The Kite Runner/Afghanistan Events (Timeline)

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  • Afghanistan Wins Independence

    Afghanistan Wins Independence
    During World War I, the British loss a battle and "Afghanistan becomes an independent nation." Amir Amanullah Khan starts an intense campaign to catch the old world country up to the new world.
  • Baba is Born

    Amir wouldn't exist without Baba. In 1933, "Baba was born" (24). This event is important because without Baba Amir wouldn't exist meaning non of the events that took place throughout the book would have happened. Baba also being born is the true start of his life which includes his rocky relationship with Amir.
  • USA to Afghanistan

    The US "formally recognizes Afghanistan".
  • Withdrawal

    Due to Britain withdrawing from Afghanistan, "The nation of Pakistan (now has) a long, largely uncontrollable, border with Afghanistan".
  • Hassan's Birth

    Hassan's Birth
    In the winter of 1964 "Hassan's mother, Sanaubar, gave brith to him" (6). This event is important because if Hassan hadn't been born non of the drama in the alley would have happened. Hassan is a huge character in the book so him being born is just about the biggest event.
  • Hassan Gets Rapped

    Hassan gets rapped by Assef. While in the alley "Assef (kneels) behind Hassan, put(s) his hands own Hassan's hips and lift(s) his bare buttocks" (75). Amir doesn't do anything about it. This event occurs right after Amir wins the kite flying contest. This event also is what leads to most everything else in the book to happen. If this event didn't happen a lot of the things in the book probably wouldn't have happened.
  • The Last Kite

    The Last Kite
    In the winter of 1975 Hassan and Amir fly there last kite. This was also the race that Amir wins. After the race he says "We won! We won! (66)" This event is important because it is when Amir finally proves to Baba he is worthy of his affection but it is also the event that takes place right before Hassan gets rapped. It is the calm before the storm.
  • For you a Thousand Times Over

    After the kite race Hassan goes to find the kite. While he is running he stops and says to Amir "For you a thousand times over". This is important because Amir will never ever forget these words. They are the words that motivate him towards the end of the book.
  • New Laws

    New Laws
    Between 1975-1977 "Khan proposes a new constitution that grants women rights and works to modernize the largely communist state. He also cracks down on opponents, forcing many suspected of not supporting Khan out of the government."
  • Amir and Baba move to the US

    Amir and Baba leave Afghanistan and move to America in search of a better life in the 1980s. Baba "loved the idea of America. It was living in America..." (125)
  • Afghans Leave Due to War

    Afghans Leave Due to War
    In 1982 " 2.8 million Afghans have fled from the war to Pakistan, and another 1.5 million have fled to Iran". At the same time Soviet troops can control of urban areas around Afghanistan.
  • Baba Gets into a Fight

    When Amir and Baba arrive in America Baba goes to a local gas station to pick up essentials when he has the time. When he goes he gets into an argument with the store manager and almost gets the cops called on him. Does he think I'm a thief? What kinda of country. is this? No one trust anybody" (128)! This is an important event in the book because it contributes to the major power shift with Amir and Baba because it leads Baba to rely more on Amir.
  • Amir Graduates

    Amir Graduates
    In the spring of 1983 Amir does what his father didn't think he was going to do, "graduated from high school at the age of twenty." This is extremely important for Amir because it opens the doors to many opportunities in life and it strengthens the relationship between Amir and Baba.
  • Trouble in the City

    Trouble in the City
    A troubling man appears to be traveling to Afghanistan in 1984. His name is bin Laden. "He claims to have traveled to Afghanistan immediately after the Soviet invasion" but he may have made "his first documented trip to Afghanistan to aid anti-Soviet fighters".
  • New Times

    New Times
    In 1989, "the U.S., Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Soviet Union sign peace accords in Geneva guaranteeing Afghan independence and the withdrawal of 100,000 Soviet troops. Following Soviet withdrawal, the Mujahadeen continue their resistance against the Soviet-backed regime of communist president Dr. Mohammad Najibullah, who had been elected president of the puppet Soviet state in 1986." This is one of the first times the four countries sign peace agreements.
  • Unable to Have Kids

    Unable to Have Kids
    Soraya and Amir want to have children. But after "a year passed and nothing happened" (184) they realize children just isn't an option for them. This leads them to the decision that they might adopt some day or at least that is an option. This event is foreshadowing them adopting Hassan's son in the later future.
  • Drought Devastation

    Drought Devastation
    Due to an ongoing drought in Afghanistan it makes farmers land unusable. This leads " more than 1 million Afghans flee to neighboring Pakistan, where they languish in squalid refugee camps".
  • Attack on Terrorist

    President Bill Clinton is worried about terrorist bin Laden so he "orders cruise missile attacks against bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan".
  • Terrorist In Afghanistan

    Terrorist In Afghanistan
    A terrorist in Afghanistan has the US worried. The terrorist's name is "bin Laden is widely believed to be hiding in Afghanistan, where he is cultivating thousands of followers in terrorist training camps. The United States demands that bin Laden be extradited to stand trial for the embassy bombings".
  • Reflection Day

    Amir is reflecting on the book in the year of 2001. At this point all of the events that have happened in the book are now over and Amir is now reflecting on his past experiences. On page one he says "I became what I am today...Looking back now, I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the last twenty-six years" (1).