the amazing race antarctica

  • amundsen charters FRAM

    amundsen charters FRAM
    amundsen charters FRAM pretending to go on North Pole expediton goes to South pole
  • Period: to

    amundsen vs scott

    race to south pole
  • scott announces expedition

    scott announces second antarctic expedition
  • scott sets sail

    scott setws sail with 19 siberian ponies, 33 huskies and 24 men.
  • Extra, Extra, read all about it! amundsen leaves oslo

    Extra, Extra, read all about it! amundsen leaves oslo
    amundsen leaves olso taking 19 men,97 huskies,hut in sections and provisions for two years
  • Fram docks at Spain

    Fram docked at Madeira in Spain and Amundsen sent a tlegram to Scott that he was going to the South pole instead.
  • scott leaves new zealand

    they left nz on the terra nova. after 3 days they were hit by a bad wind and almost crashed
  • Amundsen reaches antarctica!

    Amundsen and Crew reached Antarctica. He carefully chose the Bay of Whales (Ross Ice Shelf) to set up base camp and dock his ship, as it was blocked from the wind, and had a stable shoreline. It was also 100km closer to the pole than Scott's base camp, but it meant going over unknown territory. The team built the wooden hut they brought with them.which they named the 'Framheim' (home of the Fram)after their ship. During the 5 months of winter, fromj april to September, nine men carefully...
  • Amundsen reaches An6tarctica

    ...Three different depots so thet they would not have to carry extra supplies.
  • scott's hut is blocked by ice

    new winter quarters were built because scotts hut was blocked by ice. he set up depots in less than a week. amundsen took a year to do the same
  • amundsen goes to the south pole

    amundsen leaves framheim with 5 men and 52 dogs to go to the south pole they travelled the most direct route. they travelled 32 km each day.
  • scott goes for the south pole

  • amundsen reqaches their last supply depot

    t6hey reach their last supply depot 772 km from the pole
  • they create a new supply depot for the return journey

    they create a new supply depot for the return journey. they had 42 dogs left
  • amundsen climbs unexplored mountain glacier

    it took them 10 days to climb an unexplored mountain glacier. amundsen christened it mount maud
  • horses are shot

    the tired, starved and frozen horses were shot. the men had to pull their own sleds in deep snow. Some men were snow blind and some fell down crevasses.
  • the team reached the south pole

    the team reached the south pole but skiied in a 16 km radius of the south pole for 3 days to make sure of its position. only then did they plant the norwegian
  • scott chooses explorers

    Scott chose fellow explorers, Edward wilson, Lawrence Oates, Edgar Evans and Henry Bowers to accompany. The supplies had only been planned for a 4 man team.
  • Scott reach the South Pole

    the five exhausted and starving men reached the Southe Pole, only to find that Amundsen had beaten them by 33 days. Now they had to survive the journey back to base camp in bad weather.
  • amundsen returnded to the bay of whales healthy and excited

    amundsen returnded to the bay of whales healthy and excited
  • Evans dies

    A delirious Evans died.
  • they announce victory in hobart

    amundsen's team went to tasmainia to announce victory
  • Oates dies

    Oates limped ot of the tent in a raging blizzard, saying " i am going outside and may be sometime" he did not return.
  • 18 more kilometres

    The blizzard lasted 8 days and took the kives of the remaining men just 18kms from their last supply depot
  • Scott about to die

    Scotts second last diary entry read "Since the 21st we have a continuous gale WSW and SW. we have had fuel to make two cups of tea apiece and bre food for 2 days on the 20th. everyday we have been ready to start for our depot 11miles away but outside the door of the tent it remains a scene of whirling drift. i do not think we can hope for any better now. we shall stick it out to the end but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far. It seems a pity but i do not write more.
  • last entry

    Last entry. For gods sake look after our people . They were not discovered until the next summer when the search party dug out their almost buried camp. Among their possesions were 16kg of rock smaples