Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • The king shah is away

    Amir, Ali, and Hassan feel "the earth [shaking] a little and hear the rat-a-tat-tat of a gun fire" (Hosseini 35). In other words, the government sent gunshot in the middle of the night to show inform the public that king shah is gone. This moment scared the public, sybolizing the governments power over their citizens. This forshadows the governments power throughout the book.
  • Baba got Hassan his birthday gift

    The winter of 1974, Baba got Hassan an oppointment with a plastic surgen to fix Hassans lip. Hassan was disappointed with the outcome. That winter "was the last winter that Hassan smil[ed]" (Hosseini 47). Hassan reaction impacted Hassan and Amirs relationship.
  • The last time Hassan ran a kite

    Amir saw "Hassan run a kite for the last time" in the winter of 1975 (Hosseini 55). In other words, this was the last time Amir was not going to feel guilt about him watching Hassan being raped. The winter of 1975 was the closest Hassan and Amir will ever be.
  • Amir turned his back on Hassan

    Amir jepordozed his and Hassan's relationship when he watched Hassan become raped. Amir "stopped watching, turned away from the alley [and] ran" (Hosseni 77). This is the moment that Amir regrets the most. It was the moment that Amir did not return the loyalty that Hassan presented him. From this point on Amir try's to atone the sins taken against Hassan.
  • Amir turned 13 and him and Baba were gettign along well

    Things between Amir and Baba "were cooling off" the summer of 1976 (Hosseini 93). That summer Baba and Amirs relationship was at the best it would ever be. This was until Amir asked if they could get new servants. This resulted in Amir and Babas relationship going back to the way it was; silent.
  • The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul

    The Soviet union came to Kabul, Afghan "to assist, Babrak Karmal, the president" (New York Times 2).
  • Period: to

    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • The Olympics and being boycotted

    The president of the United states, Jimmy Carter, "announced [the US] would be boycotting the Olympic games in Moscow" (Hosseini 126). In other words, the US not hosting the Olympics affect them in a postive way because it symbolizes their boycotting. However, it affects all the other countries in a negative way because they don't recieve the entertainment they usually do every 4 years.
  • Baba bought a Volkswagen bus

    Baba bought "a dilapidated '71 Volkswagen bus for $550" (Hosseini 137). In other words, Baba bought a bus that gave him and Amir transportation. This resulted in Amir and Baba going to the flea market every Saturday to make a profit off garage sale items.
  • Amir graduated from high school

    Amir "graduat[ing] from high school" only pushed him to continue his education through college. Amirs education alllowed his career as a writer to thrive. Amir created money to support him and his wife.
  • The Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan and Amir finished his first novel

    In the summer of 1988, Amir "finished [his] first novel" (Hosseini). This means that Amir is making the most prgress he has made his whole career. This impacts not only his career but his finance as well. Amir can now support him and his wife.
  • The last troops left Afghanistan

    This was "after peace talks moderated by the United Nations, [that] the last Societ troops left Afghanistan in February 1989" (The New York Times 2).
  • Sohrab was born

    In the winter of 1990 "it was Sanaubar who delivered Hassans son, [Sohrab]" (Hosseini 211). In other words, Hassans wife gave birth to a piece of Hassan, Sohrab. Sohrab will continue Hassan values and beliefs. Sohrab is used as a way for Amir to atone for the sins he did against Hassan and fight the battles Hassan never finished.
  • The Soviet forces departed

    Since the Soviet forces departed, "[p]ower was anarchically divided amoung competing warlords and individual fiefdoms" (The New York Times 2).
  • Mullah Omar was rolling up the warlords to the north and east.

    As Mullah Omar travel to the north and east, he "had nearly 12,000 followers" (The New York Times 2).
  • Pakistani intelligence officers began supplying Mullah Omar's men

    The officers in Pakistani "funneled arms, money, supplies, [and] military advisers to help guide them in battle" (The New York Times 3).
  • Taliban took over Afghanistan government

    Amir and Hassan celebebrated when "the Taliban rolled in and put an end to day fighting" (Hosseini 213). The Talibam overthrowing the current Afafghanistsn government allowed peace to spread through the country. It stopped the fighting of an corrupt government by replacing it with a stable one, affecting the average lives of an Afghanistan citizen in a postive way.
  • The Talibans banned kite running in Afghanistan

    Amir and Hassans childhood dream stopped when "the Taliban banned kite fighting" (Hosseini 213). In other words, Amir and Hassans dream would not continue for the generations after. This action will majorly impact the culture and traditions in Afghanistan.
  • Taliban had taken control of Afghanistan

    Tabliban took over Afghanistan "imposing strict enforcement" (The New York Times 3).
  • Taliban attacked the World Trade Center in New York

    George W. Bush demanded that the Talibans "hand over Mr.bin Laden" (The New York Times 3).
  • Amir and Sohrab come to America

    When Amir and Sohrab landed "Soraya picked [them] up at the airport" (Hosseini 357). This was the first interaction the three would have as a family. This action taken by Hassan was also his first step towards atoning for Hassan.
  • Hamid Karzai was named chairman of an interim government

    Hamid Karzai was "a supporter and relatiev of Mohammed Zahir shah" (New York Times 3).
  • Amir ran Sohrabs first kite

    When Amir ran Sohrabs first kite he quoted Hassan. Amir told Sohrab "for you a thousand times over" (Hosseini 317). This quote sybolizes loyalty. Hassan said it to Amir to express his loyalty for Amir. Now Amir is telling it to Sohrab to shows his loyalty for Sohrab and Hassan.
  • Hamid Karzai hopes to secure peace for Afghanistan

    Hamid Karazai says, "he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much-needed international aid" (The New York Times 3).
  • Hamid Karzai was elected to a five-year term as president.

    He was a very popular president, "a White Houses favorite" (The New York Times 3).
  • Mr.Obama announced his plan to send more troops to Afghanistan

    In Obamas speech, he states he is sending "30,000 additional troops" (The New York Times 3) to Afghanistan.