The Life of Douglas Mawson

  • Born

    Douglas Was Born in England.
  • Period: to

    Douglas Mawson

  • Came To Australia

    Douglas Mawson cam to Australia at the age of 2.
  • University

    Douglas Mawson came to university at just the age of 16 in Sydney.
  • Went to Antarctica

    Douglas had a dream to go to Antarctica, were the glaciers still existed, and on this date the dream was fufilled. He joined an expedition led by Earnest Shackelton.
  • Douglas' Second Expedition

    On this date Douglas Went on his second exhibition to Antarctica with some scientist from New Zeland and Australia.
  • Douglas' Unfortunate Event

    OPn this day Mawson and to other men set out on a treck. Unfortunatley on of the men fell down a crevasse, and he was ctually the man with the tents ,food and water! And when he got back (with lots of Frostbite) he saw his ship called the Aurora floating away!
  • The Wait to Return Home

    He Had to wait untill this date untill Some ships came to rescue the remaining men.
  • SIR Douglas Mawson

    Douglas was made Sir Douglas Mawson due to his substantial ammount of research on Antarctica
  • Thrid Trip

    He went on His third trip to Antarctica.
  • Fourth Trip

    On this date Douglas went on his FOURTH trip to Antarctica.
  • Died

    Douglas Died in 1958. A portrait of him is now on the $100 dollar note.