The most epic space timeline ever!!!!!!!!!

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    Geocentric theory

    Geocentric theory
    Ptolemy suggests the Geocentric theory, that all the plantets revolve around the Earth.
  • Jan 1, 1543

    Heliocentric Theory

    Heliocentric Theory
    Copernicus published his Heliocentric theory, that all things revolved around the sun
  • The first Telescope

    The first Telescope
    The first telescope, was invented by a Dutch eyeglass maker, named Hans Lippherey.
  • Martian ice

    Martian ice
    Geovani Cassini finds polar ice caps on mars, meaning there could also be water, and where there is water, there is possibly life... Possibly...
  • Uranus

    The planet that is well known today, Uranus, was discovered by a man named Sir William Herschel.
  • There are other galaxies

    There are other galaxies
    Edwin Hubble discovers that there are more galaxies then just ours, the Milky way, and shows everyone his studies.
  • First object in space

    First object in space
    The sputnik 1, a giant metal balloon, was launched by the russians in 1957
  • The start of the space race

    The start of the space race
    THis was the start of the great SPACE RACE!!!!!!!!!!! A great battle between the USA and USSR.
  • Space race end

    Space race end
    The great space race comes to an end... With the USA a triumphant victor!!!!!!!!
  • Jupiter satellites

    Jupiter satellites
    The first satellite was sent to Jupiter. It was the voyager 2, although launched 16 days after, Voyager 1 got to Jupiter first, and started sending photos to earth in 1979.
  • Mir space station crash

    Mir space station crash
    Mir space station crash, news broadcast
    The Mir space station plunged into the peaceful waters of the Pacific ocean. Onlookers were stunned as this space station burned its way through the atmosphere.