The New world

  • The English Want to start Colonies

    The English Want to start Colonies
    A English geographer named Richard Hakluyt urged England to start colonies in America. He said it would be good for materals and have new trading places.
  • First Expedition to Roanke

    First Expedition to Roanke
    John White travled to Ronanke, an island off of North Carolina. Later, he became governor and bought more settlers.
  • The English start Colonies

    The English start Colonies
    The English sent colonist to start a colonie. It was called Ronake Island, in present day virgina. Two year later all the colonist disapeared without a trace.
  • The defeat of the Spanish Armada

    The defeat of the Spanish Armada
    The Spanish Armada was the world's largest fleet of navil ships. All other contury's feared it accept England who deafeated it.
  • The English try colonies again

    The English try colonies again
    After the disaster in Roanoke the English tried again. Two colonies were started, Jamestown and Sagadahoc. Sagadahoc failed later.
  • Jamestowns endurance

    Jamestowns endurance
    Jamestown,Pop.100+, survived but faced many hardships. There was fever, malaria mosquitos, little shelter, and the water was bad. There was also a lack of food.
  • Jamestown grows

    Jamestown grows
    By this time only 38 colonist survived. Later a solder and adventurer John Smith took control with the policy "Who dose not work dose not eat.". He pursuaded the native Powhatan to trade corn with them. Later more than 800 settlers.
  • The Starving Time

    The Starving Time
    Tensions grew between natives and colonist and they stoped trading corn. People ate varments, shoes, and evev other people! Lord De La Warr governed and stoped the horrors.
  • The Economic change

    The Economic change
    John Rofe made a high grade tobacco and showed the colonist how to make it. It was a success but the colonist wanted a profit as well. The company let them own land so they could grow their own.
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    Bacon's Rebellion
    Colonist were angry that the easter part was full of rich people while they were poor. A man named Nathanel Bacon started a rebellion, took contol fo the house uf burgesses and burned Jamestown to the ground.