The Life Of Anne Frank

  • Anne Frank's Dad

    Anne Frank's Dad
    Otto Frank was the father of Anne Frank. He was Anne's closest relative; they loved eachother very much, especially since Margot and Anne's mother, Eddith, were very close. Anne's father was also the one to find the diary, edit it, and fight to publish it for her story to be told.
  • Anne Frank's Mother

    Anne Frank's Mother
    Edith Frank was the mother of Anne Frank. At first they were not very close, because they were different in many ways. But Edith did love her daughter. When Anne and her sister were at Auschwitz for two months, Anne's mother gave them her bread. She tried to keep alive, and gave them advice.
  • Anne Frank's Sister

    Anne Frank's Sister
    Margot Frank was the sister of Anne Frank. They were close, because Anne and Margot were the only children in the Frank family. Margot helped her sister with a lot of things, and stayed with her through everthing. Margot and Anne were with eachother in the concentration camps, and were with eachother until the day they died.
  • The Birth Of Anne Frank

    The Birth Of Anne Frank
    Annelies Marie Frank was born on June 12th, 1929, into a Jewish family. Her mother was Edith Frank and her father was Otto Frank. Anne had one older sister named Margot, and no younger siblings. She was born into a wealthy middle class family in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • Adolf Hitler Takes control

    Adolf Hitler Takes control
    Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born German politician. He was also a soldier in WWI and was the leader of the NSDAP, or Nazi party. Hitler believed the Jews were the reason for the imperfectness of Germany. He became chancellor on January 30, 1933, and fought to get rid of all Jews.
  • Start Of WWII

    WWII doesn't have one official date, but it started in Europe on September 1, 1939. WWII started globally ln June 22, 1941. The fight was over what Germany was doing, many people did not believe in it. The U.S.A did not join until 1944.
  • Stayed In Hiding For 2 Years

    Anne Frank first had to go into hiding at age 12. She had no friends, no exercise, and no privacy. She and her housemates could not work go outside, but they managed to stay like that for 2 years with out giving up hope. Many families eventually got found. The Franks and their housemates could have stayed longer, but the were betrayed.
  • Anne Frank's best friend

    In all of Anne's diary entries she wrote to her best friend. She was an imaginary friend named kitty, and Anne told her everything from stories her housemates, to personal things about herself. Anne loved her very much. But Anne did not create her until later diary entries, and had many names before she was created.
  • Going To The Concentration Camp

    Going To The Concentration Camp
    On August 4th, 1944, Anne Frank was arrested. She was with 7 other Jews including her mother, father, and sister. They were on the last transport to Auschwitz. That was the largest concentration camp, but Anne was only there for two months. Since they were not fed very much, Anne's mother gave Anne and her sister her bread while they were in the scabbies block. The place was very crowded and lice, bed bugs, and diseases were wide spread.
  • The Death Of Anne Frank

    In 1945 Anne Frank died at just 15 years old. She was in the camp of Bergen Belsen, which was liberated 3 weeks after her death. She died shortly after her sister, Margot. Anne died of a wide spread disease at the camp, called typhus.
  • End Of WWII

    End Of WWII
    WWII officially ended on September 2, 1945. Germany had already surrendered a few months earlier and Japan was all that was left.The Soviets attacked Japan's main army and the U.S. dropped nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagaski. After that, the Japan leaders and the U.S. army leaders met and surrendered.
  • Anne Becomes A Best- Seller

    Anne Becomes A Best- Seller
    During the two years Anne was in hiding, she kept a diary.This diary was found shortly after Anne was arrested and published in 1947. The diary told her story of what it was like to be under Nazi rule. Anne's diary has now been translated in 55 different languages and is in 55 countries. She has become a best-seller and has sold 20 million copies.