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Kite Runner & The History of Afghanistan

  • Winter of 1975

    Winter of 1975
    The winter of 1975 has caused a snowball affect in the novel, The KIte Runner. During this season, Amir "saw Hassan run a kite for the last time"(55), for Hassan was raped by Assef after acquiring the kite. While Hassan was being raped, Amir did not do anything to save or help Hassan. The guilt crreated by this event in the Winter of 1975 influenced Amir's future actions to atone for his sins.
  • Amir's 13th Birthday

    Amir's 13th Birthday
    In the Summer of 1976, Amir turned 13. This birthday revelead the deep selfish and jelous feelings inside Amir. After recieving a watch from Baba, Amir saw oppurtnity to frame Hassan by "plant[ing] [his] new watch and a handful of Afghani bills under..."(104) Hassan's matress. Framing Hassan caused Ali, his father to end Hassan's faulty emotional state by choosing to leave Baba and Amir. This event is important, for it caused Baba and Amir to see them for the last time.
  • Soviet Union Invasion

  • Period: to

    Life in California

    New life and new cultures in Fremont, California was a sacrifice Baba was willing to make for Amir. In Baba's mind "he loved the idea of America. It was living in America that gave him an unlcer"(125). Moving from here Baba had a lot of power and social status in Kabul to a place in California where he was working in a gas station was a big change for Baba. This new life revealed a different side of Baba, a side where he was vunreable and weak. This infuenced a closer relationship with Amir.
  • Fleeing to America

    Fleeing to America
    In March 1981, Baba and Amir leave Kabul on a journey to America. This kickstarted their new life in a new cultural place. The journey to America was long and laborious, for Amir and Baba traveled "suitcases between [their] legs, cramped with these strangers in tarpaulin-covered cab of an old Russian truck"(110). In Baba mind, he was fleeing from the fact that his servants left him and he had no control in the situation, and for his son to have a fruitful education and future life.
  • High School Graduation

    High School Graduation
    The summer of 1983 was a milestone in 20 year old Amir's life, for he graduated from high school, and demonstrated that he has accomplsihed education and has adapted in America. In addition, Baba an "...old model Ford, long, and wide, a dark color i couldn't discern in the moonlight"(133). This car symbolizes the acceptance and pride Baba has for what Amir has accomplished in his life.
  • Summer of 1984

    Summer of 1984
    This summer was the time Baba and Amir further apart but closer at the same time. Every saturday, Baba and Amir travel to garage sales, buying a range of knick knacks and then "drove to the San Jose flea market....rented a spot and sold the junk for small profit"(137). Going around garage sales and selling them was a time where Baba and Amir grew closer by bonding through this hobby. In addition, the flea market was where Amir meet his future wife.
  • Finding Hassan

    Finding Hassan
    In 1986, Rahim Khan "went to Hazarajat to find Hassan..."(203) and to find companiship to fill his lonelines in Kabul. In addition, Hassan lived in Amir's old home with his wife and Rahim Khan to care for Rahim Khan. For the reason Rahim Khan found Hassan, he was able to build a close reltionship with Hassan and to fill what Hassan has lost from the death of his father and seperation with Baba and Amir.
  • Summer of 1988

    Summer of 1988
    The summer of 1988 was where Amir followed his passion of writing and finished his "first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul"(182). This book represesnted the legacy Amir created for himself and how he is following his passion of writing even if traditonally it is not accepted to go on the path of literature for a career. Going towards being a writer demonstrated how Amir is staying true to what he wants to do as a living that will keep him happy.
  • Soviet Troop leave Afghanistan

  • The Birth of Sohrab

    The Birth of Sohrab
    During the Winter of 1990, Hassan's first and only healthy son, Sohrab was born. This birth was a key event that created a way fro Amir to atone for what he has done to Hassan. Sohrab grew to be a " sweet as sugar, and had the dame temperament as... [Baba}" (211). Sohrab is a repersentation of Hassan, therefore, after the death of Hassan, Sohrab was the only existing connection to Hassan Amir could obtain.
  • Breaking The News

    Breaking The News
    Now Amir is married to a pictue perfect wife, Soraya, the last element to complete their life is a kid. However, "Soraya broke the new to her parents" that she is unable to convieve a baby in March, 1991. This piece of information is very traumatic in Soraya's life becasue traditionally in Afghan culture is it only accepted to have a child by blood. For the reason they are unable to have a baby creates a void between Amir and Soraya, for it is a missing piece to their relationship.
  • Power is divided among competing warlords and groups

  • Mullah Omar gathered over 12,000 new followerr, invading new areas

  • Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan

  • Osama Bin Laden is transported by Taliban for Al Qaeda

  • Death of Hassan

    Death of Hassan
    Six months before Amir visits visits Rahim Khan in Peshwar, Hassan is murdered by the Taliban in Kabul. His existence would of been the small hope and fear left in Amir to atone for what he has caused in Hassan. While living in Kabul, "[a] pair of Talib officals...shot him in the back of the head"(218,219). The end of Hassan's death impacts Amir's future's actions to help his own damanged will caused by the past and to create closure for Hassan's death through his son, Sohrab.
  • Sohrab is Taken

    Sohrab is Taken
    After finding the orphanage Sohrab was supposedly in, Amir find out that Sohbra was taken by the Taliban. This creates more perseverance in Amir to ensure Sohrab is safe, for he is the closest thing to Hassan that Amir can hold on to. To get Sohrab, Amir need to "[g]o to Ghazi Stadium [and find the] one wearing black sunglesses"(257). This man is the leader of the Taliban that is the only oppurtinunity Amir has to obtain Sohrab.
  • Traveling back to Pakistan

    Traveling back to Pakistan
    After hearing his close family friend, Rahim Khan is deathly ill, Amir deciedes to travel back to Pakistan to create clsoure in his realtioship with Rahim Khan and his childhood. The reunion had been long awaited for 20 years, thus created a lot of things to catch up about "Baba, his job, the flea market, and how, at rhe end, he'd died happy"(198). This reunion was a time for Amir to confront his past and realizing what he has done that needs to be atoned.
  • Learning The Truth

    Learning The Truth
    The visit to see Rahim Khan impacts Amir's future deeply, for Amir learns information that will aid his broken past. During their converstion, Rahim Khan asks for Amir "to go to Kabul...[and] bring Sohrab..."(220) to Peshawar. For the hesitation from Amir, Rahim Khan adds that Hassan is Amir's half brother. This essential piece of information causes a shift in Amir's mind, for he cannot leave family behind and he is able to atone for what he was done by finding Sohrab and bringing him to safety.
  • Finally Home

    Finally Home
    In August 2001, Amir arrives in America with Sohrab, thus a step closer in creating closure and atoenment for what he has done in the Winter of 1975. Arriving home with Sohrab was the missing piece that completed Amir and Soraya. Seeing for him the first time, "she knelt to eye level with Sohrab. [Soraya] took his hand and smiled at him"(358). The happiness and hope Sohrab creates a new beggining in Amir and Soraya's relationship. Amir is given a second chance to do good with a symbol of Hassan.
  • Taliban attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, USA

  • Period: to

    Hamid Karazi becomes the leader of Afghanistan

  • General Petraeis has taken charge of UNited STates Central Command

  • Obama announces his plan to deploy 30,000 more troops to Afshanistan

  • Obama removes Gen. McChrystal after comments on senior administration officials

  • USA removes Taliban from Iraq