The life of Nicole

Timeline created by nholcomb
  • My birth

    My birth
    I was born today around 3 am.
  • 0-1 Year old

    0-1 Year old
    I didn't do much yet, probably just slept a lot and cried.
  • 1 year old

    1 year old
    I started to talk at this age, probably the normal mama and dada.
  • 2 years old

    2 years old
    I started to walk around at this age.
  • 3 years old

    3 years old
    Now I was potty trained, getting ready for preschool.
  • 4 years old

    4 years old
    I now was starting the long journey of school. Starting with preschool
  • Historical event

    Historical event
    The United States was attacked (9/11) by terrorist.
  • 5 years old

    5 years old
    I went on my first and only (so far) vacation to Canada with my family.
  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    I had a solo in a church musical about farming.
  • 7 years old

    7 years old
    I started doing girl scouts around this age, I did it for more than one year, but this is when I started.
  • 8 years old

    8 years old
    My parents got a divorce, my mom still lived with us for a few years though.
  • 9 years old

    9 years old
    My dog Peewee died, he was the only death that has been really hard on me.
  • 10 years old

    10 years old
    My mom moved out of the house and moved in with her boyfriend.
  • 11 years old

    11 years old
    I got my first phone for Christmas, it was pretty exciting back then.
  • 12 years old

    12 years old
    We rescued this pregnant cat and kept her along with 3 of her babies.
  • Historical Event

    Historical Event
    The United States had it's first black president.
  • 13 years old

    13 years old
    Graduated middle school
  • Historical Event

    Historical Event
    There was a huge oil spill from BP.
  • 14 years old

    14 years old
    Started high school
  • 15 years old

    15 years old
    Got my first "job" as a babysitter for my cousin all summer.
  • 16 years old

    16 years old
    Finally got my driver's license.
  • 17 years old

    17 years old
    I've just been chilling, nothing has really happened yet.