Space exploration

By Eh20012
  • First telescope

    First telescope
    The first telescope was created by putting to gather a convex and concave lens in the same tube. Later Galeao built the first astronomical telescope. With the telescope Galileo was able to find the four Jovian moons, craters on the moon and our galaxy.
  • Saturans rings

    Saturans rings
    Christian Huygens discovered Saturns rings and Titan.
  • First time reflecting telescope

    Newton built the first reflecting telescope.
  • Speed of light

    Speed of light
    Ole Romer measured the speed of light
  • 1700's

    Halley's comet was predicted to land on 1758 by Halley 1758:
    Halley's Comet landed as predicted 1781:
    Uranus was discovered by Herschil, and
    Messier discovered galaxy's nebulas and star clusters while looking for comets
  • Uranus

    William Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, using a mirror telescope he had constructed
  • Doppler effect

    Christian Doppler a mathematician from Austria created the Dopler Effect witch will later be used to show that planets are a moving away from earth.
  • Rocketry

    Robert Goodard beginning practical rocketry. Soon after he created the first liquid powered rocket.
  • Radio waves

    Karl Jansky discovers cosmic radio waves. In 1937 Grote Reber built the first radio telescope.
  • Sputnik

    Sputnik first object orbit Earth was launched by the Russians.
  • Explorer one

    Explorer one
    Explorer 1 launched this was the first U.S. satellite to orbit the Earth.
  • First man in space

    First man in space
    Yuri Gagarin becomes the first man in space! Yuri Gagarin was from Russia and was in the Vostok space craft.
  • Americas turn

    Americas turn
    Aboard friendship 7 John Glenn is the first American to orbit the earth. He circled the globe 3 times.
  • Life on Mars?

    Early observers of mars thought they saw signs of civilization there including evidence of an engineered canals but the Mariner 4 passover the red planet and it revealed no obvious signs of life.
  • First man to walk on the moon

    First man to walk on the moon
    Stepping down from the Apollo 11's Lunar module Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk the moon.
  • Venus

    The Russian Venera 7 becomes first to land softly on the surface of Venus.
  • First space station

    First space station
    Russia's Salyul 1 was the worlds first space station.
  • Salyut 6

    Soviet Salyut 6 space station is launched. Its crews include members from Czechoslovakia, Poland, GDR, Bulgaria, Hungary, Vietnam, Cuba, Mongolia, and Romania
  • Probes

    America's voyager one and two deep space probes are launched to study the outer solar system.
  • Ring around Jupiter

    Cameras on voyager one found a ring around Jupiter.
  • Space shuttle era begins

    The U.S. Space shuttle era begins with the flight of Columbia a reusable spacecraft.
  • Hubble

    The Hubble space telescope is deployed in earths orbit by shuttle Discovery.
  • Largest space craft

    Largest space craft
    The U.S. space shuttle Atlantis docs to Russian space station Mir. the connection of the two ships created the largest craft ever to orbit Earth.
  • Rover

    A U.S. rover named Sojourner wheels onto the surface of Mars to explore the planets geology.
  • Cassini

    Cassini begins it journey to Saturn.
  • Lost connection

    NASA loses Mars Climate Orbiter and Mars Polar Lander.
  • Buy a seat

    Buy a seat
    Virgin Galactica the company owned by Richard Branson, excepts reservations for spaceflight seat that sell for $200,000 each.
  • U.S. Messenger

    US Messenger Mission to Mercury launched in 2004 and began its year long orbit.
  • Water on Mars?

    Water on Mars?
    NASA finds the strongest evidence yet that liquid water flows intermeditly and present day mars.
  • Astronauts on Mars

    NASA wants to get astronauts to Mars a capsule called Orion and the space launch system may help get to and from Earth.