race to south pole E.T B.J

  • Scott Anoucment

    Scott Anoucment
    scott anouce to the world that his second expidition is the search of the south pole
  • Amundsen chartes secret plan

    Amundsencharted the norwegian ship from pretending to go on north pole expedition whilst secretly planning for the south pole instead.
  • Scott Rushed Preparation

    after rush preparation,
  • amundsen and his crew go to south pole

    Amundsen and his crew left Oslo on the fram taking 19 men 97 huskies a hut in sections and provisions for 2 years
  • amundsen sends telegram to scott

    Fram docked at Madeira in spain and Amundsen sent a telegram to scott that he was going to the south pole instead. The crew were exited to be challenging Scotts team.
  • Danger Scott

    Danger Scott
    They left on the Terra Nova in New Zeland. After 3 days they were out they got caught in a gale that lasted 36 hour and nearly sank the ship
  • New hut of Scott

    New hut of Scott
    Scott hut was block by the storm and cannot find it. Than new headquaters was built at Cape evans also Ross island. Next he sut up supplies in a week
  • Amundsen reaches antarctica

    Amundsencarefully chose the Bay of Whales (Ross ice shelf) to set up base camp and dock his ship as it was blocked from the wind and had a stable shore line.It was also 100kms closer to the pole than scotts base campbut it meant over unknown territory.
    The team built wooden huts they bought with them wich they named the hutframhein (home of fram) after their ships. During the five months of winter from april to december nine men carfarely set up three different depot
  • Amundsen's team set off to the South Pole

    Amundsen's team set off to the South Pole
    Amundsens team of five men and 55 dogs set off on their race to the south pole. they traveled the most direct rout going other anything that got in their way and traveled 32 kms each day.
  • Scott dream ride

    Scott dream ride
    Scott left with his polar team with 14 men on 2 motor sleds, 10 ponies and 2 dog sleds.
    They will use thier transport until they coud go no further then haul the supplies. The motor sled broke down in the blizzard
  • Amundsen and crew reach last depot.

    They reach their last depot 722 kilometres from the pole
  • Amundsen creat a new supply of depot.

    They created a new supply depot for their return journey. They had 42 dogs left to pull 4 sleds.
  • Amundsen and his crew climb glacier

    It took them 10 days to climb an unexplored 3000m mountain glacier in very good wheather Amundsen named them after his norwegian queen maud. At the top they took 18 dogs to go on with them and shot the rest.
  • Scotts Crew Limmits

    Scotts Crew Limmits
    The misserible horses got shot and the men needed to haul thier own supplies. Some men got snow blinded and fell in some deep ice caves
  • Amundsen reaches the south pole

    Amundsen reaches the south pole
    The team reaches the south pole. It was a glorious moment for the men and Norway they had 17 dogs and three sleds first they set up camp then over three days they skied for three days in a
    16 km radious from the south pole point to make sure of the correct posistion only then did they plant the norwegian flag.
  • Scott last Team Mates

    Scott last Team Mates
    Scott selected fellow explorers Edward Willson, Lawrence oates, Edgars Evans and Henry Bowers to join him with the expedition
  • The bad Discovery

    The bad Discovery
    The 5 exhausted men found out they got beateen by Amundsen by 33 days then they have to go back in terrible status
  • amundsen returned healphy and exited

    They returned to the bay of whales healthy and exited
  • evens died

    evens died
    a delirious evens died
  • Arrive in hobart

    Arrive in hobart
    they arrive in hobart to anounce victory
  • oats death

    oats death
    Oates lim bliped out of the tent during a raging blizzard and said im just going outside it may be some time he never returned. After 8 days the whole team died