Starry sky

Space Objects and Spacecraft

By Rafboy
  • Sputnik (Russian)

    Sputnik (Russian)
    The Sputnik Spacecraft (USSR) is the first man made vehicle. To go to outer space. It was use for science. and send radio signals back to the USSR. The spacecraft was roughly the size of a basket ball.
  • Sputnik 2 (Russian)

    Sputnik 2 (Russian)
    Sputnik 2 is the first spacecraft to carry a animal. Sadly she did not survive the trip.
  • Explrorer 1 (American)

    Explrorer 1 (American)
    The explorer 1 was the first american spacraft to got to space. Its purpose was to detect cosmic rays.
  • Luna 2 (Russian)

    Luna 2 (Russian)
    Luna 2 was the first man made object to crash onto the moon. It carried a geiger counter to measure the radiation to the moon.
  • Tiros 1 (American)

    Tiros 1 (American)
    The Tiros 1 is a weather satilite it had state 2 state of the art cameras. It used to take recordings of weather paterns and sent down to the radio stations.
  • Sputnik 2 (Russian)

    Sputnik 2 (Russian)
    The Sputnik 5 is carried 2 dogs to space. Called Strelke and Belka. Unlike sputnik 2 the dogs survived, They were the first living beings to go to space.
  • Vostok (Russian)

    Vostok (Russian)
    The Vostok spacecraft was the first spacecraft to deliver a human to space (Yuri Gagrin). He sucssefully landed near africa. He was the first human to go to space. By beating the americans by 1 month.
  • Telestar 1 (America)

    Telestar 1 (America)
    The telestar 1 was the first satalitte able to send trans-atlantic television signals. It was provided by AT&T but launch and funded by Nasa
  • Voskhod 2 (Russian)

    Voskhod 2 (Russian)
    The voskhod Spacecraft was the first spacecraft which had and airlock. It enabled the astronaughts to do spacewalk.
  • Mariner 4 (American)

    Mariner 4 (American)
    Mariner 4 was the first spacecraft to go and take close proximity pictures of other planets. It took multiple pictures of Martian surface. It carried multiple science instument. The most important was the TV camera.
  • Asterix 1 (French)

    Asterix 1 (French)
    Asterix is the first France satalite thus pulling a diffrent country into the space race. Sadly the atenna was broken so no information was recived
  • Luna 9 (Russian)

    Luna 9 (Russian)
    Luna 9 was the first spacecraft to land on the moon. As usual it had a TV camera and the other instrument was a thermal recorder, It transmited information by its antenas.
  • Soyuz 4 Soyuz 5 Docking (Russian)

    Soyuz 4 Soyuz 5 Docking (Russian)
    Soyuz 4 and Soyuz 5 was the first ever spacecraft that docked together. They performened a space crew transfer and detached sucssefully. Therefore revoloutionising spacecraft and spacetravel history.
  • Apollo 11 (American)

    Apollo 11 (American)
    The famous apollo 11 was launched by the saturn 5 rocket. But this wasent the first time the saturn 5 rocket was used. It was modified multiple times to make the it more efficient and safe.
  • Osumi (Japanese)

    Osumi (Japanese)
    The japanese Osumi was a satallite. It was japans first ever atempt to get into space. It didn't carry anything special. Though countries are developing technology to do so
  • Dong Fang Hong (Chinese)

    Dong Fang Hong (Chinese)
    The Dong Fang Hong was China's first satillite. It main purpose was to test satallite technology and to reasearch about the ionosphere.
  • Saylut 1 (Russian)

    Saylut 1 (Russian)
    The Saylut 1 was the first ever space station to be launched. It's purpse was to examine the long term effects of space travel. The mission was to sent 3 crew men on a 30 day mission.
  • Prospero (British)

    Prospero (British)
    The Prospero satallite was the first British satallite to be sent in space. Making them the 6th country to send a object into space. Its Purpose was to test out future satallite equipment.
  • Viking 1 (American)

    Viking 1 (American)
    The Viking 1 spacecraft consisted of 2 main section. The orbiter and the Lander. The Lander main purpose was to do reasearch about the martian atmosphere and soil. It had all of the instuments from measuring temprature to examining soil.
  • Rohini (Indian)

    Rohini (Indian)
    The Rohini satallite was india's first satallite. It's purpose was to monitor and send back information about the rockets stages.
  • Space Shuttle Program (American)

    Space Shuttle Program (American)
    America went on the reusable spacecraft route. The Space shuttle Colombia was the first one. It was possible to land it and reuse it again. Shortly after that NASA started doing regular launches every month. Sometime even bringing celebrity. It had control panels and joystick to manualy control it on descent.
  • Pathfinder and Sojourner (American)

    Pathfinder and Sojourner (American)
    The pathfinder and sojourner were both linked together. Pathfinder was used as a base for the sojourner rover and also as a relay for the sojourner rover. The rover had a small camera so it made exploring the martian surface more accesible.
  • International Space station

    International Space station
    This was the begining of the international space. The module. It housed the most important things for a spacestaion. Though there were almost no reasearch capability.
  • Dawn (American)

    Dawn (American)
    The dawn spacecraft is one of a kind. It uses a new kind of engine called and Ion engine, Ion engines uses positive and negative electrons to propel the spacecraft. The good thing is that you it is extremly efficient. The bad thing is that it is Super slow it can only go 15 to 20 meters per seconds in space.
  • Curiosity Rover (American)

    Curiosity Rover (American)
    The curiosity rover is a cutting edge rover. It is powered by a mini nuclear reactor so it could last decades. Its main purpose is to investigate craters in the martian surface. Also to do science experiments.
  • Period: to

    Manned mission to Mars

    Barrack obama belives that U.S.A could get a manned mission to mars in the 2030s and get a lander down there by the mid 2030. Only time can tell if thats going to happen