Antarctica explores

  • captain cook

    captain cook
    Captain cook second voyage began on July 13, 1772 he circumnavigated Antarctica he was bound to find the fable continent on the way the offical discovery of antarctica.
  • czar Alexander

    czar Alexander
    After the death of James cook in 1779 nations realized the little success in their search for the southern continent in 1819 czar Alexander 1 of Russia authorized an expedition to the south polar region and thus the search was renewed.
  • William Smith and edward branfeild

    William Smith and edward branfeild
    One of the first sightings of Antarctica occurred on Jan 30 1820 when William Smith a sealer and Edward Bransfield the royal navy sailed through Bransfield and saw Antarctic peninsula.
  • Captain John Davis

    Captain John Davis
    Captain John Davis, part of an American group of explorers, landed on the continent at Hughes Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula. Much of the early exploration was directed at finding good hunting grounds for seals.
  • explorers come to antarctica

    explorers come to antarctica
    Beginning in 1820-1890 there were several expeditions by British, French, American, and Russian explorers that trying to find the southern continent.
  • Roald Amundsen

    Roald Amundsen
    In this time many countries sent exploring expeditions to the Antarctic. The Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen was the first to reach the Antarctica on Dec. 14, 1911 hoping to get to the cold continent.
  • falcon robert scott

    falcon robert scott
    He British National Antarctic Expedition, later known as the Discovery Expedition, was a joint enterprise of the RGS and the Royal Society. A long-cherished dream of Markham's, it required all of his skills and cunning to bring the expedition to fruition, under naval command and largely staffed by naval personnel. Scott may not have been Markham's first choice as leader but, having decided on him, the older man's support remained constant.
  • Ernest H. Shackleton

    Ernest H. Shackleton
    Ernest Shackleton He and his crew survived being shipwrecked in the sea ice around Antarctica and finally were rescued after a harrowing voyage in a small open boat across 1,300 kilometres of some of the most treacherous ocean on the planet.
  • Douglas mawson

    Douglas mawson
    Sir Douglas Mawson then exploerd the antarcticawas born on 5 may 1882 and died on 14 October 1958 aged 76 when Douglas Mawson went to Antarctica his focus was not for wealth or fame, but to advance objective scientific research of Antarctica.
  • Antarcitica gets explored

    Antarcitica gets explored
    British, French, American, and Russian explorers, but starting around 1840 there was little work done in the Antarctic for more than 50 years. That changed in the 1890s when Norwegian and Scottish expeditions explored the area for whaling.
  • warships sent to antarctica

    warships sent to antarctica
    warships were used to breack through the ice.
  • more information in antarctica

    more information in antarctica
    Explorers from many countries visited Antarctica in the early to mid-20th century. It was focused on important event was the focus on Antarctic exploration and scientific studies accomplished during the International Geophysical Year in 1957.
  • antartic treaty anouced

    antartic treaty anouced
    In 1961 those scientific efforts led to the establishment of the Antarctic Treaty, which has been signed by 44 countries. This treaty, passed into law in 1961, calls for Antarctica to be used for peaceful purposes only. It also promotes international scientific cooperation in Antarctica.