Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Amir is born

    In the novel, the narrator, Amir, revelas that, "Hassan was born in the winter of 1964, one year before [him]" (6). Throughout the novel there is numerous flashbacks, so is essential to know when Amir was born in order to have knowledge of his age in different scenes. This year will help us have a better understanding of Amirs actions in dfferent points of his life.
  • Period: to

    Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Assef rapes Hassan

    After cornering Hassan and demading the blue kite frm him,'Assef knelt behing Hassan put his hands on Hassans hips and lifted his bare buttocks" (75) This powerful scene changes Hassan's as well as Amir's perspective of life.
  • Ali and hassan discontinue working as servents for Baba

    The father-son duo decide to leave because "life [there is] impossible to [them] now" (106) By now, Ali is referring to the post-rape time period of Hassn's life and Amir's treatment towards him in this difficult time. their leaving will subtract the companionship from Amir's to Baba's lives.
  • Invasion of Aghanistan by the Soviet Union

    The soviet union's invasion of Afghanistan "in 1979" has led to a "military struggle" for country ("Afghanistan-An Overview")
  • The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul

  • First Soviet Troops parachute into Kabal

    Soviet troops enter Afghanistan with the hopes to "assist Babrak Karmal" ("Afghanistan-An Overview"). the president at the time.
  • Amir and Baba leave Kabul for America

    Amir reveles to us that the duo "left the house where [he] lived his entire llife" (112) By leaving Kabul bcasue of the Soviet Union, Amir and Baba are leaving thigs that are well-known and familiar to themfor a foreign life abroad. The event sets away for the rest of th plot, as the setting willnow chnage to America.
  • Soviet Air Force was rendered largely useless

    It was that exact day or month
  • Raim Khan goes to Hazarajat to find Hassan

    Rahim Kahn searches for Hassan becaue "[he was loinely[,] barely knew anyone in Kabul[, and needed to] fix things that needed fixing." (Hosseini 203) By finding Hssan, he aso uncovers Hassan's past, which Rahim Khan eventually reveals to Amir.
  • Amir marries Soraya

    After asking Baba to request for Soraya's hand in marriage fo amir, baba reveals, " the geneal accepted" the request (163) From this point in the nove, Amir and soraya become lofelong companions, adding both love and friendship to their lives.
  • Baba dies

    After going to sleep one night, the narrorator reveals that "Baba neve woke up" (173) Baba's death sets way for a new stage in amir's life, one in which he will need indpendence and courage to live life without his beloved father.
  • Soviet troop sleft Afghanistan

    Not exact day
  • Last Soviet troops to leave afghanistan

    Soviet troops leave the country 'after peace talks moderated by the United Nations" (Afghanistan- An Overview"). Leaving the country devasted.
  • Sanaubar finds Hassan

    Rahim Khan discoveres a "toothless women with stringy fraying hiar sores on her arms" when Sanuabar reveales herself at Baba's hoouse (209). The last time Hasan has been wit his mother was at birth, so thu reunion was significant to Hassan's life.
  • Shorab is born

    Hassan's son is born when "Sanaubar delievers [him' that inter of 1990" (211). Sohrab's birth is significant to Rahim Khan as well as his parents, as he symbolizes hoe and happiness for the trio in this difficult time for afghanistan.
  • Pakistani intelligence officers began funneling arms, money and supplies to Mullah Omar's men

    Not exact day or month
  • Afghanistan descended into vicious internecine strife

    Not exact day or month
  • Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers

    Not exact day, or month
  • Taliban took control of Afghanistan

    Not exact day, or month
  • George Bush gave the Taliban an ultimatum to han over Mr. Bin Laden.

    A little bit after 9/11
  • Hassan and Farzana are killed

    Hassan was "shot in the back of the head" by the Taliban officials after being accused of ying baout living with rahim Khan, while Farzana was killed after attacking the Taliban wither her anger (219). this scence leaves Sohrab as an orpha, causing his life to take a turn for the worse.
  • Story concludes

    This story ends with Amir reveaibg to the reaser that Sohra gave a "smile, nothing more" after flying a kite with him ( 371). this small sentence reveals hope for Sohrab's future, as it foreshadows hum being able to speak and become more emotionally stbale in his futre.
  • Mr. Karazi took office as interim president.

    Not exact day listed
  • Hamid Kazari elected president of Afghanistan

    after being "named chariman of an interm goverment that replaced and defeated the Taliban" ("Afghanistan-An Overview"). Kazari becimes a leader in the country with hopes to obtain national peace and international aid.
  • Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops