The lost colony of Roanoke

  • Jun 4, 1505

    1505-1566 New World was explored.

  • Mar 1, 1524

    Explorers found new land in what is now the Carolinas.

  • May 3, 1565

    Santa Elena settlement was formed.

  • 1584-1590 The Roanoke Voyages

  • The queen told Sir Walter Raleigh take over land and start a colony.

  • Raleigh sends soldiers to Raonoke to set up first colony, which was abandoned in 1586.

  • Raleigh sets up new Roanoke colony called the "cittie of Raleigh."

  • John White returns to England for supplies, his trip back to the colony was held up for 3 years.

  • When John White returned to the colony, it had disappeared.

  • 1650-1710 New voyages to Carolina began.

  • The Charter of Carolina-Lords Proprietors control colony

  • John Lawson's journey through Carolina began

  • 1711-1715 The Tuscarora War between colonists and Tuscarora Indians

  • The Barnwell Expedition tries to end Tuscarora War.

  • The Morre Expedition during the Tuscarora War helped end the war.