Kite Runner & The History of Afganistan

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    Kite Runner & The History of Afganistan

  • Hassan is born

    Just one year after Amir, "Hassan is born in the winter of 1964"(Hosseini 6). This is also the year Sanaubar leaves Ali. This is an important because Hassan changes Amirs whole life. This also affects Baba and alis relationship.
  • Baba Opens his Orphanage

    Amir reflects that "in the late 1980's, when [he] was six or seven, Baba decided to build and orphanage"(Hosseini 13) he also adds that it took "three years to build the orphanage"(Hosseini 13). This gets Baba wealthy, and gives Amir superiority over Hassan. This also can be seen as atonement from Baba to Ali for getting Sanaubar pregnant and no being a father to Hassan.
  • King is removed

    As said in "The Kite runner", "Kabul awoke the next morning to find that the monarchy was a thing of the past"(Hosseini 36).This event begins many large changes in afganistan. This will eventualy lead to an invasion.
  • Hassan's Surgery

    Baba tells Hasan his presant is to be given to him by a man named"Dr. Kumar[who] is a plastic surgeon" (hosseini 45).This is an impotant event because it shows how baba loves Hassan. Baba clearly doesnt want Hassan to be teased for his lip, so he fixes it.
  • Hassans Last Kite Run and Rape

    in the winter of 1975, after winning the kite tournament, Amir wants the winning kite and Hassan replies "for you a thousand times over"(Hosseni). This moment shows Hassans dedication to Amir. Hassan allows himself to ge raped by Asseff without struggling because he wants to save the kite for Amir.This also shows Amir's selfishness, because he didnt stand up for Hassan.
  • Hassan Leaves

    After Ami's Birthday, Amir blames hassan for stealing, and when asked about it, Hassan said he did it. However Baba tried to stop it, Ali said " we are leaving Agha sahib"(Hosseini 106). This event shows how much Baba cares for Hassan, because he forgave him for Babas most hated mistake, stealing. Also this shows the cowardness of Amir and his Jealousy. He couldnt stand Hassan being loved by Baba, so he lets him leave without fessing up. This is also an additional example of Hassans devotion.
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    Russian Control

  • Soviet Invasion

    "The first Soviet troops parachuted into Kabul on December 27,1979" to help the president from a coup they led earlier(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Baba and Amir leave for America

    Because Baba and Amir are leaving for America, they have to endure a ride to "Jalalabad, about 170 kilometers soultheast of Kabul"(Hosseini 111). This is an important event in the guys' lives. They are leaving there homeland to a foriegn place which shows courage.
  • Living in Freemont

    After a while of settleing, it is clear "Baba loved the idea of America"(Hosseini 125). Baba is stuggling in a new land where he is no longer respected and holds no power. However, he never gives up, which shows heis determination and his pride.
  • Amir Graduates

    In the summer of 1983, Amir "graduates from high schiool at the age of twenty"(Hosseini 131). This event is a milestone in Amir's life. He highly values knowlage, and this will allow him to become an author.
  • Amir Meets Soraya

    Amir meets Soraya, his "Swap Meet Princess"(Hosseini 142) at a flea market in the summer of 1984. he soon falls in love with her and eventually they marry. This is an interesting moment because you see a shyness in Amir that is not usually presant.
  • Baba Gets Cancer

    Baba and Amir find out that Baba has cancer, but "even cancer wouldnt keep Baba from the flea market"(Hosseni 157) this and baba's medicine refusal show Baba's determination. This part also allows us to see also how much Amir cares for Baba.
  • Amir and Sorya Get Married

    Amir and Aoraya quickley fall in love and they get married."Baba spent 35,00 dollars on the awroussi[wedding cerimony]" (Hosseini 169)which showed how much Baba loved Amir.This also showed Babas pride in being respectable by spending his life savings on a party.
  • Baba Dies

    One month after the wedding, Baba went to sleep and "Baba never woke up"(Hosseini 175).Baba's death opened up a lot of doors for Amir. He no longer had to live up to Baba's standards, or try to impress him.
  • Soviets leave

    According to the NYT article"afganistan-an Overview", after over 9 years in the country," the last solviet troops left Afganistan in February 1989".
  • Mullah Omar

    Mullah Omar was a pashtun man who gained"12,000 followers and was rolling up the warlords to the north nand east"(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Taliban

    in 1996, the Taliban "had control of Afganistan,imposing strict enforcement of fundemental islamic law"(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Bin Laden and Al Qaeda

    Afganistan became a home to "Bin Laden,who arrived by chartered jet at Jalalabad airport in May 1996, and Al Qaeda "(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • A call from Kabul

    Amir finds out he has to go to Pakistan because "Rahim Khan is very sick"(Hosseini 191).This event is important because it saves Sohrab.This shows that Amir has some regrets and determination, because he flies to a potentially dangerous country.
  • Amir and Sohrab return

    Amir says "We arrived home about seven months ago, on a warm day in August 2001"(Hosseini 357). This event proves that Amir is determined because he suceeded in returing Sohrab to America. This also shows how much he loved Hassan, although he wouldnt admit it before.
  • World Trade Center

    on this day, the trade center was attacked and " President george W Bush gave the Taliban an ultimatum to hand over Bin Laden"(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Hamid Karzai

    In this month, "Hamid Kazai ... was named chairman of an interim goverment"(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Amir and Sohrab Fly a Kite

    in an attempt to get Sohrab to comunicate, Amir tells him "[his] father was te best kite runner in Wazir Akbar Khan[.] Maybe all of Kabul" (Hosseini 367) This event shows that Amir wont give up hopping that Sohrab will come to trust him. Soraya had long since giving up on trying to get him to talk, but Amir stuck with it.
  • General Petaeus

    This iraq comander was given "charge of United States Central Command"(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • Speech

    On this Day, "Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" because he wanted to bring soldiers home(Afganistan-an Overview).
  • The End?

    the United states said that we will" have troops in [Afganistan] untill at least the end of 2014"(Afganistan-an Overview).