The Nation Breaking Apart

  • Wilmot Proviso

    This bill aimed to outlaw slavery in territories taken from Mexico. The bill passed in the House of Representatives but was defeatedin the senate thus causing a division in Congress. Although, not a success it led to a formation of the Free Soil Party.
  • Period: to

    Nation Breaking Aprt

  • Compromise of 1850

    It admittied California as a free state but enforced the figitive slave act in the country. This means that owners can retrieve their slave even in a free state.
  • Kansas-Nebraska Act

    This was a bill that eventually turned Kansas into a battle ground for pro-slavery and anti-slavery people.
  • "Bleeding Kansas"

    Pro-slavery mob attacks town of Lawrence, Kansas. It is caused by a corrupt election.
  • Caning of Sumner

    Incident in the Capitol that occured due to an anti-slavery speech. Preston Brooks defends relative senator by beating rival with his cane. It was significant because it showed a divided government.
  • Dred Scott V. Sandford

    A court case in whch the result is that African Americans are not citizens. So instead of Dred trying to help the situation he makes it worse. Occurred in 1857.
  • Attack on Harpers Ferry

    An uprising at an arsenal to arm slaves and other anti-slavery people. It was led by anti-slavery radical John Brown. It wa sstopped by U.S. Marines.
  • Election of 1860

    Abraham is elected President. He receives most electoral voets and most popularity votes. He won because there more support in free states.