Space exploration

Space Exploration

  • Sputnik

    This event started the Space Race. Sputnik was made by Russia to orbit our planet to get to understand it more. I got the Picture from
  • Sputnik 2

    Sputnik 2
    Sputnik 2 was the project when they sent a dog into space, this was the 1st try, the dog did not make it. This was a large stepping stone for us because it was the first time we put a living being in space. Pic creddit to
  • Sputnik 5

    Sputnik 5
    Sputnik 5 was the 1st sucsesfull project by the Russians to send 2 dogs into space. This was a large stepping stone for us because it shows that it is possible to go to and back from space somewhat safley. pic creddit to
  • 1st human to enter space

    1st human to enter space
    Russian astronaut, Yuri Gagarin, became the first human in space. This was a large stepping stone, because it proved that it is possible to go into space safely for humans. photo from
  • Mariner 4

    Mariner 4
    The US sent this spacecraft to collect pictures on Mars. This spacecraft was the 1st spacecraft to have any pictures of the surface of Mars, this gave us important info. on this planet. photo from
  • Surveryor 1

    Surveryor 1
    The first American spacecraft to land on the moon. This is important, because it shows that humans can land on the moon. pic credit to
  • Venera 4

    This project was made by the Russians to collect data on Venus.This showed that we had much much more in our galaxy and that there is much to learn about other planets.
  • Zond 5

    Russia was the 1st successful craft to orbit Earth and back with animals inside. They checked if it was somewhat safe to orbit the moon so they could soon go to the moon.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    This is when the US launched the first successful craft and people on the moon. This showed that we could make it this far and that nothing is imposible. pic creddt to
  • Marinera

    This was the 1st craft to orbit another planet. This was a US craft that orbited Mars. This was huge, it showed that wehad the power to do do anything.
  • Luna 16

    This was the first craft to bring back samples of the moon to study. This helped us learn a lot about our moon and better understand it. This was a Russian craft.
  • Venera 7

    Venera 7
    The Venera 7 was the first probe to land on Venus, made by Russia. This gave us a lot of info about Venus so we could lear more about this planet. pic from
  • Skylab

    The US's first space station . This gave us more opportunities to study space more close up and hands on. pic from
  • Viking 2

    This was a probe that found sighns of water on Mars. This was a US probe on Mars. This showes us what Mars might have been like our planet once and there their might be life.
  • Pioneer 11

    Pioneer 11
    This was a craft that showed us pictures on Saturn. This was the US and it was important because it gave us important info. pic from
  • 1st American woman in Space

    1st American woman in Space
    This was the 1st Americian woman in space, this is important because it shows women are just as good as men The was on the Challengers second mission. photo from Ride-s.jpg.Ride in 1984
  • 1st African-American to go into space

    1st African-American to go into space
    This man was named Guion Bluford and he was the first African- American to go into space. This also showed that is does not matter your race, you can still go to space. photo from
  • Voyager 2

    This Probe begain sumbmitting images of Uranus, This helped find out more info on this planet. This was a US probe.
  • Challenger Exploded

    Challenger Exploded
    This US ship exploded seconds after lift off, this killed many people, and NASA begain questioning their mothoids. On this ship was supposed to be the 1st school teacher to go to space. photo from
  • Voyager 2

    Voyager 2
    This probe then begain transmitting photos of Neptune, this is a US probe. This helped us learn about Neptune. pic creddit
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    all of my text was from if you are looking for the pic credit look at the end of the slide.