The Life of Micheal Jackson

  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    More facts about Michael JacksonMicheal Jackson was born on August 29, 1958. He was born at Mercy Hopital in Gary, Indiana. His parents are Kathrine and Joe Jackson.
  • Jackson 5

    Jackson 5
    In 1964, Michael Jackson joined his brothers' band The Jackson Brothers. When Michael started singing lead vocals with his brother, Jermaine, they changed the name to Jackson 5.
  • Thriller

    More InfoThe album "Thriller" was released in 1982, which was a worldwide best-selling album in 1983.
  • Jackson's Disease

    Jackson's Disease
    In 1986, Michael Jackson was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus, which was the reason his skin started to go from a medium tan to very pale. The treatments he used for this further lightened his skin tone.
  • Michael Jackson's Book

    Michael Jackson's Book
    Michael Jackson's book, Moonwalk, came out on February 1, 1988. The book took him four years to write and sold over 200,000 copies.
  • "Bad" Tour

    "Bad" Tour
    The "Bad" Tour started on September 12, 1988 and ended on January 14, 1989. In Japan alone, the tour had 14 sell-outs and drew 570,000 people, nearly tripling the previous tour.
  • Michael Jackson Gets Married

    Michael Jackson Gets Married
    In May 1994, Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley.
  • HIStory

    The HIStory World Tour began on September 7, 1996 and ended on October 15, 1997. He made a total of $165 million.
  • Prince is Born

    Prince is Born
    Michael Jackson married his lifelong friend Deborah Rowe and had their first child, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. , also known as Prince.
  • Documentary

    Living With Michael JacksonIn the beginning of May, 2002, Michael Jackson allowed a British film crew to follow him around. The film crew was with him during the "baby-dangling" incident.
  • New Album

    New Album
    In November, 2006, Jackson announced that he was working on a new album with from The Black Eyed Peas. This album was never released (because of his death).
  • This Is It

    This Is It
    Michael Jackson announced that he was going to start a series of concerts called "This Is It." These concerts were expected to be bigger than the HIStory concerts.
  • Death of Michael Jackson

    Death of Michael Jackson
    More Info on his DeathOn June 25, 2009, Jackson was found dead in his bed at his rented mansion. He was pronounced dead at 2:26.
  • The Start of "This Is It"

    The Start of "This Is It"
    This Is It Webpage This was the starting date of the series of concerts "This Is It." Unfortuneately, Jackson suffered from cardiac arrest a few weeks before this and died.
  • Documentary

    The movie "This Is It" , a documentary about the previous rehersals for the concert, came out on October 28, 2009. It earned $260 million worldwide.