SLED RACING TO THE SOUTH POLE by declan and riley

  • Period: to


  • Amudsen chartered the ship called fram

    Amudsen gets the ship to go to the north pole but secretly going to the south pole instead.
  • 2nd south pole expediton

    Scott announnces his second south pole expodition
  • rushed preparations

    scott rushes preparation then sails to nzto set off
  • Amudsen Departs

    Amudsen left oslo on the fram taking 19 men 97 husky a hut in sections and provisoins for 2 years.
  • Amudsen challenges Scott

    The fram docked in madeira in spain and sent a telegram to Scott saying that they were going to the south pole.

    They left NZ on the terra nova 3 days after they were hit by a feroucis gale and nealy sank the ship

    scotts old hut was blocked by ice so new winter quarters were build on cape evens and ross island
  • Amudsen reachs Antarctica

    Amudsen reachs Antarctica
    Amudsen Carefully chose the bay of whales to set up base camp and dock his ship as it was blocked from the wind and had a stable shoreline it was also 100 kilometers closer to the pole.
  • Amudsen sets off

    Amudsen team of 5 men and 52 doggies set of on their race to the south polethey travels the most direct route going over anything that got in their way.
  • Scott Sets off

    scott set of on his race to the south pole with 14 men on 2 motor sleds with 10 ponies and 2 dog sleds scott decided he rode on the motor sled and ponies untill he could go no further then walked the rest of the way. the motor sleds soon exploded and the ponies kept sinking through the snow and freezing.
  • nearly there!

    they reached their last supply depot 772 kilometers from the south pole.
  • new supply depot created

    they created a new supply depot for their return trip they had 42 dogs left to pull 4 sleds
  • unexpected bump

    it took them 10 days to climb a 3000m unexpolred moutain glacier Amudsen named it after his norwegian queen maud they took 18 dogs to go on with them and shot the rest.

    the tired starved and frozen horses were shot the men had to pull their own sled in deep snow some men were snowblind and fell down crevvesses

    The team reached the south pole it was a glorious moment for the men and norway they had 17 dogs and 3 sleds first they set up camp then over 3 days they skied in a 16 kilometre radius from the south pole point to make sure of the correct position only then did they plant the norwegian flag.
  • Scott choses squad

    scott chose 5 explorers and only had enough food for a 4 man team

    the 5 tired starved men finnaly reached the outh pole only to find that amudsens team beat him by 33 days but now the men had to go back
  • back on ship

    they returned to the bay of whales healthy and excieted
  • Evans goes carazy

    A delirious evans dies

    they arrived in Hobart Tasmania to announce their VICTORY
  • oats goes for a walk

    oats goes outside saying i maybe some time He Never Came Back
  • Scott dies but memory lives on

    Scott dies but memory lives on
    Scotts second last diary entry read since the 21st we have had a continous gale wsw and sw we have fuel to make 2 cups of tea and food for 2 days on the 20th every day we have been ready for the 11 mile walk to the next depot but outside there was always a wirling drift i do not think we can make it to the end
  • last words

    last words
    Scotts last diary entry read for gods sake look after our people