The Nation Breaking Apart

By R35 EX
  • Wilmot Proviso

    This Bill Aimed To OutLaw Slavery In Territories taken From Mexico.The Bill Passed In The House Of Representatives But Was Defeated In The Senate Thus Causing A Division Inn Congress.Although,Not A Success It Led To The Formation Of The Free Soil Party.
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    The Nation Breaking Apart

  • Compromise Of 1850

    The Compromise Of 1850 Consisted Of 5 Things Stronger Laws,
    California becoming A Free State,Stephan A.Douglas Winning the Passage Of The Plan,slave Trade Brought To An End,and Laws That Weren't Passed
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    Stephan A.Douglas Drafts Bills For Governing The Nebraska Territory Into Two Territories:Nebraska And Kansas.Slavery To Be Decided By Popular Sovereignty.Bill Was Passed
  • "Bleeding Kansas"

    Proslavery And Antislavery Settlers Rush Into Kansas Territory ,Just West Of Missouri,to vote For The Territorial Legislature
  • Caning Of Sumner

    Senator Charles Sumner's speech attacks proslavery forces inm Kansas and makes fin of A.P. Butler. One of Butles's relatives was there during the speech. The relative got offended by Sumner's remarks and beat Sumner over the head with the cane until it broke.
  • Dred Scott VS. Sanford

    Dred Scott a slave in Missouri was taken to a territory where slavery was illegal. He sued his owner for his freedom because in the other territory he was "free," or atleast he thought so. The court replied that he wasnt a U.S. citizen so he could not sue, and he was bound by the Missouri Slave Code because he lived in Missouri.
  • Attacks on Harpers Ferry

    John Brown, the person who murdered proslavery Kasans three years back attacked the U.S. arsenal, and killed four people in the process. He did this to inspire slaves to fight for their freedom.
  • Election of 1860

    Abraham Lincoln wins the elections of 1860 because he recieved the most electoral votes. As a result of his inoguration, South Carolina and six other states decided to secede from the Union. Soon after, they formed the Confederate States of America.