The outsiders book

The Outsiders

  • Chapter 1 and 2

    Chapter 1 and 2
    The narrator is Ponyboy. He is part of a gang called the Gresers. The Gresers are from the east side, lower class, and have a rough life. The Socs are uper class, live on the west side, and their snobby. Pony, Johnny and two-bit, and Dally go to the drive-in and meet up with Cherry and Marcia. Sodapop wants to marry Sandy Pony and the rest of the get jumped by the socs . Johnny stands up for himself. Latter pony told Cherry about get jumped.
  • Chapter 3 and 4

    Chapter  3 and 4
    The greasers walk Marcia and Cherry home. Ponyboy and Cherry realize that they hve alot in common, and that socs and greaser aren't really different at all. The socs and greasers almost got it to a fight. After that Pony came home after his cerfew, Darry slaped him. Pony met up with Johnny at the park, when five socs approached them. Bob and Pony called Johnny and Pony find Dally. Dally told them to get on a train to each other "white trash." The socs tried to drown Pony, and Johnny killed Bob.
  • continuation of chapter 3 and 4

    continuation of chapter  3 and 4
    Johnny and Pony find Dally. Dally told them to get on a train to windrix with money and a gun.
  • chapter 5 and 6

    chapter  5 and 6
    Ponyboy and Johnny wake up in a church, and Johnny is gone. Pony finds a note from Johnny. Johnny brought back: peroxied, baloney, Gone with the wind, cards, cigarteetts. Johnny cut and bleached Pony's hair. They both recite the poem Robert Frost. Dally came and brought pony a note from Soda. Dally took them to DQ.
  • continuation of chapter 5 and 6

    continuation of chapter  5 and 6
    Cherry is a "greaser spy" Johnny wants to turn himself in. They come back to the church and its on fire. The boys when thourgh the back window to save the children. Ponyboy and Dally suffered minor injuries. But Johnny broke his back.
  • chapter 7 and 8

    chapter  7 and 8
    Pony is iter viewed by reporters at the hospital. Johnny is in critical conditon. Johnny, Ponyboy, and Dally are herores. there is rumour that the curtis brothers may split. Two-Bit and ponyboy met randy at the Tostey Freeze. in the mean time Johnny refules to see his mother. Dally asked Two-Bit for his switchblade. Pony is sick and still wants to be in the rumble. Cherry wont visit Johnny.
  • chapter 9 and 10

    chapter  9 and 10
    Johnny dies in the hospital. the rummble, greasers vs socs, the greasers won. pony got a concussion in the rummble. dally acts wildy after johnny dies, and robs a store. the police find dally in a vacant lot. dally pulls out a unloded gun. the polica had no chose but to shoot him.
  • chapter 11 and 12

    chapter 11 and 12
    Randy vists Ponyboy and they talk about the hearing. Pony belives he killed Bob. The judge at the hearing asked Ponyboy about his home life. Pony is acquitted. socs threaten Ponyboy. He defends himself with a broken bottle. Ponyboy finds a note from Johnny in the book "Gone with the Wind."