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The Onset of the Cold War & 1950’s

  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    1500 outcasts from Cuba with the backing of Kennedy and the police. They invaded Cochinos Bay, which ended with an over estimated 1500 of them either killed or seriously injured. It was a massive embarrassment for the new President.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    After the British giving up on support Greece and Turkey, President Harry S. Truman asked for $400 million in military and economic assistance for Greece and Turkey and established a doctrine, aptly characterized as the Truman Doctrine, that would guide U.S. diplomacy for the next 40 years.
  • The Marshall Plan

    The Marshall Plan
    Known asThe European Recovery Programme, the program was set up because the economic infrastructure of Europe had been destroyed by the Second World War and because by the 1947 reduced the people of Europe to starvation.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    When the allies took over West Berlin, the Soviet Union blocked all access to the part of the town. Their plan was to starve the citizens to where they would go to the Soviets for help. Instead, the Allies flew planes over the city dropping supply crates to the citizens providing all the necessary needs to survive.
  • NATO

    (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) -was originally formed to combat the spread of communism, but has grown since then to provide a mutual defense from external threats. As of 2008, NATO is made up of these nations: Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Period: to

    Cold War and 1950's

  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The North invaded the South pushing all the way to the tip of the peninsula in a matter of months. When hearing the news, the US soon intervenes by landing in Incheon, With the help of the US, the South pushes back up to the Chinese border. The Chinese then intervene and pushes back down to the 38th parallel. The rest of the war was fought along this line where an armistice was signed,
  • The Polio Vaccine

    The Polio Vaccine
    In 1952, Salk was the first to develop a successful vaccine using a mixture of the three types of virus, grown in monkey kidney cultures. He developed a process using formalin, a chemical that inactivated the whole virus. The test for this vaccine started in 1954.
  • Castro’s Cuban Revolution AKA Cuban Revolution

    Castro’s Cuban Revolution AKA Cuban Revolution
    The Cuban Revolution was an armed revolt of the Cuban dictatorship. The revolution started with a group around 100 poorly armed civilians attacking the Moncada barracks.The attack was ied by Fidel Castro and his brother, Raoul Castro, in response to the government being overthrown. The Revolution was a success.
  • Sputnik

    Was the very first satellite made in the world. It's usually compared to the size of a basketball and was made by the Soviet Union during the "Space Race."
  • NASA

    The National Aeronautics and Space Administration was founded in 1958 by President Eisenhower and Senator Lyndon B. Johnson so the United States could develop a state-of-the-art space exploration program that would outdo the Soviet Union's program. The U.S. was in the middle of the Cold War with Russia and wanted to achieve technological dominance. The Soviet Union had sent the satellite Sputnik to orbit around the Earth, which led to the launch of this organization.
  • Building the Berlin Wall

    Building the Berlin Wall
    The wall was a device to seperate the two sides of Berlin, the Eastern and Western. The wall was began on the 12th and 13th, but didn't officially began till the 17th.
  • 6-Day War

    6-Day War
    A war fought by Israel on one side and Egypt, Syria, and Jordan on the other. Israel took over the Golan Heights, the Jordanian portion of Jerusalem, the Jordanian West Bank of the Jordan River, and a large piece of territory in northeastern Egypt, including the Sinai Peninsula.