Antarctica Explorers

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    Antarctica timeline

  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook
    Cook and his crew never got to see antarctica but they were the first to cross the antarctic circle.Cook had brought many boats but they separated in the fog. The ships found each other in New Zealand. (Feb-May).
  • Captain James Cook

    Captain James Cook
    Cook ended up on some islands that were off the coast of a continet.Captain James Cook left New Zealand to go back to his home country England.Instead he landed in South America Cook spent the holiday their,what he called Christmas sound.
  • Fabian von Bellingshausen

    Fabian von Bellingshausen
    Bellingshausen was in charge of the Vostok and the Mirny when he went on his expedition in 1820. Sailing further south in January 1820, Bellingshausen sighted the coast of Antarctica, but did not realise the magnitude of his discovery. The expedition then made for Port Jackson Sydney, which Bellingshausen reached on 11 April 1820.
  • James Weddell

    James Weddell
    James Weddell’s ship was called “The Jane”. When Weddell went to Antarctica in 1823 he found a region of the Southern Ocean which is now called the Weddell Sea.
  • James Ross

    James Ross
    James ross Led an antarctic expedition from 1839 to 1843.He commanded the Erebus while his friend Francis Crozier commanded the Terror. Ross charted much of the coastline and in 1841 he discovered the Ross sea, the Victorian land of Antarctica, Mount erebus and Mount terror both are Volcano, Ross also discovered the Victoria Barrier, which was later renamed the Ross Ice Shelf.
  • Robert Scott

    Robert Scott
    Robert Scott lead his first British Antarctic exhibition on the ship HMS discovery. On this journey they sailed along the northern Ross Island to Mount Terror Scott named this new area King Edward the 6th Land. Scott went in a hot air balloon on February 4, 1902, making the first balloon flight on Antarctica.Scott and two crew members tried to cross the Ross Ice shelf on a sled pulled by 19 husky dogs November 1902 - January 1903. Scurvy made them very sick and they were forced to return home in
  • Ernest Shackleton

     Ernest Shackleton
    An Irish polar explorer who led 3 british expeditions to Antarctica. He was a main character in the Heroic Period. Before he led his own expedition,he went with Robert Falcon Scott he went home because of health issues.This only made him more determined to beat Scott to the South Pole.In January 1909 Ernest Skackleton and his 3 companouins reached far south than anyone before.Just 180km from the South Pole for this great achivement he was knighted by King Edward the 7th.
  • Robert Scott

    Robert Scott
    Robert Scott set out for antarctica for a second time on June 1, 1910 on the ship called the Terra Nova. He was racing another seeker of the pole Roald Amundsen to see who would be the first to get to the pole. They reached the Ross island on January 4,1911, and prepared for the sled trip to the pole, scott and his crew set off on dog sleds, ponies, and motorized vehicles on November 1, 1911.While they were still crossing the Beardmore Glacier (less than 200 miles from the pole), amundsen reache
  • Roald Amundsen

     Roald Amundsen
    They beat Captain Robert Falcon Scott's British expedition by over a month. Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the South Pole traveling by dog sled.They set up their camp on the Ross Ice Shelf .
    Roald Amundsen”s ship was called “the Fram” it was an unusual ship and was designed especially for polar travel.
  • Conrad Shinn

    When Conrad Shinn grew up he learnt how to fly a plane. Conrad Shinn and went to antarctica with other pilots as well as himself but he was controlling the plane when the landed on antarctica. He successfully landed about four miles away from the south pole.