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Space exploration

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    Space exploration

  • Launching Sputnik 1

    Launching Sputnik 1
    Russia launched sputnik 1, the owrleds first sattalite to be launched into space. it was also the first man made object sent into earths orbit. Sputnik sent back a continuous beep signal that could be heard by radio operators around the world. this event started the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States.
  • Launching the Explore 1

    Launching the Explore 1
    The U.S launches its first satalittle the Explorer 1. its Misson was to document the exsitance of radiation zones encircleing earth. It was successful, providing scientists with data about the radiation environment in earths orbit.
  • Project Mercury

    Project Mercury
    The U.S launched project Mercury, a cone-shaped capsule. Its was first tested with chimps.Its misson was to send Alan Shepart into space and it was succesfull. He became the first american man in space, but not in orbit.
  • Project Mercury: another success

    Project Mercury: another success
    Project Mercury was launched another successful. This time with John Glenn, he became the first american to orbit the earth. Project Mercury achieved its goal of putting piloted spacecraft into orbit and retrieving the astronaut safley.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Apollo 11's misson was to send astronauts to the moon to collect lunar rock. It successfuly sent Niel A. Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin to the moon. Niel Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. They collected 46 punds of lunar rock material and returned safely back to earth.
  • Apollo 13: " Huston we have a problem"

    Apollo 13: " Huston we have a problem"
    Apollo 13 was to be the third mission to land on the Moon. An explosion in one of the oxygen tanks forced the the crew to orbit the Moon and return to the Earth without landing.
  • First American women in space

    First American women in space
    Sally K. Ride became the first American women to fly into space aboard the STS-7. The misson was to launch a communications satellites and to send the first womens to space. The misson lasting 6 days, was successful, leaving two satellites in space.
  • Apollo 15

    Apollo 15
    Apollo 15's misson was to send astronauts to the moon to collect samples and conduct expirements. A cart simmilar to a golf cart was sent to the moon for thier use. Successfully landing the cart on the moon, David Scott and James irwin were the first drivers.The astronauts were able to collect samples from the moon, returning to earth with 76.8 kilograms of lunar rock.
  • Skylab

    Skylab was the first american space station. It was a 6 year misson and three crews occupied the station in 1973-1974, conducting medical experiments, solar observations and detailed Earth resources mapping experiments.Skylab included 8 separate solar experiments; two X-ray telescopes, an X-ray and extreme ultraviolet camera, an ultraviolet spectroheliometer, an extreme ultraviolet spectroheliograph and an ultraviolet spectroheliograph, a white light coronagraph and two hydrogen-alpha telescopes
  • Apollo- Soyuz test project

    Apollo- Soyuz test project
    on July 15 U.S launches apllo and the Soviet Union launches soyuz, this was the first misson conducted by two seperate counties. The Apollo and Soyuz crews docked in space and conducted a variety of experiments over a two-day period. After separation, Apollo remained in space an additional 06 days. This was the misson that winded down the space race between the counties.
  • First mars landing

    First mars landing
    Viking 1 was the first probe landed on mars. its misson was to take photos of mars and conducted atmospheric water vapor measurements and infrared thermal mapping. Its misson was successfull. The probe only designed to last 90 days continued to operate for more than six years.
  • The Columbia

    The Columbia
    Nov. 11 was the 5th misson for the columbia. It carried a crew of 4, the largest crew to be launched into space. In this 5 day mission the objective was to deploy two commercial satilites. It was successful.
  • Explosion on the Challenger

    Explosion on the Challenger
    on its 10th launche just 73 seconds after liftoff the challenger disinigrates killing all seven austronauts.It was later determined that two rubber O-rings, which had been designed to separate the sections of the rocket booster, had failed due to cold temperatures on the morning of the launch. The tragedy received lots of media coverage and prompted NASA to temporarily suspend all shuttle missions.
  • Hubble space telescope deployed

    Hubble space telescope deployed
    hubble was the world's first space-based optical telescope, weighing in at 24.500 lbs. It was designed to view and take pictures of the universe. Hubble was originally designed with five science instruments: the Wide-Field Planetary Camera, the Faint Object Camera, the Faint Object Spectrograph, the Goddard High-Resolution Spectrograph, and the High Speed Photometer. Its energy souce was the sun. The misson was successful in helping scientist make many discoveries about our universe.
  • The Spirit

    The Spirit
    The Spirit was launched to mars, its misson to search for evidence of water that may have been there before and take pictures of the martian planet. The misson was successful, the rover only designed to last three months operated for more six years. Spirit traveled about 4.8 miles and collected 124,000 images of mars.
  • Opportunity, Spirits twim rover is launched

    Opportunity, Spirits twim rover is launched
    Spirits twim rover Opportunity was launched. It landed on the opposite side of mars, Its misson, the smae as spirits, was to collected evidence of water that couold have been on mars and to snap pictures of the ancient planet. After landing it immediatly found signs that the area once had water. The misson only supposed to last three months still operates today.