The Maze Runner

Timeline created by downshan
  • Arrival

    Thomas (the protagonist) arrives in a place he's never been to before. He's confused, and he doesn't remember anything specific about the world. He is dropped into this place by a kind of elevator. The people he meets when he arrives are all teenagers and sll boys. The leader, Alby, explains that he has been there for two years, and every month a new boy is brought to the place, called the Glade. The boys call themselves the Gladers.
  • The Tour

    Thomas is given the Tour of the Glade. He is shown the place where they sleep, where they farm, the forest where they bury the dead, and most importantly, the maze that surrounds the Glade. The Runners have been trying for two years now to try and find a way out through the maze to get back to the real world.
  • Change

    Just as some of Thomas's questions are beginning to be answered, a new teen arrives in the Glade. This is highly unusual, because never before have two new Gladers come two days in a row. Also, this new Glader is a girl. When she arrives, they think that she is dead. Then she wakes up, whispers that 'Everything is going to change', and then goes into a coma.
  • Trapped

    The next day, Alby and the lead Runner, Minho, go into the Maze to check out a dead Griever. A Griever is a creature that lives in the Maze and always comes out at night and sometimes during the day. If a Griever stings you with one of it's hundreds of needles or sharp 'claws', you go through a very painful process called the Changing. The Changing makes you remember things about the real world, but you have trouble remembering when you wake up.
  • In the Maze

    When Alby and Minho don't return by the time the giants doors to the Maze close, Thomas goes in to try and save them. This is breaking one of the Gladers' biggest rules. But by the end of the night, Thomas has saved all of them from the Grievers.
  • Punishment or Reward?

    The Keepers (or leaders) of the Glade hold a meeting to decide whether to punish Thomas for breaking their biggest rule by going into the Maze or reward him for saving Minho and Alby. They decide to make him spend one day in their jail, and then make him a Runner.
  • Jail

    Thomas spends the next day in jail.
  • Runner

    Thomas begins training to be a Runner. On his second day, he and Minho discover where it is that Grievers go when they are not in the Maze. They think that it might be a way out of the Maze.
  • Teresa

    The girl wakes up from her coma. Her name is Teresa, and she can remember a little from the real world. She and Thomas somehow know each other.
  • The Ending

    When Teresa woke up, shre triggered the Ending. Now everything the Galders once knew is changed. The weekly delivery of supplies doesn't arrive, and the doors to the Maze don't close, which means that the Grievers will be able to get to the Gladers.
  • Stung

    Thomas decides that they need memories; he somehow knows that his are the ones that would be most useful. So he gets stung by a Griever on purpose to go through the Changing and remember.
  • Solved

    Thomas uses his memory to solve to Maze, which turned out to be a code. They now know how to get out of the Maze.
  • Fighting

    The Gladers decide to get out. But to get out of the Maze, they will have to fight the Grievers. There is a battle and some of the Gladers are killed.
  • Home

    About halfof the Gladers make it out of the Maze. The people who made the Maze are waiting for them. Thomas's best friend from the Maze is killed by accident, and everything goes crazy.
  • Kidnappd or Saved?

    A group who is against the Creators of the Maze come and kidnap the remaining Gladers from the Creators just minutes after they are out of the Maze. The Gladers go with the rebels because they hate the Creators. They aren;t sure whats going on, but the world seems to be in crisis. And they are told that they can save it. To be continued...