Race to the South Pole by Trevor and Takeshi

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    Race to the South Pole

  • Amundsen's Secret Plan

    Amundsen pretended to go to North Pole but setcretly planned to go to the South Pole instead.
  • Scott's anouncment

    Scott anounces his second South Pole expedition
  • Scott's Rushed preparation

    After the very rushed preparations of Scotts, he sailed with his crew from England to New zealand with motor sleges, Siberian ponies and huskies.
  • The careful preparations of Roald Amundsen.........

    Amundsen and his crew chose their supplies carefully and left Oslo on the Fram. The crew took 97 huskies and a hut in sections and provisions for 2 years.
  • Amundsen, the challenger.

    The Fram stopped at Madeira in Spain and Amundsen sent a telegram to Scott saying that they will go to the South Pole instead of the North Pole
  • Scott's catastrophe on the Terra Nova

    Scott left New Zealandon the Terra Nova. Three days out, they were hit by a ferocious the gale that lasted 36 hours and nearly sank the ship
  • The new winter quaters

    Scott's old hut on Ross Island has been blocked by ice which means that they have to build new headquaters, they buit their huts still at Ross Island but also Cape Evans.
  • The Headstart

    Amundsen and his crew reached Antarctica. He set up base camp and docked his ship. It was 100km closer to the pole than scott's base.
  • Closer to the South Pole

    Amundsen's team of 5 men and 52 dogs set off on their race to the South pole. They travelled to the most direct route.
  • The Start

    Scott and his Polar team left to their race to the South Pole with 2 motor sledges, 10 ponies and 2 motor sleds. He decided to use th ponies and motor sleds until they break or die
  • The Last Depot Reached

    Amundsen 's team finally reached their last dopot, they only had 772 km left from the South Pole.
  • The New Supply Depot

    Amundsen created a new supply depot for their return journey so they could succesfully survive.
  • The Name of the Mountain

    Amunden and his crew climbed an unexplored mountain glacier (which they then named it after the Norwegian Quenn, Maud) under the great weather.
  • Unfortunate Event

    The frozen horses were shot. The men had to pull the sledges. Some of the men were snow blinded and fell into a crevasse.
  • The Pride of the Norways

    Amunsen and his crew reached the South Pole. They skied for 3 days in a 16 km radius from the South Pole to make sure it was really South Pole. They then planted the Norwegian flag.
  • The chosen ones

    Scott chose Edward Wilson, Lawrence Oates, Edgar Evans and Henry Bowers to help him. The supplies hadonly been planned for a 4 man team.
  • The fustrating momment

    The five and men starving men reached the South Pole, only to find that Roald Amundsen has beaten them.
  • Returned.....

    Amunden returned to the Bay of Wales.
  • The death

    A delirious Evans died
  • The suicide

    Oates limped out of the tent and said' I'm going outside and may be sometime.'