The life of Lee Brice

By AH3164
  • Birthday

    WikipediaLee Brice was born on June 10. 1979 and is now a country singer. His actual birth name is, Kenneth Mobley Brice Jr. He had grown up in Sutmer, South Carolina US.
  • Football

    This is when he played football at Clemson Univeristy He also had a thing with music but wanted to do this instead for college. Eventually he broke his arm and was out of football knowing that he will hae to do music which he loves.
  • Takoda

    Lee Brice and his wife have there first son named Takoda. Sare felt so strong she knew that later h=she was going to have another kid. Eventually she did have nother kid named Takoda.
  • Studio Album

    metrolyricsThe first song that he has sang to his fans called Love Like Crazy. Before he did this, he was a former football player. Due to his injury, he now sings and has created 3 albums.
  • Love Like Crazy

    Brice has so far charted three singles, She Ain't RIght, Happy Endings, and Upper Middle Class White Trash. This title track has debuted in August 2009. The writers were Dough Johnson and Tim James.
  • Beautiful Everytime

    This is the second single from his debut album, Love Like Crazy. Brice wrote the song with Rob Hatch and Lance Miller. The music video was directed by Eric Welch and premeired in March, 2011.
  • A Woman Like You

    Was the first single from Lee Brice's album, hard 2 love. The song was written by Jon Stone, Phil Barton, and Johnny Bulford. The actress in this movie video is Megan Pocock.
  • Thats when you know its over

    The writers were Jerrod Nieman and Jon Stone. The Album includes the number one single, A woman Lke you. This is the second studio album by the country singer, Lee Brice.
  • Hard to love

    This is Lee Brice's second single album, hard 2 love. The song was written by BIlly Montana, John Ozier, and Ben Glover. It has a length of three minutes and fourty seconds.
  • I Drive Your Truck

    Taste of CountryThis was released as his third single from his album Hard 2 Love. It was written by Jessie Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jimmy Yeary. It's been told to be one of the most emotional lyrics to date.
  • Marriage

    Country WeeklyLee Brice had gotten married to his long time girlfriend named, Sara Reeveley. He has two boys one named Takota and the other Ryker Mobley. Brice had also nominated for the best solo performance, I Drice Your Truck.
  • Parking Lot Party

    This song was the fourth single from his album, Hard 2 Love. The song is an up tempo about a male partying.The album version of the song contains an introduction for syndicated radio shows hosts.
  • I Don't Dance

    This was the first single and title track from Brice's third audio album. He wrote the song with Rob Hatch and Dallas Davidson. This album was released on September 9th with the help of others writing this song.
  • Drinking Class

    Taste Of CountryThis is the second single from Brice's third studio album. It was written by Josh Kear, David Fraiser, and Ed Hill. This follows the chart topping, CMA- nominated title track.
  • Ryker Mobley

    Sara and Brice had there second boy named Ryker Mobley Brice. He weighed 8 pounds and 4 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long. The brother, Takoda is so happy, he absolutely loves to have a brother being part of his family.