.
  • Gone With The Wind

    Gone With The Wind
    "Gone With the Wind" is the true thing in the world, the book was written by Margaret Mitchell. The content of the book is introduced two different groups in America, like Greasers and Socs, there were some conflicts between these two groups, So, I think the main idea of "Ousiders" and "Gone With The Wind" are same, the both of their authors' purpose is peaceful or harmony. The Outsiders have mentioned "Gone With The Wind" for many times, therefore I think the book is important in the novel.
  • Courtroom

    Ponyboy began to think about Johnny. When Randy came to see Ponyboy and wanted to discuss Bob's death. Ponyboy was very emotional, he hasn't wanted to accept the truth that Johnny had killed Bob, because he think all of thing had happened by him (When Pony was hit by Socs, for help Ponyboy out, Johnny killed Bob), so at the courtroom he said he killed Bob, not Johnny. From this part, I know Ponyboy missed Johnny very much. The friendship between them is vary valuable.
  • Three brothers get along with.

    Three brothers get along with.
    After Johnny died, Ponyboy's grade dropped quickly. His teacher said if he can finish a well essay, he could get C. When he went back to his home, Pony argued with Darry, because he didn't want to write the essay. Sodapop was very angry because he thought these two brothers had never considered his feeling. He always be a peacemaker between them. After this, Pony got along with Darry. In the one hand, Johnny and Darry removed, as well as these three brothers in the harmony at last.
  • The letter

    The letter
    As Ponyboy opened the book (Gone With The Wind), he found a letter from Johnny. The letter is to him. Johnny said he think the most of things he had done valued and he wanted Ponyboy stay gold. And sunset is beautiful, he wanted Johnny to see sunset again with Dally, but everything is too late, All in all, Ponyboy knew how to write the essay.
  • The end

    The end
    The final exam will coming, we will finish the learning of the book. The final exam will coming, we will finish the learning of the book. First, thanks Aaron to give our chance to study the book. From the book, we have some feeling, such as we need to stay gold under no circumstances. The other thing that we can learn is we need treasure our life, cause nothing gold can stay. Last but not least, we will not forget that the learning process of the outsiders.