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Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • 1933, Baba's birth

    1933, Baba's birth
    The year that Zahir Shah, who reigned over Afghanistan for 40 years began his rule, was "1933, the year Baba was born..." (Hosseini 24). Baba's birth occuring on the same day as the start of a powerful ruler's reign is a metaphor for Baba's leader-like qualities towards Amir and Hassan. Baba lives his whole life as a humble man who does his best to help others, he is looked up to by the people around him, just as a leader should be.
  • Amir is born

    Amir is born
    A year before Hassan's birth, Amir was born in 1963. Amir was left motherless after "[his] mother hemorrhaged to death during childbirth..." (Hosseini 6). Amir's birth marked the end of Baba's role as a husband, and the start of his new role as a father. Baba lost one loved one, and gained another.
  • Winter of 1964, Hassan is born

    Winter of 1964, Hassan is born
    Only a year after Amir's birth, "...Hassan was born in the winter of 1964..."(Hosseini 6). Hassan was immediatly born into poverty because of his race, and his illegitamacy, however, that doesnt stop Baba from giving him the best childhood he can provide. Hassan knows what hard work and equality feels like, although he may never experience equality such as that of Baba again.
  • Amir makes up his first story

    Amir makes up his first story
    Amir always reads stories to Hassan, however, one day he dicides to make one up instead. After finishing 'reading' the story, Hassan applauded and said, "that was the best story you've read me in a long time!" (Hosseini 30). The support that Hassan and Rahim give Amir after hearing his stories inspire him to continue his passion for storytelling in the form of wrighting. Amir will consequentialy develop his writing into a skill that he will use for the rest of his life.
  • Hassan is raped

    Hassan is raped
    Throughout his childhood, Amir justifies the fact that he fled when he saw Hassan getting raped by telling himself that "Hassan was the price I had to pay... to win Baba" (Hosseini 77). The rape of Hassan is an event that will effect both of them for the rest of their lives. The guillt that Amir feels for leaving Hassan at the time that he needed him most is what leads Amir, later on in the book, to go find Sohrab to attone for his behavior.
  • Hassan and Ali leave (part 1)

    Hassan and Ali leave (part 1)
    After Amir decided that the only way he could put an end to his guilt was to send Hassan away for good, he planted stolen gifts in Hassan's room. When Baba confronts Hassan about it, Amir sees what he has done when he sees Hassan and his father "hand in hand, and [he] wondered how and when [he] became capable of causing this kind of pain." (Hosseini 105). When Amir sees the tears in his best friend, and brother's eys, he really sees a mirror. Amir reflects on all that he has done to Hassan, ...
  • Hassan and Ali leave (part 2)

    ... and this may be the turning point in Amir's life where he finally decides that this is not the type of person that he wants to become.
  • The Soviet Union Invades Afghanistan

    The Soviet Union Invades Afghanistan
    The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was invaded by "the Soviet Union... it is the scene of what has bacome the cantral military" (1). The Americal military tries to help the weak and corrupt government.
  • Amir and Baba adjust to their new american life

    Amir and Baba adjust to their new american life
    While Amir can quickly conform to life in America, Baba is having trouble with adjusting. America was a fresh start for both of them, for Amir, "America was a place to bury [his] memories. For Baba, a place to mourn his." What Amir means by this, is that now they can both move on from the issues in their home town that bothered them so much. Baba can forget about the loss of his wife and childhood friend/ servant, while Amir can surpress his feelings of guilt.
  • Amir graduates high school at the age of 20

    Amir graduates high school at the age of 20
    In the summer of 1983, Amir "graduated from high school at the age of twenty..." Amir was by far the oldest to graduate, but that didn't stop him from celebrating with Baba (Hosseini 131). Amir's graduation is a big step foreward in his life, Baba is extremely proud of him, and Amir is almost ready to begin a new chapter in his life. Baba has always looked at Amir as a child, but now he can, instead, recognize him as an adult.
  • Amir meets Soraya

    Amir meets Soraya
    After Amir meets Soraya, he falls in love; that night he lies awake thinking about her and "[his] heart stuttered at the thought of her" (Hosseini 142). Amir has never been with a girl, or even had feelings for any girls as far as the author displays, so when Amir falls for Soraya, it is a new exoerience for him. Soraya now has someone who cares for her in her life outside of her strict family, even though she thought she could never find another man.
  • Soviet Airforce Rendered Useless

    Soviet Airforce Rendered Useless
    The Soviets lost the upper hand in the war by "...advanced Stinger aircraft missels supplied by the United States to the rebels."(2). The rebels used the missels to render the Soviet airforce useless.
  • Amir and Soraya get married (part 2)

    ... a woman to look after him.
  • Amir and Soraya get married (part1)

    Amir and Soraya get married (part1)
    Amir's wedding day was a happy day for him and Soraya, and their parents as well. Baba is dying and alone, and he is proud of Amir for getting a girl (finally), he describes the wedding day as "the happiest day of [his] life..." (Hosseini 166). Amir and Soraya's wedding not only effected their own lives, but their families as well. Baba got to throw one last party to make himself feel 'at home' once more. Baba can finally move on in peace knowing that Amir will be happy and have ...
  • Baba dies

    Baba dies
    A month after the wedding, Baba dies of his cancer when he goes to bed and "[he] never woke up", Baba died peacefully in his sleep after refusing to treat his cancer (Hosseini 173). Baba's death was peacefull both in essence, and in spirit. Baba died in his sleep, but he also died feeling content about what he is leaving behind him. He has done his job as a father, and he waited just long enough to see his son to get married. Now all Baba needs is to join Sofia Akrami.
  • Soviet Troops Leave

    Soviet Troops Leave
    As a result of peace talks moderated by the UN, "...the last soviet troops left Afghanistan... in what was in effect as a unilateral withdrawl." (2). When the troops left, the country was in disarray, and was a beacon to Islamic extremists.
  • Power Divided Anarchically

    Power Divided Anarchically
    After the Soviet forces receeded, "...competing warlords and indevidual fiefdoms..." competed for power(2). The power was anarchically divided, but soon only one group would rule.
  • The Taliban Forms

    The Taliban Forms
    The Taliban was a loosley organised political party that was first founded by students, and was meant to "...restore the centrality of Islam to daily life..." (2). This movement was mostly represented by Mullah Omar.
  • Pakistan Provides Mullah Omar with Military Support

    Pakistan Provides Mullah Omar with Military Support
    In the East, Pakistan's government "...began funneling arms, money and supplies to Mullah Omar's men..."(3). In addition to this military support, Pakistani military advisors helped guide them in battle as well.
  • The Taliban Takes Over Afganistan

    The Taliban Takes Over Afganistan
    Because of all this military assistence from the Pakistani Government, the Taliban took over Afghanistan "...imposing strict enforcement of fundamentalist islamic law..." (3). They forced women out of schools.
  • Hassan dies

    Hassan dies
    When Amir finally decides to go to Afghanistan, he descovers that his childhood friend and recepient to his bullying, Hassan is dead. When Hassan was protesting the Talibs, they "order him to kneel" and "shot him in the back of the head" (Hosseini 219). Hassan dies while standing up for what he believes in, and protectig his loved ones. This is a fitting death for Hassan because it fits his character's bravery and loyalty aspects.
  • Amir meets with Assef

    Amir meets with Assef
    Amir meets with Assef to try and get Sohrab back, but ends up having to fight Assef for him first. During the fight, Amir feels happy and content "for the first time... I felt at peace" (Hosseini 289). Amir feels at peace for the first time since Hassan got raped because he is finally attoning for his sins. When Amir was younger and he tried to get Hassan to throw fruits at him, he felt the same way, now he can finally get what he feels he deserves for what he has done in the past.
  • Sohrab attempts suicide

    Sohrab attempts suicide
    Amir is traumatized after finding Sohrab bleeding to death in the bathtub after an attempted suicide, with "his eyes still half open, but light-less" (Hosseini 348). Sohrab attempts suicide because his life has raeched the bottom of his rollarcoaster of dispair. At the time, Sohrab feels that he is alone, and thinks that Amir is going to send him back into the foster care system. Sohrab is so desperate to find a way out of his cruel life, that he tries taking his own.
  • World Trade Center Attack

    World Trade Center Attack
    This event is when the United Stated first became militarily involved in Afghanistan. After the attacks on the world trade center, we led an invasion that "...succeeded in dislodging Al Qaeda and removing the Taliban from power.."(1)
  • Sohrab smiles for the first time in America (part 1)

    Sohrab smiles for the first time in America (part 1)
    After his attempted suicide, Sohrab hasn't smiled at all in America, but in the winter of 2002, he finally smiles, which excites Amir because "When spring comes it melts one snowflake at a time...", and Amir believes that this smile is the first snowflake (Hosseini 371). Sohrab's smile at the end of the story is symbollic to the end of each character's suffering, and ties together the whole book into the remaining character's resolution. Sohrab gets a loving family, Soraya gets the child ...
  • Sohrab smiles for the first time in America (part 2)

    ... that she could otherwise never conceive, and Amir gets to attone for his sins by mending his damaged relationship with Hassan through his child, Sohrab.
  • Karazai's New Government

    Karazai's New Government
    Hamid Karazai was the corrupt leader who replaced the Taliban once they fled. He took ofice claiming he "hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan.. and win... much-needed international aid."(3).
  • Period: to

    Corupt General McChrystal

    General McChrystal was appointed in 2008 as head of central command in 2008. However, "In June 2010, President Obama removed Gen, McChrystal" after he publicly opposed the president's leadership.