The Life Of Isadora Duncan- Creator of Modern Dancing

  • Isadora Duncan Is Born

    Isadora Duncan Is Born
    Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco, California
  • Period: to

    The Life Of Isadora Duncan

    The time span of the life of Isadora Duncan
  • Isadora Begins Teaching

    Isadora Begins Teaching
    Isadora and her sister begin teaching dancing to support her family
  • Gathered People to Teach

    Gathered People to Teach
    Isadora gathered many people to teach them to dance and inspired them.
  • Isadora Moves

    Isadora Moves
    Isadora and her family moved East to pursue her dancing career.
  • Isadora Travels

    Isadora Travels
    Isadora, her mother, her brother, and her sister, traveled to London to continue pursuing her career.
  • Inspiration

    Isadora inspired many people with her costume, her clothes draping off her shoulders, vaguely representing a Greek goddess. She influenced many people.
  • Isadora's First Performance

    Isadora's First Performance
    Isadora's first proffessional European performance at the Lyceum Theater.
  • "The Dance" Was Written

    "The Dance" Was Written
    A book called "The Dance" was written about Isadora.
  • Her Children Drowned

    Her Children Drowned
    Her children, Diedre and Patrick, drowned.
  • Isadora Gets Married

    Isadora Gets Married
    Isadora marries Sergei Esenin, a Russian Poet
  • "My Life"

    "My Life"
    "My Life" -an autobiography was written for her after she died.
  • Isadora Dies

    Isadora Dies
    Isadora's scarf causes her to get in a car accident and she dies, more information on the event "The Death Of Isadora"
  • "The Art Of Dance" A Memorial Volume

    "The Art Of Dance" A Memorial Volume
    This book was written in memorial of Isadora Duncan.
  • The Death of Isadora Duncan

    The Death of Isadora Duncan
    linkStory of the death of Isadora
  • Video of Isadora Duncan

    Video of Isadora Duncan
    real footage of Isadora-