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  • Ist Jan 1773,Captain James Cook

    Ist Jan 1773,Captain James Cook
    In 1772, James Cook was commissioned by the Royal Society to search for Terra Australis (southern land). He commanded HMS Resolution for his voyage. On 17th January 1773, Captain James Cook became one of the first to cross the Antarctic circle. James Cook continued to explore the Antarctic, reaching 71°10'S on 31 January 1774. Captain James Cook almost encountered the mainland of Antarctica, but turned back north towards Tahiti to resupply his ship. He never made it to the mainland again
  • Period: to

    the antarctic exploration - Gabby

  • Fabian von Bellingshausen

    Fabian von Bellingshausen
    Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen became the first person to spot the continent Antarctica.
  • James Weddell

    James Weddell
    James Weddell found the Weddell sea and named it Weddell sea after himself. James Weddell at the age of nine joined the British Navy but was discharged six months later. Next, he joined the crew of a ship moving coal, before, in 1805, joining a ship that traded in the West Indies. In 1810, Weddell was back in the navy and six months later was acting master of his first ship.
  • drawing by james weddell

    drawing by james weddell
    Drawing of Weddell Seal based upon a sketch by Weddell himself and publishing in his book A Voyage Towards the South Pole, Performed in the Years 1822-1824
  • James Ross (Britain)

    James Ross (Britain)
    James Clark Ross entered the Navy at 11 years of age. During his first years of work he was tutored and watched over by his uncle, Sir John Ross. In 1818 he joined his uncle on a terror voyage in search of the Northwest Passage. Between 1819 and 1827 he joined Edward Parry in four more expeditions to the Arctic. Between 1829 and 1833 Ross spent another four and one half years exploring the Arctic, achieving the rank of commander. On May 31, 1831, Ross located the position of the north magnetic p
  • Carsten Borchgrevink

    Carsten Borchgrevink
    Carsten Borchgrevink found lichen, the first sign of plant life.
  • Adrein de Gerlache

    Adrein de Gerlache
    Adrein and his crew became the fist people to survive in the antarctica winter
  • Robert Scott

    Robert Scott
    In 1901-1904 Scott began an expedition to the South Pole. Scott and his men got more further south than anyone before. When he got home to Britain, he was classified a national hero.
    The whaling ship Terra Nova left Cardiff Wales in June 1910 and the expedition set off with mechanical sledges, ponies and dogs. However the sledges and the ponies did not cope with the conditions and the expedition was a failure.
  • Douglas Mawson

    Douglas Mawson
    Sir Douglas Mawson joined Sir Ernest Shackleton on his Nimrod Expedition in 1907-09. While they were in Antarctica, they climbed Mount Erebus becoming the first party to successfully climb Mount Erebus.
    In 1911 Mawson set off again on his Australasian Antarctic Expedition. They landed at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay on 8 January 1912 and set up a Main Base. A second camp was located to the west on the ice shelf in Queen Mary Land. Cape Denison proved to be very windy. They built a hut (Maw
  • Amundesn vs. Scott!

    Amundesn vs. Scott!
    Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole. Amundsen disappeared on 18 June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission with Norwegian pilot Leif Dietrichson, French pilot René Guilbaud, and three more Frenchmen, looking for missing members of Nobile's crew, whose new airship Italia had crashed while returning from the North Pole. It is believed that the plane crashed in fog in the Barents Sea and that Amundsen was killed in the crash, or died shortly afterwards.
  • Ernsest Shackelton

    Ernsest Shackelton
    Shackleton's first expedition to Antarctica, was called the British National Antarctic Discovery Expedition(1901-1904). He went with Sir Robert Falcon Scott and Edward Wilson. They took a dog sled over the Ross Ice Shelf. When they were really close to the South Pole, they turned back and went home.
    On the British Antarctic Nimrod Expedition(1907-1909) was led by Shackleton. Shackleton and his crew sledged with in 156 km of the South Pole. On the expedition Shackleton claimed the Victoria
  • Richard Byrd

    Richard Byrd
    Richard flew over the south pole for the first time
  • John Torbert

    John Torbert (United States) and 6 others flew across Antarctica over the South Pole (Ross Island to Weddell Sea and returned without landing), 13 January.
  • Sir Edmund Hillary

    Sir Edmund Hillary
    Richard flew over the south pole for the first time
    Sir Edmund Hillary reached the South Pole by tractor on January 4th 1958. He also climbed Mt Everest and Mt Herschel. He was a beekeeper, mountain climber and an Antarctic explorer.He wrote books of all of his adventure like High Adventure (1955), The Crossing of Antarctica (1958; with Fuchs), and No Latitude for Error (1961) and Nothing Venture, Nothing Win (1975).
  • The antactic treaty

    The antactic treaty
    The Antarctic Treaty was signed by many nations.