Roald amundsen

Roald Amundsen and some of his Major Explorations

  • Fathers death

    Roald Amundsens father dies when Amundsen is only 14.
  • Period: to

    Roald Amundsen's Explorations

    Roald Amundsens different explorations and how he started exploring.
  • Amundsen is inspired to become an explorer

    Amundsen is inspired by Fridtjof Nansen's crossing of Greenland and Franklins lost expedition to become a lifelong explorer.
  • Roald Amundsen's mother dies.

    Roald's mother death meant that Amundsen didn't have to please his mother by becoming a doctor. Roald quickly after quits studying and leaves to make his dream come true of becoming a explorer.
  • Amundsen's first expedition

    Amundsen joins the Belgian Antarctic expedition as first mate and as his first voyage/exploration. The ship that was used was called Belgica and the exploration was led by Adrien de Gerlache.
  • The Expedition returns

    The expedition returns as the first to spend a year in the Antarctic. The ship got stuck in ice not known if it was delibirate or not. The ship was poorly equiped and Amundsen estimated later thet the doctor saved the crew by hunting for animals to give the crew C-vitamin to prevent curvy. This proved an important lesson to Amundsen for his later expeditions.
  • Amundsen starts his North West Passage Exploration

    Amundsen leaves Oslo thus starting his expedition through the North West passage. A lot of preparations had been made for the expedition; careful planning of the route, a ship choice that was both finacially affordably and small enough to traverse the passage.
  • Amundsens arrival at Simpsons Strait

    Part of the expeditions reasons was to do measurements on the magnetic field of the North Pole and the relocation of the north magnetic pole, which had to be done 100 miles away from the pole. The expedition found a suitable sheltered bay while approaching King William island. The place is marked on the map nowadays Gjoa Haven. Where the expedition would spend two years.
  • The Voyage Continues through the Passage

    The voyage continues now leaving the ice free Gjoa Haven. The team succeeded in the rellocation and data has been gathered to be examined by scientists when the vayage would finnish. While the expedition was in Gjoa Haven Inuits arrived and Amundsen learned surrvival skills, about using dogs as transportation of goods and he received traditional Inuit clothing much more effective than European clothing. Amundsen would use these skills later on.
  • North West Passage complete

    Amundsen reaches the furthest anyone has ever reached when traveling through the passage.
  • Arrival at Nome

    After passing the North West passage it became obvious that they would be stuck in ice therefore they had to wait their returnal. However in the middle of August 1906 Amundsen continued their journey and arrived at Nome.
  • Amundsen leaves to Antarctica (secretly)

    Amundsen had to change his plan about going to the North Pole when the Americans Frederick Cook and Robert Peary beat him to it. After this he decided to beat Robert F. Scott to the South Pole. He only informed this to his crew (since only a few members of the crew new his true itentions) once they were at Madeira. He also sent a telegraph to his competitor Scott that said: BEG TO INFORM YOU FRAM PROCEEDING ANTARCTIC--AMUNDSEN.
  • Amundsen arrives at the edge of the Ross Ice Shelf at Bay Of Whales

    Amundsen establishes his base camp here and names it Framheim. On this trip he uses the Inuit style of clothing and uses dogs and sleighs to move supplies around to create supply depots. Unlike Amundsen Scott used ponys that didn't work out for him.
  • Amundsen sets off to the North Pole

    Amundsen and Olav Bjaaland, Helmer Hanssen, Sverre Hassel, Oscar Wisting set off with 52 dogs and 4 sleges to the North Pole. Amundsen's plan was to kill the weakest dogs on the way and used them as a source of fresh meat (this provided them food and the needed C-vitamin as well as makimg the group smaller).
  • The Group of Five Arrive at the Pole

    Amundsen and the rest arrive at the pole with 16 dogs left. They arrived 33-34 days earlier than Scott and his men. Amundsen leaves a note and a small tent at the Pole to prove who was first incase they didn't make it back.
  • Back at Their Camp

    Amundsen returns to his camp with the crew and 11 dogs. Ultimately what made Amundsen's explorations a succes was careful planning included with appropriate equipment and a simple task since he did no scientific studies on his way.
  • Disappearance and Death

    Roald Amundsen was on a rescue mission in the Arctic in a plane. It is estimated that they crashed in the Barentis Sea in fog and died in the crash or shortly afterwards. None of the bodies were ever found.