Middle ages picture

The Middle Ages

  • 1476 BCE


    In the middle ages, it was more appropriate for women to clean, cook, care for children and their husbands, if it were seen fit by the men in their lives, they were allowed to paint small things around the home. The most art like thing they were permitted to do was to create clothing and sometimes tapestry like products.
    The pictures chosen are depictions of what women were more likely to be approved of doing than making art.
  • 1304

    The Renaissance

    The Renaissance
    It was a bit easier to find pictures of women during the Renaissance era, but by women was still a bit difficult. The image I have added this week is the best one I could find. It does seem to be showing women for their beauty and what they were expected to do as opposed to showing what they can do. The image shows of a woman caring for her child and reading. Those seem to be the most we see from women. For the time period. That and their beauty.
    Jan Masyss image
  • The 17th Century

    The 17th Century
    Giovanna Garzoni was a marvelous painter. She helped bring still life paintings to life. This image is showing us the life of fruit in a bowl. When looking at it, you may get the sense of feeling like perfection is too far away to be reached at all times. Just know that the fruit does not care what others think of it and neither should you. Judith Leyster was known as great painter of her time. Becoming a member of the Haarlem Painters Guild by the age of 24. Cant add picture here, look on bb!
  • 18th Century

    18th Century
    I chose Adalaide Labielle-Guiard's painting of a woman feeding suppossedly her own baby, because it shows the beauty and poise that can still be kept while doing even the most womanly of tasks as feeding your child. Guiard showed that women are beautiful in all forms even in the 18th Century.
  • The 19th Century

    The 19th Century
    Rosa Bonheur was and most is the most famous female artist of the 19th Century. Elizabeth Jane Gardener Bougureau was one of the most well known Salon artists in mid-19th century Paris. She entered to exhibits, 36 paintings more than any American or Foreign female artist. I chose this picture because it shows the natural beauty and love of a woman to a child. She knows the child can not do much for itself and she is there to help it survive. I feel a similar connection with this picture.
  • Late 20th Century/21st Century

    Late 20th Century/21st Century
    The painting I chose by Marlene Dumas is a terrifying beauty. The woman is struggling with some inner demons and they are wearing her down. 'Beauty is pain and there is beauty in everything' - Alessia Cara Helen Frankenthaler was an abstract expressionist known for her charcoal, oil and canvas paintings. She made many beautiful scenes and they are very capable of being seen in multi different ways by everyone that looks at them.
  • 20th Century Europe

    20th Century Europe
    Bridget Riley was a forerunner of the OP Art Movement and made the most well-known optical illusion paintings in the world to date. I chose this picture of hers because it makes me feel like, if I just keep pushing on, one day, I will see the finish line. Ellen Gallagher had just barely started finding her way in the art world at the end of the 20th Century. Her focus was on multimedia art, exposing the ring of lies around race and gender.
  • 20th Century America

    20th Century America
    Mary Abbott was born in New York in 1921. Her blood line traced back to John Adams. She was most well known for being the last living member of the Abstract Exhibitionists Movement. She died in 2019 at the age of 98. I chose this picture because it made me see a lot. There are a multitude of people standing, sitting and laying down. The colors all tell a different story about the people Louise Abel was born in Germany in 1894, moved to the states in 1904. She was known for animal sculptures.