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  • Wilmot Proviso

    This bill aimed to outlaw slavery in territories taken from Mexoco.The bill passed in the House of Representatives but was defeated in the Senate thus causing a division in Congress.Altough,not a succes it led to the formation ofthe Free Sooil Party.
  • Compromise

    The Congress was divided over the issue.Henry Clay of Kaufucky llead it. His plan was to settle the stephen A. Douglass of Ilinas. By the end of september the succeded, and the plan became a law.
  • Kansas-Nebraska act

    In 1854, Senator Stephen A.douglasof Illinoisdrafted a bill to organise territorial government to the Nebraska Terrotory the proposed that it be divided intotwo territiries- Nebraska & Kansas
  • Bleeding Kansas

    Proslavery &antislavery settlers rushed into the Kansas. Antyslavers boycotted the official government is formed a government of theiroiun. The proslavery destroyed offeres and the house of thegovernmentof the antislavery government.
  • Caning of Sumner

    In late May, Senator Charles Sumner of Massachussets delivered a speech attacking the proslavery forces in kansas. His speech was packed with insults. Broks then hits him over the head with the cane
  • Dred Scott VS Sancnafrt

    Scott was a slave. Hia owner was veeking hi. He was living on the territory where slavery was legal,
  • Attack on Harpets Ferry

    John Brown planned o capture the weaponsin the U.Sarseng at harpers Ferry,Virginia. Brown ang his followers captured the Harpus Ferry arshal.The U.S marines attacted Brown at tearrpers Ferry.
  • Election

    The election turned into two races for the presidence north & south. Despite Lincols statements that he wanted do nothing to abolish slavery in the whiteSoutherns did not trust him.