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The music industry

  • Period: to

    the history of music

  • when did music become popular?

    when did music become popular?
    Popular music began in the US in the 1930s with a lively new music called swing. Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra sang with big swing bands and later became solo stars.
  • music in 1935

    music in 1935
    The radio program "Your Hit Parade" debuted in 1935 which showcased the most popular songs of the week.
  • music in 1940

    music in 1940
    Jazz audiences become increasingly interested in the history of jazz, as well as a "new field called discography (which dealt with jazz's) recorded 'documents', and a few European and American writers were reviewing jazz records critically in print".
  • music in 1950

    The recent success of "Tennessee Waltz", a "folk" or country song, a number of cover versions are released, including Jimmy Mitchell's, arranged for jazz band by Erskine Hawkins, and Patti Page, whose version is "path breaking" as Page sings "four-piece harmony with herself, creating a delicate latticework of sound... simultaneously direct and ethereal, plain yet highly ornamented, with an aura of childlike magic"
  • music in 1960

    music in 1960
    Elvis Presley is discharged from the Army and hosts a television show with Frank Sinatra, revitalizing both men's careers.
  • music in 1970

    music in 1970
    Diana Ross leaves the Supremes, considered to be the most successful and influential girl group of all time, to embark upon a solo career after her final performance with the group on January 14, 1970 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • music in 1980

    music in 1980
    The film Urban Cowboy helps inspire a resurgence in mainstream popularity for mainstream country music.
  • music in 1990

    music in 1990
    The Immigration Act of 1990 makes it much more difficult for entertainers and artists to secure visas for entering the United States
  • music in 2000

    music in 2000
    The Grammy Awards designate seven awards for Latin music: Tejano Performance, Latin Pop Performance, Latin Rock/Alternative Performance, Mexican-American Performance, Salse Performance, Merengue Performance and Traditional Tropical Latin Performance.[46] The Latin Grammys are also founded to focus specifically on rewarding Latin music in the United States.
  • music in 2005

    music in 2005
    Jeff Chang's Can't Stop Won't Stop is published. It will become one of the definitive histories of hip hop music.
  • music in 2010

    music in 2010
    The total number of albums sold in 2010, 326.2 million, was the lowest since SoundScan began compiling the data in 1993. Total album sales dropped off nearly 13% when measured against sales in 2009.