Galileo spacecraft

Spacecrafts and Missions

  • Sputnik Takes Off

    Sputnik 1 takes off from Russia in hopes of beating America in the Space Race.
  • Pioneer 0

    Pioneer 0 is launched into space
  • Pioneer 1

    Pioneer 1 is launched into space
  • Pioneer 2

    Pioneer 2 was launched into space.
  • Period: to

    Venera 1

  • Period: to

    Venera 2

  • Mariner 1

    Mariner 1's mission was considered a failure
  • Mariner 2

    Mariner 2's mission was considered a success.
  • Mariner 3

    Mariner 3 launched off from America
  • Period: to

    Nevera 4

  • Mariner 5

    Mariner 5 took off from America
  • Period: to

    Nevera 5

  • Mariner 6

    Mariner 6 took off from America.
  • Skylab Launches Off

    Skylab Spacecraft launches off from America
  • Venera 7

  • Period: to

    Venera 8

  • Pioneer 11 Probe

    Pioneer 11's Probe was launched into the Jovian System.
  • Mariner 10

    Mariner 10 took off from America.
  • Pioneer 10

    Pioneer 10-S arrived at the Jovian System.
  • Period: to

    Venera 9

  • Period: to

    Venera 10

  • Viking 1

    Viking 1 took off from America
  • Viking 2

    Viking 2 launched off from America
  • Viking 1

    Viking 1 took its first picture
  • Viking 2

    Viking 2 lands on Mars
  • Voyager 2

    The Voyager took off from America
  • Voyage Probes

    The first Voyager took off
  • Period: to

    Venera 11

  • Skylab Deorbits

    Skyland returns to America after its space exploration.
  • Viking 2 Dies

    Viking 2 loses communications with NASA
  • Space Shuttle Columbia

    Columbia launches off for first America spacecraft launch
  • Period: to

    Venera 12

  • Period: to

    Venera 14

  • Viking 1 dies

    Viking 1 loses communications with NASA
  • Period: to

    Venera 15

  • Period: to

    Venera 16

  • Pioneer 10

    Pioneer 10 became the first object created by himans to leave the Solar System.
  • Period: to

    Space Shuttle Discovery

    Discovery is in space, collecting observations for NASA
  • MIR Launches

    The MIR Spacecraft takes off into space
  • Magellan Spacecraft

    The Magellan Spacecraft took off from the Kennedy Spacecraft Center,
  • Galileo's First Take-off

    Galileo's First Take-off
    The Galileo Spacecraft launched off from the Kennedy Space Center aboard Space Shuttle Atlanta on mission STS-34
  • Galileo Visits Venus

    Galileo Visits Venus
    Galileo arrived at Venus, using its gravitational pull as a slingshot to arrive at Jupiter
  • Hubble Space Telescope

    The Hubble Space Telescope launches off from America.
  • Galileo briefly visits Earth

    Galileo briefly visits Earth
    Galileo completed its first fly-by of Earth, using its gravitational pull as a slingshot to reach Jupiter.
  • Galileo sees its first asteroid

    Galileo sees its first asteroid
    Galileo becomes the first spacecraft to ever encounter an asteroid.
  • Galileo passes Earth and Moon

    Galileo passes Earth and Moon
    Galileo passes between the Earth and the Moon on its trip to Jupiter.
  • Galileo sees its second asteroid

    Galileo sees its second asteroid
    Galileo sees a second asteroid, a very rare occurence at the time
  • Magellan Spacecraft Dies

    The Magellan Spacecraft burned in Venus' atmosphere.
  • Galileo Arrived

    Galileo Arrived
    Galileo finally arrived at Jupiter after observations were nearing completion.
  • Galileo's Smashing Observation

    Galileo's Smashing Observation
    Galileo became the first spacecraft to observe comet fragments colliding into Jupiter by using a long-distance telescope
  • Galileo's Probe's Release

    Galileo's Probe's Release
    Galileo released its atmospheric probe into Jupiter's atmosphere to coollect data on the pressure and weather
  • Galileo's Malfunction

    Galileo's Malfunction
    Less than two months before Galileo was meant to arrive at Jupiter, its tape recorder malfunctioned
  • Galieleo's First Record

    Galieleo's First Record
    Galileo became the first spacecraft to orbit Jupiter
  • NEAR Shoemaker Launches off

    NEAR Shoemaker takes off from America.
  • Cassini takes off

    The Cassini Spacecraft launches off from the Cape Canaveral Station in Florida.
  • Galileo's First Success

    Galileo's First Success
    Galileo's main mission ended after it had succesfully discovered and monitored Jupiter's weather and surrounding planets, asteroids, and moons.
  • Period: to

    Galileo's Return to Space

    Galileo was sent back into space to discover the effects of radiation on spacecraft
  • NEAR Shoemaker lands on an asteroid

    NEAR Shoemaker becomes the first spacecraft to land on an asteroid.
  • NEAR Shoemaker gets de-activated

    NEAR Shoemaker becomes deactivated near Eros, but is still able to be reactivated
  • Genesis Launches Off

    The Genesis Spacecraft takes off from Florida.
  • Collections from Genesis

    The Genesis Spacecraft starts collecting solar wind data.
  • Galileo's Death

    Galileo's Death
    The Spacecraft Galileo plunged into Jupiter's crushing atmosphere to protect its discovery of a possible ocean beneath the icy crust of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons.
  • Genesis Stops Certain Data

    The Genesis Spacecraft stopped collecting data from solar winds.
  • Genesis Returns to Earth

    The Genesis Spacecraft crash-lands in Oregon while trying to deorbit.
  • Cassini's First Landing

    The Cassini Spacecraft lands on Titan.
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis

    Atlantis became the last space shuttle to take off.