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The Oursiders -LST AP1

  • Introduction (1)

    Introduction (1)
    The whole book was around the conflicts and confusing connections between two groups: “Socs” and “Greasers”, and the book described mainly the life of the greasers. Ponyboy is the main character as well as the narrator in this novel. He enjoyed movies and books and like watching them alone, which is quite different from anybody in his gang. He is clever, but sometimes he just doesn’t use his head. He has two old brothers who are called Sodapop and Darrel.
  • Introduction(2)

    Sodapop always tried to understand others especially Ponyboy so that Ponyboy thought he loves Soda more than he have ever loved anyone, even his Mom and Dad. After his parents dead, Darrel grew up too fast since their parents dead; he works so long and hard to support their family. He hollered at Ponyboy all the time, sometimes treated him like as if he was six instead of fourteen. He was hard and firm and rarely grins at all.
  • Introduction(3)

    The real character of the gang was Dallas Winston-Dally who had blue, blazing ice, cold with a hatred of the whole world. He was tougher than the rest of the gang- tougher, colder, and meaner. He rode in rodeos, lied, cheated, stole, rolled, drunks, jumped small kids- he did everything but he was truly smart.
  • Introduction(4)

    Johnny Cade was last and least. He was the youngest, next to Ponyboy, smaller than the rest, with a slight build. He was the gang’s pet, everyone’s kid brother. His parents never cared about him at all, even when he was hurt. If it hadn’t been for the gang, Johnny would never have known what love and affection are.
  • The importance of Introduction(1)

    The importance of Introduction(1)
    The Chapter 1’s introduction has clearly showed the main characteristics of these main heroes. It was their different personality that made them had a different fate in the book. For instance, Dally was so mean but he only cared about Johnny, so when Johnny got dead, Dally was so desperate that he lost the hope to life.
  • The importance of Introduction(2)

    The importance of Introduction(2)
    Dally usually was cold and excessive, so he chose to rob a grocery store so that he could be caught by the police and killed by them. Johnny and Ponyboy were always the most innocent and kind buddies in the whole gang, so when the church got fired, they rushed there with no thought and even took the risk of death to save the children.
  • Ponyboy got jumped (1)

    Ponyboy got jumped  (1)
    At the beginning of the book, Ponyboy just watched a film and at the way home, he likes watching movies alone so that he can enjoy it quietly. It was because no one in the gang companied with him that he became jumped by the “Socs”. As he walked, he noticed a red Corvair trailing him. He quickened his pace as he remembers how badly the Socs beat his friend Johnny Cade.
  • Ponyboy got jumped (2)

    Ponyboy got jumped  (2)
    The Corvair pulls up beside Ponyboy and five Socs climb out and surround him. The Socs began to beat up Ponyboy, who screams for help. Ponyboy’s brothers and the rest of their group appeared on the scene and chased away the Socs.
  • The importance (1)

    The importance   (1)
    This Plot evidently showed Ponyboy’s nature, love movies and books, and would like to enjoy by himself. He was fascinated by the heroes in the movies and admired them very much. That’s why Ponyboy had said that when he faced Dally he felt scared. Dally were unlike other buddies in this gang, Soda was understanding and considerate, Darry was a leader and always hard-working, Two-Bit was so fun and Johnny was pure and innocent.
  • The importance (2)

    The importance  (2)
    They were just like the heroes in the movie, always was good and fantastic; however Dally is cold, main, and hardly got hurt, his all manner reminded Ponyboy all the time that he was in the real world, and all things were rough enough. Ponyboy got jumped was not because of his silly, he was clever, but he just didn’t use his mind, it was also why Darry would be angry with him.
  • Ponyboy argued with Darry; Pony slept with Soda at night(1)

    Ponyboy argued with Darry; Pony slept with Soda at night(1)
    Darry started to scold Ponyboy for walking home alone instead of calling for a ride, but Sodapop told him to stop nagging. He was still shaken by his fight with the Socs, Ponyboy climbed into bed with Sodapop. Sodapop told Pony do not angry with Darry because Darry didn’t mean to, and he was proud of Pony and love Pony a lot.
  • Ponyboy argued with Darry; Pony slept with Soda at night(2)

    Ponyboy argued with Darry; Pony slept with Soda at night(2)
    Actually Ponyboy was doubt for this, he thought that Darry hardly love anyone or anything, except maybe Soda. Though the inside of him did care about Darry, he didn’t admit it because of Darry’s strictness.
  • The importance (1)

    The importance  (1)
    Ponyboy was smart and talented, he got great in his grades, but he always didn’t use his mind to think of something, just like the event that he got jumped. Darry was so angry with him because he cannot protect himself well. Actually, he was too worried about Ponyboy, but he cannot express it properly. So he scolded Ponyboy to remind him to be careful. This plot showed Darry’s love to Ponyboy firstly.
  • The importance (2)

    The importance  (2)
    At night, because of the shock during the day, Ponyboy slept with Soda, and Soda explained to Ponyboy why Darry behaved like that, but Ponyboy still didn’t understand Darry. When they stopped talking, Ponyboy thought about Darry silently, he thought that Dally didn’t like him so that he scolded him like that. He tried not to care about Darry’s feel to him, but he cannot. It also showed that Ponyboy did care about Darry but he try to hide it.
  • Period: to

    The Outsiders

    The Outsiders is a coming-of-age novel by S. E. Hinton, first published in 1967 by Viking Press.The book follows two rival groups, the Greasers and the Socs who are divided by their socioeconomic status.
  • Pony, Johnny, and Dally met a pair of Soc girls(1)

    Pony, Johnny, and Dally met a pair of Soc girls(1)
    The next night, Ponyboy and Johnny go with Dally to a double feature at the drive-in movie theater. They sit behind a pair of Soc girls, and Dally began to tease them in an attempt to embarrass the girls called Cherry and Marcia. Finally Cherry got angry with Dally, and asked Dally to leave. Then they noticed the boys who were with Dally.
  • Pony, Johnny, and Dally met a pair of Soc girls (2)

    Pony, Johnny, and Dally met a pair of Soc girls (2)
    They talked about Soda, Dally and so no. When they mentioned Johnny, who was jumped by the Socs, Cherry said that not all of Socs were like that. Though he knew that Socs may have their own trouble, he didn’t completely understand.
  • The importance

    The importance
    The whole book’s plots were finally influenced by the two Soc girls. It was them that Ponyboy and Johnny had conflicts with the Socs again, and Johnny finally killed Bob. So they had to hide from the police. So when they found the church was on fire, they came to save the students and got hurt. Johnny had dead because of this. Everything changed because of the appeal of the two Soc girls.
  • Ponyboy and Cherry had a long talk with each other(1)

    Ponyboy and Cherry had a long talk with each other(1)
    After the movie they realized that Cherry and Marcia didn’t have a way to get back. So they decided to send them to home. Ponyboy thought it was money that separated Socs and Greasers; however, Cherry said that it was not just money. The Greasers were more emotional, at the opposite, the Socs were sophisticated, and nothing was for real with them.
  • Ponyboy and Cherry had a long talk with each other(2)

    Ponyboy and Cherry had a long talk with each other(2)
    It seemed that they could gain anything they want, so that they couldn’t want anything else and then started looking for something else to want. That’s why they usually jumped the Greasers. During this discussion, Ponyboy and Cherry found they had a surprising amount in common—for instance, they both like reading and watching sunsets, which made Ponyboy find even the two gang that have a lot conflicts can also feel the same things.
  • The importance of talking

    The importance of talking
    When Ponyboy and Cherry met, they seemed to have a lot to talk about, Ponyboy told her many things happened on his buddies especially on Johnny, and then they talked about the difference between Socs and Greasers. They also found the things that they have in common. It Is necessary for Ponyboy to understand the real world and to see things in just.
  • Darry was too angry with Pony for his late (1)

    Darry was too angry with Pony for his late (1)
    Ponyboy walked home and found Darry furious with him for staying out so late. During the ensuing argument, Darry bit Ponyboy. No one in Ponyboy’s family had ever hit him before, and Ponyboy rushed out of the house in a rage. He felt sure now that Darry does not like him.
  • Darry was too angry with Pony for his late (2)

    Darry was too angry with Pony for his late (2)
    Ponyboy found Johnny in the lot where the greasers hang out, and he told Johnny that they are running away, but Johnny told Ponyboy to calm down, and he mentioned that it was still lucky for Ponyboy having an old man’s hitting, he wanted this, but he had no chance since his parents didn’t care him at all. Then the boys decided to walk through the park.
  • The importance (1)

    The importance (1)
    Ponyboy seemed too young to Darry that Darry really wanted to protect him. However, Pony was always mindless which made Darry very mad. This was the second time in the book that Darry was annoyed by Pony. Darry and Soda had been waiting for Pony for a long time at night, but it was too late for Ponyboy to get to home, however, Pony still wanted to provide an explanation and didn’t realize what was wrong with him.
  • The importance (2)

    The importance (2)
    So Darry slapped him in a rage. Darry also got shocked when he hit Pony, and he immediately had regrets, but Pony didn’t receive it. Darry showed his love to Ponyboy again through this thing. It is because of this thing that Darry realize that he was too strict with Pony, and felt very sorry to Ponyboy. So when he see Pony again, he cried.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped in the park.(1)

    Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped in the park.(1)
    Ponyboy as well as Johnny went to the park to be cooled off, for a moment, they found that the blue Mustang which belonged to Bob and Randy drove toward them, and they were too late to run. The five drunken Socs were coming straight at them and surrounded them.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped in the park.(2)

    Ponyboy and Johnny got jumped in the park.(2)
    Even though Ponyboy was scared to death, he scolded them back, so that he was caught and shoved his face into the fountain. Seeing Ponyboy, Johnny finally took out his switchblade to protect Pony. He killed Bob with shock. They decided to go to Dally, thinking he might be able to help them. He suggested them to take a train to Windrixville, where they can hide in an abandoned church.
  • The importance (1)

    The importance (1)
    Johnny was jumped this time before, he was too scared to be jumped again, but he became to defend. When Ponyboy got bused by the Socs, Johnny was hurried to save Pony so that he killed Bob, which also shocked himself. Johnny was pure and kind, he didn’t want to hurt anyone, but this time, he did and even killed someone. We can also see that Ponyboy was Johnny’s real friend, when facing the danger, he didn’t run away, and went to save his buddy instead.
  • The importance (2)

    The importance (2)
    In these chapters, Hinton also used symbols to represent the tensions between the two socioeconomic groups. The Socs’ blue Mustang also symbolizes their class and power, since a greaser could never afford such a “tuff car.” The Mustang symbolizes the economic divide between the two groups and points to a major source of the tensions between them.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny disguised to hide from the police. (1)

    Ponyboy and Johnny disguised to hide from the police. (1)
    Johnny bought food for one week for their life in Jay Mountain. He also bought the book “Gone with the wind”. To hide themselves from the police’s chasing, Johnny decided change their looks. He cut their hair and bleached Ponyboy’s red hair. Ponyboy was unwilling to bleach his hair. Hair is a symbol of greasers. This is the only thing they can show to others. People identify greasers by their hair.
  • .Ponyboy and Johnny disguised to hide from the police(2)

    .Ponyboy and Johnny disguised to hide from the police(2)
    Greasers think that their hair is what makes them different from Socs. Ponyboy’s hair was ridiculed by other greaser later in the story. By this we can also know that how hair means to a greaser. This is also the first time we aware that how the gang important to Ponyboy, Johnny and other members.
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay(1)

    Nothing Gold Can Stay(1)
    Ponyboy was watching the landscapes after he woke up one morning. Then Johnny got up and said that the beautiful landscapes can’t look like that all the time which he meant by “Nothing gold can stay”. As we think further of this sentence, we can know that the sentence is much more complicated than it looks. It doesn’t just mean the landscapes; it also can mean other things, like their past life.
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay(2)

    Nothing Gold Can Stay(2)
    Ponyboy used to think that he didn’t have a good life before: he did not have parents; Darry was too strict to him so that he thought Darry didn’t love him at all. But when he was in the church, he suddenly understood many things. He also realized how felicity the past life is.
  • Nothing Gold Can Stay(3)

    Nothing Gold Can Stay(3)
    Nothing gold can stay. Maybe you don’t think it is valuable now and you think you don’t need to cherish it; but when you lose it, you will know the things you’ve lost is so important.
  • A spy from Socs(1)

    A spy from Socs(1)
    On the fifth day of their escape, Dally went to the church and told them there will be a rumble between Socs and Greasers, and to their surprise, Cheery worked as a spy this time. According to Cherry’s word, she think it was her fault to lead the fight between Bob and Johnny; so she tried to do something to help them and she also said she would appear on the court and prove Johnny killed Bob for self-defense.
  • A spy from Socs(2)

    A spy from Socs(2)
    Here, we first approach a main theme of the article: individualism. Cherry was a Socs. Generally, Socs ware not expected to get along with greasers. Cherry’s action showed that the things we do are not affect by which group we are in, are about every individual.
  • Fire in the church(1)

    Fire in the church(1)
    Johnny and Ponyboy decided to go home and Johnny said he will confess his crime after they return. After they came back the church from a meal, they found the church is burning. Ponyboy think is their fault to lead the fire because it was them that always smoked in the church. Ponyboy and Johnny rushed into the church to save those children who are trapped in the church. The teachers and Dally tried to stop them in vain.
  • The fire in the church(2)

    The fire in the church(2)
    Johnny was hurt seriously during the fire and Dally get hurt by saving Ponyboy. Ponyboy and Johnny saved out all the children in the church and then they went to the hospital. It is the first time Johnny did such brave things. He used to be timid and shy and always a follower. But in the church, he looked like a cool man who shouted in the church like a real leader.
  • The fire in the church(3)

    The fire in the church(3)
    This sense also showed the responsibility of Johnny and Ponyboy. They had courage to shoulder the result of their fault (maybe not their fault). They did something that is not expected from greasers. It is another represent of individualism. Every individual has his/her own personalities.
  • Dally's love(1)

    Dally's love(1)
    After Ponyboy returned from the church, Darry and Sodapop came to see Ponyboy. Darry apologize to Ponyboy about what he had done to Ponyboy. He cried when he knew Ponyboy’s situation in the mountain and he is hurt in the fire. This is strange and usual. Darry was always a tough and strong guy. He never showed his weakness in front of others. He didn’t cry even when his parents died.
  • Dally's love(2)

    Dally's love(2)
    From here we can know how deep Darry loved Ponyboy. Darry was not good at showing his emotion and love. But he cried when he knew Ponyboy was in trouble. He was strict to Ponyboy and always set rules for Ponyboy. Ponyboy thought that Dally didn’t love him at all. Because of Darry’s tears, Ponyboy realized that Darry loved him very much and he was just not good at show his fillings to others.
  • The article on newspaper(1)

    The article on newspaper(1)
    Steve and Two-bit went to Ponyboy’s house the other day. They brought a newspaper. Ponyboy and Johnny showed on the newspaper with a whole page and the title was “The article mentioned the fight between Bob, Randy, Johnny and Ponyboy, the murder and the burning of the church. This article suddenly made Ponyboy and Johnny became heroes. It told all the audience how Johnny and Ponyboy risked their lives to save those little kids.
  • The article on newspaper(2)

    The article on newspaper(2)
    This article certainly changed people’s look and opinions about greasers. Johnny and Ponyboy changed people’s general held view about greasers by their brave and responsible actions. They won people’s respect by what they did. This is something unusual in the greasers. They are worth to be proud of by other greasers; this can be seen when Steve and two-bit told Ponyboy he was on the newspaper, they were excited and happy at that time.
  • Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(1)

    Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(1)
    Randy came to see Ponyboy and said he wanted to talk with Ponyboy. They talk about Ponyboy and Johnny’s action to save the children. When Randy said he would not do the same thing and he had never thought that greasers can do such a thing, Ponyboy said this is not about which group you are in, it’s individual. Maybe your partner will not do this, but maybe you will. It is about who you are instead of which group you are in.
  • Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(2)

    Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(2)
    Ponyboy used to think that the Socs have everything and they can do anything they want, even bully the greasers. He thought all Socs are bad just because they Socs. He suddenly can understand his words when Randy told him how great Bob is. Bob looks unruly because he is kind of ignored by his parents. He did everything just try to let his parents pay more attention on him.
  • Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(3)

    Ponyboy’s first meet with Randy(3)
    Actually Socs are not any better than others. They are normal people. Randy’s words changed Ponyboy’s thought about greasers. This sense is one of the most important points in the story. It is the first time the article talk about individualism directly. There are some plots that mentioned the meaning of individualism, but it firstly be discussed by the main characters in the book.
  • Johnny was in danger(1)

    Johnny was in danger(1)
    Johnny situation is not good; Ponyboy read the book “Gone with the wind” for him. Johnny was sad; he said “sixteen years ain’t long enough.” Sixteen years on the streets and you can learn a lot. But all the wrong things, not the things you want to learn. Sixteen years on the streets and you see a lot. But all the wrong sights, not the sights you want to see. Johnny was sixteen at that time. He learnt a lot of things during these years.
  • Johnny was in danger(2)

    Johnny was in danger(2)
    He learnt about how do live with himself; he learnt how to treat his good friends; he learnt how to live between greasers; he learnt how to protect himself; he learnt the skill of life. But those are not things Johnny really wanted to learn. He wanted a warm family and parents who really care him; he want to have a hopeful future; he want to live a life which is different from now. But he was sick.
  • Johnny was in danger(3)

    Johnny was in danger(3)
    On the one hand, he said these words to sigh his life at that time. He didn’t want to die because there are many things he hadn’t done yet. There are many things that he hadn’t learnt yet. On the other hands, he said these words also wanted to advise Ponyboy. Ponyboy was Johnny’s best friend and he could attend school. Life for Dally, Soda and Darry had already become regular, but not for Ponyboy.
  • Johnny was in danger(4)

    Johnny was in danger(4)
    Ponyboy still could have a hopeful future if he study hard in the school and try to live a better life. From here, Johnny tried to tell Ponyboy to cherish everything that he had and advised Ponyboy to study hard, try hard to live better than him. Johnny wanted Ponyboy to live with Johnny’s wish.
  • Ponyboy asked to join the rumble and they made preparation for the rumble.(1)

    Ponyboy asked to join the rumble and they made preparation for the rumble.(1)
      Before seven o’clock, the greasers prepared for rumble. They had dinner chatted for a while. Soda and Darry wanted Ponyboy to stay at home and had a good rest, but he did not agree with that and he tried to convince his brothers to join the fight. At last, they agreed his attendance and reminded him to be careful. Then they made plan in detail in the rumble.
  • Ponyboy asked to join the rumble and they made preparation for the rumble.(2)

    Ponyboy asked to join the rumble and they made preparation for the rumble.(2)
      From this event we can know Ponyboy really loved his brothers and his gang. When there is something challenging his gang, he wanted to join the fight to protect his friends and brothers. He showed his responsibility to the whole gang rather than only care about himself, and his attendance really helped them in rumble and become the clue to what would happened the next.
  • The rumble between Greasers and Socs(1)

    The rumble between Greasers and Socs(1)
    When the rumble began, there were twenty-two people in Socs and only twenty members in Greasers. Suddenly, Dally showed up and the joined rumble. In that process, Ponyboy got badly hurt because he had a bad cold before the fight .Others hurt a little. Finally, they beat the Socs and won the fight.
  • The rumble between Greasers and Socs(2)

    The rumble between Greasers and Socs(2)
    The victory for the Greasers means a lot to all the Greasers. They would not have trouble in their territory. They showed the Socs their strength and would not be bullied or teased by Socs.
  • Johnny died in the hospital(1)

    Johnny died in the hospital(1)
    After the rumble, Dally with Ponyboy hurried to the hospital to see Johnny though they were all hurt badly. Dally flicked out switchblade and threatened the doctor to enter inside. Finally, the doctor allowed. Dally told Johnny that they had beaten the Socs, but Johnny thought it was useless in fact. Dally also told him that Johnny had became the hero and was on the newspaper and he was proud of Johnny. Johnny received what he really wants.
  • Johnny died in the hospital(2)

    Johnny died in the hospital(2)
     At last, Johnny asked Ponyboy to keep all his good characteristics and stay gold. After the words, he died. Dally was so sad and pushed his back, suddenly he stood against the wall and begged Johnny not to die. At last, he bottled through the door and down the hall. Johnny was so vital for Dally that his death made Dally feel such miserable for life. So did Ponyboy.
  • Johnny died in the hospital(3)

    Johnny died in the hospital(3)
     Johnny’s death had a large impact on what would happen in the future. It especially affected Ponyboy which made Ponyboy felt sorrow for a long time.
  • Dally's death(1)

    Dally's death(1)
    On the way home, Ponyboy memorized the time he spent with Johnny all along. He told everyone about this horrible news when he went home. Suddenly, Darry received a telephone called from Dally that he just robbed a grocery store and the cops are chasing after him, and he will be at the lot.
  • Dally's death(2)

    Dally's death(2)
    The greasers reached there at once. Dally came in from the opposite as fast as he could. Later, the police came; Dally was carrying a heater to help a bluff. Until policemen’s guns shot Dally, did Ponyboy understand what he really wants have came true. Dally died on the same day Johnny died. Then, Ponyboy felt dizzy and fell down to the ground.
  • Dally's death(3)

    Dally's death(3)
    Dally was thought of the most tough guy in their gang.His strong character seemed like a stone which can never be destroied.However, facing this accident of Johnny, he really hurt.In other greasers mind, they just llike lost their faith of a greaser.
  • The period that Ponyboy recover health

    The period that Ponyboy recover health
     When he opened eyes, he was lying on the bed; he asked a lot and figured out whether he mentioned Darry when he was delirious. He then recovered his health and received the book “Gone with the wind” that Johnny left. During the time staying in bed, he read almost time and found the picture of Bob. He became realized how Bob was in a different way: sweet and friendly, stands out in the crowd. He began to pity and blamed for himself.
  • The period that Ponyboy recover health

    The period that Ponyboy recover health
    The period did not have too much things happen, but it is important for Ponyboy. During the time, be learned more about the family they have. He got better along with Darry, and at the same time, he knew Bob in a true aspect.
  • Randy’s visit(1)

    Randy’s visit(1)
    Randy dropped off from his school to see Ponyboy. They began to talk about the court. Ponyboy told him that what situation Ponyboy would in if the judge thinks Darry is not a good guardian. Randy told him it was not his fault and the dead one, Johnny, could be blame for all with no punishment, but t that time, Ponyboy changed his attitude. He put all the responsibility into himself, and stated that Johnny was not dead. Darry asked Randy to go and never remind Johnny in Ponyboy’s life.
  • Randy’s visit(2)

    Randy’s visit(2)
    Ponyboy knew what had happened about Johnny, but he just can’t afford that and did not want to admit these. He thought if he forgets all about this, he might has a happy life and don’t need to bear misery anymore. As these, we can see that Johnny had a good friendship with Ponyboy. He really cared about Johnny so that he could not accept the truth. Ponyboy’s behavior confused us and express how sorrowful he was after Johnny’s death.
  • Randy’s visit(3)

    Randy’s visit(3)
    When Randy mentioned the accident of Johnny, Ponyboy felt more guilty for Johnny.He could not stand that.Also, he changed the attitude to Socs before ,However, after this event, he realized the distinguish situation they suffered again.He began to know the differences between Socs and the Greaseres clearly.If that was Randy suffered, he would not nedd to pay so much for that, but as a member of greasers, he would pay a lot.There was no fearness between two gangs.
  • Ponyboy attended to the court(1)

    Ponyboy attended to the court(1)
    There were Soda, Darry, Ponyboy, Cherry, Randy’s family and some others. Randy was questioned at first. Darry told Ponyboy to shut up no matter what they say. Cherry told them what had happened before and after Johnny and Ponyboy were jumped. They did not ask Ponyboy a lot except his life with his two brothers because of the doctor’s words. The judge finally did not ask to send Soda and Ponyboy away from their family.
  • Ponyboy attended to the court(2)

    Ponyboy attended to the court(2)
    They would be together. Nothing changed. They would not be divided and sent to other places. Everything about the murder of Bob had ended. All of them would not be disturbed by this accident. He can returned to his normal life and have a happy life with Soda and Darry.
  • The Greasers met Socs again(1)

    The Greasers met Socs again(1)
      At lunch hour, Two-bit, Steve and Ponyboy had lunch. Three Socs got out form their car and the neck of bottle and asked them to leave or get split. They surprised and went away. Two-Bit told Ponyboy not to try to be tough. They picked the glass into the rubbing can and left.
  • The Greasers met Socs again(2)

    The Greasers met Socs again(2)
      Ponyboy change a little from the event, just like Dally’s thought, got smart and nothing would touch you. We can see that Dally and Johnny’s death really stimulated Ponyboy deeply and made him become a little dumb. Ponyboy did not fear or be nervous for the Socs.
  • Quarrel between Ponyboy and his brothers(1)

    Quarrel between Ponyboy and his brothers(1)
    After coming back home, Ponyboy noticed that something wrong about Soda. Soda was very quiet and unusual. Ponyboy and Darry got into fuss for Ponyboy’s task. Ponyboy yelled back rather than just stand there before Darry shouted him. Ponyboy wanted to get a job after getting out of school, but Darry disagreed about that. When Ponyboy mentioned Soda, Soda changed expression. He said only a few words and got out. After picking up the envelope Soda dropped, they finally found out that Sandy left Sod
  • Quarrel between Ponyboy and his brothers.(2)

    Quarrel between Ponyboy and his brothers.(2)
    They chased Soda and caught him in a flying tackle. Soda said what he feels when he heard that the gang fought. He lacked likes the middleman and seemed to be split in half, and they suddenly realized Soda’s felling. He talked about Ponyboy and Darry’s thought and their situation and they promised not to fight any more. At last, Darry and Ponyboy decided never to have each of them hurt again. Then they went home together.
  • Ponyboy found the letter Johnny left.(1)

    Ponyboy found the letter Johnny left.(1)
    Ponyboy did not want to do the homework, and decided to finish the book that Johnny left for him. When he began to read it, he found a piece of paper from it. Johnny wanted to tell Darry that saving children in fire worth it and reminded Ponyboy to stay gold. He hoped Dally can try for what he really wants and there is really something good in the world.
  • Ponyboy found the letter Johnny left.

    Ponyboy found the letter Johnny left.
    This solved fight made them become united again and never hurt each other anymore. Ponyboy, Soda and Darry became closer from this event. The misunderstanding between Ponyboy and Darry disappeared. The solved conflict made Soda’s bad emotion gone. On the other hand, Soda was soorowful about Sandy, which can show that as the Greasers' gang, they cannot be supported approval from the society.They cannot be shown equal respect as Socs.