Kite runner

Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba is Born

    Because Ali's parents were killed, "Ali and Baba grew up together as childhood playmates... (Hosseini 25)," in which Baba was "architect of the mischief [and Ali was] the poor laborer[.](Hosseini 25)" Hassan and Amir play together, similar to how Baba and Ali played together in their childhood. Similar to Baba's plans of trouble, Amir crafted and told Hassan to do things, like Ali did. This draws the similarities between the childhood of Baba and Ali to Amir and Hassan.
  • Ali's Hazara Parents are Killed

    Ali was taken in by Baba's father because "...two...young men from a wealthy and reputable family in Kabul, got behind the wheel...[h]igh on hashish and mast on French wine...[and] struck and killed [Ali's] Hazara husband and wife... (Hosseini 24)" The event showed the intersection of Ali and Baba's lives, where they became forces of influence in each other's lives or decisions. The quote showed the influence of fathers, as Baba's father the character of fairness, passed on to Amir by Baba.
  • Amir is Born

    When he was born, Amir's first words were "...'Baba' (Hosseini 11)" The first word of Amir symbolizes Amir's adoration of his father throughout his life. The word 'Baba' revealed the basis of his actions against Hassan, in 1975, where he chose the affection of Baba over the safety and wellbeing of Hassan.
  • Hassan is Born

    While Amir's first word was 'Baba,' Hassan's first word was 'Amir.' Additionally, when Amir is pushed around by neighborhood boys "...[Hassan] steps in and fends [Amir's bullies] off. (Hosseini 22)" The symbolism of 'Amir' as Hassan's first word is the undying loyalty of Hassan to Amir. Furthermore, besides loyalty, Hassan is shown to have courage and bravery. Regardless of the greater consequences due to his socioeconomic status of being Hazara, he stood up for Amir.
  • Amir Writes his First Short Story

    Hassan pointed out a Plot Hole in his story, that brought his darker thoughts; It targeted Hassan in him being a 'illiterate Hazara...[that will] never be anything but a cook. (Hosseini 34)" In Amir's thought, it is shown that he thinks of himself more highly than Hassan because of his education, socioeconomic status, and future opportunities. Because of the defense mechanism, it is also shown that the reason he thought rudely is because he was threatened by Hassan, hence the 'blame game.'
  • Encounter with Assef

    When Hassan stands up for Amir, targeting Assef's left eye, Assef backs off, but maintains that it "'...doesn't end today, [and that] [s]omeday, [he'll] make [Amir] face me one on one.(Hosseini 42, 43)'" The event was major foreshadowing and a reveal of Assef's true character. Assef keeps to his word, as proven by his actions of targeting both Hassan and Amir. Furthermore, Assef is driven by revenge and power over his targets, as shown by his vow to regain power over both Hassan and Amir.
  • Amir Wins Kite Flying Competition

    When he won the kite fighting competition, he saw Baba on the roof, proud,"And that was the single greatest moment of [his] twelve years of life, (Hosseini 66)" Out of all his twelve years, the fact that the moment of Baba, proud, was greater than any other moment reveals the true intensity of his adoration of Baba. Throughout the twelve years, his main goal was to make Baba proud, which shows his twisted reasoning to do things, not for himself, but for Baba.
  • Hassan is Raped

    Because he wanted to get Baba's admiration and to not get hurt, "[Amir] ran...[with his reasoning being that] Hassan was the price [he] had to win Baba...[so] [he] pretended [he] hadn't heard the crack in [Hassan's] voice...[or[ the dark stain in the seat of his pants...(Hosseini 77,78)" Although Amir looked up to Baba, Amir didn't do any of the empathetic and brave actions he had seen Baba do. Amir misused or mistook the purpose of a role model, which is to serve as a guiding example.
  • Period: to

    Soviet Invasion

    The Soviet Invasion of when the Soviet Troops first parachuted into Kabul and after they left resulted in more than 9 years of conflict. The war led to "...15,000 lives and undisclosed billions of rubles... [but ended after] peace talks moderated by the United Nations. (NYT 2)" Additionally, they left a war- devastated country and "...a beacon to Islamic Extremists from across the globe who had come to assist in the fighting... (NYT 2)"
  • Baba and Amir Leave Kabul

    In the car, on the way to escaping Afghanistan, Baba risked his life to save a woman who was to be raped. Later on, when they found out that they had no way to the next stop, "...[Baba] almost choked a man to death, would have done cheerfully if not for the pleas of that same woman. (Hosseini 118)" Although it may seem as if Baba was being a hypocrite, he wasn't. He, again, stood up and went against the indecency of lying to a car full of passengers, with no way back.
  • Amir Graduates High School

    When he graduates high school, at age 20, Baba said"'I am moftakhir, Amir'...Proud. His eyes gleamed when he said that... (Hosseini 131)" At this age, Amir is more mature and less focused on the admiration and attention of Baba. Even without intentionally trying, Amir was able to achieve his childhood dream, which is Baba being proud of him.
  • Baba Has a Convulsion; Secret is Exposed

    After Baba has a convulsion in the Afghan market,"[t]he next morning, the waiting room down the hall was jammed with Afghans...[who] filed in and paid their respects in hushed tones. (Hosseini 159)" No matter where he is, Baba values a good reputation. When diagnosed with cancer, he instructed Amir to keep the secret because of his reputation. In this case, his good reputation or good deeds have given him a many connections and acquantainces.
  • Baba Asks for Hand of General Taheri's Daughter (For Marraige of Amir and Soraya)

    After Baba made the appointment to ask General Taheri for the hand of his daughter, at the request of Amir, "[he] hung up. [They] looked at each other. [Amir] burst into giggles. Baba joined in. (Hosseini 162)" Back in Kabul, when Amir was young, Baba never giggled. In fact, he chastised Amir for giggling. The giggle represents the change of their relationship from then to now and Baba's acceptance of Amir.
  • Ceremony of "Giving Word"

    For Amir and Soraya's wedding, "Baba spent $35, 000, nearly the balance of his life savings. (Hosseini 169)" In a way, this is Baba's last gift to Amir. Throughout his life, he sacrificed may things for Amir. He left his honorable reputation or respect and wealth for the dirty work of a gas station manager and the education of Amir. Throughout Amir's life, Baba always tried to help Amir grow up. In a way, this is his last sacrifice and last gift to Amir.
  • Saunabar Comes Back

    Saunabar comes back to Baba's house to see Hassan, her child, Instead of yelling at her,"[h]e took Sanaubar's hand in both of his and told her she could cry if she wanted to but she needn't, she was home now, he said, home with her family.(Hosseini 210)" Throughout the book, Hassan remains a character who is understanding and forgiving, as shown in the quote. He is the character who puts himself in other people's shoes, not so quick to judge.
  • Sohrab is Born

    When Sohrab was born,"[h]e became the center of her existence. She sewed clothes for him, built toy for him from scraps of wood, rags, and dried grass. When he caught a fever, she stayed up all night, and fasted for three days. (Hosseini 211)" A big theme in the book is atonement. With Sohrab, Sanaubar was trying to atone for her lack of prescence as Hassan grew older by doing things for Sohrab that she should have done with Hassan.
  • Pakistani Aid

    Pakistani Aid
    With the help of Pakistan, the Taliban was able to take control of Afghanistan. Pakistan, east of the Taliban, "...funnel[led] arms, money and well as military advisers... (NYT 3)"
  • Power Divided

    Power Divided
    After the Soviet Union left, warlords fought for power in Afghanistan. Afghanistan was divided "...anarchically...among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms. (NYT 2)"
  • Saunabar Dies

    After Sohrab was four, Sanaubar died "...look[ing] calm, at peace, like she did not mind dying now.(Hosseini 211)" Sanuabar's whole life was a whirlwind, as she was married off, had an illegitamate child, a bad reputation, and joined a traveling group of dancers. As she settled down with her wife and grandson, surrounded by family, she probably was satisfied, mind at peace, ready to pass.
  • Period: to

    Taliban Control

    The Taliban's leader started the group by gathering a small group of men and attacking warlords, who raped and shaved the head of a girl. Pakistan offered the Taliban "arms, money, supplies...[and] military advisers... [so that] by 1996 [they] had taken control of Afghanistan, imposing strict enforcement of fundamentalist Islamic law, banning movies and music...forcing women out of schools and...burqa clothing.(NYT 3)" After 9/11, the US removed the Taliban from power and removed Al Qaeda.
  • Haven for Al Qaeda

    Haven for Al Qaeda
    The Taliban gave haven to bin Laden and Al Qaeda. On May 1996, "...bin Laden...arrived by chartered jet at Jalalabad Airport... (NYT 3)"
  • Al Qaeda Attack

    Al Qaeda Attack
    Also known as 9/11. Two planes smashed into the Twin Towers or the World Traden Center, in New York., resulting in "[t]he United States...militarily involved in Afghanistan...after the Sept. 11 attacks by Al Qaeda. (NYT 1)"
  • Hamid Karzai Named Chairman

    Hamid Karzai Named Chairman
    Hamid Karzai was a supporter and relative of the exiled, former king of Afghanistan. On December 2001, Karzai was "...named chairman of an interim government that replaced defeated Taliban, making him leader of the country. (NYT 3)"
  • Sohrab Smiles

    While kite flying, Amir catches a glimpse of "a smile [from Sohrab], nothing more...It didn't make anything all right....But I'll take it. With open arms. Because when spring comes, it melts the snow one flake at a time, and maybe I just witnessed the first flake melting. (Hosseini 371)" With this line, Amir is emphasizing that one little smile may not be that much, but that there is hope, Readers are left with the thought that things might get better.
  • Karzai is President

    Karzai is President
    After becoming interim president in June 2002, "Mr.Karzai was elected to a five-year term as president. (NYT 3)"
  • General Petraeus Takes Charge

    General Petraeus Takes Charge
    Iraq commander, General Petraeus, got credit for being the 'architect' of the 2007 'successful surge.' On October 2008, he was given "...charge of United States Central Command... (NYT 3)"
  • Vow Broken to Bring American Forces Home

    Vow Broken to Bring American Forces Home
    On December 1, 2009, Obama vowed to start bringing American troops home. At West Point, he "..vowed to start bringing American forces home from Afghanistan in the middle of 2011. (NYT 4)"