Space race

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    Space Race

  • Launch of the Space Race: Sputnik I

    Launch of the Space Race: Sputnik I
    Sputnik I was launched from the Solviet Union at 7:28 PM. It was the first manmade satelite to be launched. Made in the Solviet Union (USSR)
  • Sputnik II launches

    Sputnik II launches
    USSR sent the first ever animal, Laika the husky, into space. Unfortunately, she died in space.
  • US launches Explorer I

    US launches Explorer I
    United States launched Explorer I from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
  • Creation of NASA

    Creation of NASA
    NASA was formed after Congress had passed the National Aeronautics and Space Act.
  • First man in space

    First man in space
    Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man to land safety back on earth after earth's orbit.
  • First America to Orbit Space

    First America to Orbit Space
    Alan Shepard was the first American to go to space, for the mercury project that lasted 15 minutes and 28 seconds.
  • First American to Orbit Earth

    First American to Orbit Earth
    Launch of "Friendship 7" with John Glenn who was the forst american person to go into orbit which lasted a little less then 5 hours.
  • Launch of Gemini 5

    Launch of Gemini 5
    Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad Went into space for an eight day mission. An expiriment that was to see how long a person could stay out in space.
  • Failed Mission of Apollo 1

    Failed Mission of Apollo 1
    Failled mission when the apollo 1 during a launch-pad test killing three Astronauts Virgil Grissom, who was in the mercury and Gemini flights, Edward White who conducted Nasa's first extravehicular activity, and a new astronaut named Roger Chaffee, this was one of Nasa's greatest set backs.
  • Launch of Apollo 11

    Launch of Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 launched from Cape Kennedy Having commander Neil Armstrong, Command Module pilot Michael Collins, Lunar module pilot Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin...
  • Touchdown on the moon: first men on the Moon

    Touchdown on the moon: first men on the Moon
    Astronauts Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin and Neil Armstrong become the first ever men to touch and walk te moon.
  • Pioneer 10: the first probe to an Outer Planet

    Pioneer 10: the first probe to an Outer Planet
    Pioneer 10 became the first probe (an unnmaned spacecraft) to ever come close to an outer planet in the solar system. It was also the first to travel through the asteroid belt. It was the first to get upclose images of Jupiter, and the first manmade object to leave the solar system. The last it had been heard of; its last communication signal, was January 22, 2003, 7.6 billion miles from home.
  • The Skylab

    The Skylab
    The US launchesa its first experimental space station, the Skylab.
  • First international manned space flight

    First international manned space flight
    The Apollo-Soyuz Test Project becomes the first internationalmanned space flight to test out cooperated space rescue and docking.
  • The Vikings

    The Vikings
    Viking 1 is launched, the first orbiter to Mars. Viking 2 would join its counterpart in a few weeks. Both had safe landings, and for six years, sent back images of the surface of Mars. The first bout of data collected from Mars was achieved bythe Viking Landers.
  • Voyager 2

    Voyager 2
    Launched, and one of the two Voyagers, Both were sent by NASA on what was supposed to be a five year mission to study Jupiter and Saturn, only to be still sending back pictures to this very day, 30 years later, nearly 10 million miles from Earth.
  • Voyager 1

    Voyager 1
    Voyager 1 was launched.
  • Launch of Pioneer Venus

    Launch of Pioneer Venus
    That would study the Venusian atmosphere.
  • First NASA space mission

    First NASA space mission
    Robert L Crippen and John W. Young make the first NASA mission space program, aboard the Columbia.
  • Sally Ride

    Sally Ride
    Sally Ride becomes the first American woman to launch in the shuttle mission STS-8 aboard the Challenger shuttle.
  • The first african-american man in space

    The first african-american man in space
    Guion S. Bluford Jr. becomes the first african american man to enter space upon the same mission as Sally Ride aboad the Challenger.
  • MIR

    MR space station is launched.
  • NASA's first major catastrophe

    NASA's first major catastrophe
    First major catastrophe for NASA, when Challenger mission STS-51L) explodes midair 73 seconds after take-off with seven crew members aboard.
  • Galileo from Atlantis

    Galileo from Atlantis
    Galileo was launched from Atlantis to study Jupiter and its moons. It had taken Galileo 6 years to reach the gas giant, and fourteen years after launch, September 2003, it disinigerated in Jupiter's atmosphere.