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Kite Runner English 1 AS Quotation Timeline 2019-20

  • Hassan gets raped

    When Assef corners Hassan in the Alley way, Amir has a clear chance to intervene; "I opened my mouth, almost said something. Almost" he narrates "The rest of my life might have turned out differently if I had. But I didn't. I just watched. Paralyzed" (Hosseini 70). Amir stands and watches his friend who he's known since birth, get raped. Had this been the other way around, Hassan would have stood up to Assef in a heartbeat and Amir knew that. He was just too stuck in societies influence to act.
  • Amir Wins the Kite Flying Tournament

    When Amir won the kite tournament he was ecstatic, he "was throwing [his] free arm around Hassan and hopping up and down, both of [them] laughing... 'You won, Amir agha! You won!'" (Hosseini 66). Amir won the kite tournament and in his mind, finally won his father's approval. From Amir's perspective this was his last chance to win his dad's approval; so he stopped at nothing to meet his goal.
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    Kite Runner English 1 AS Quotation Timeline 2019-20

  • Hassan and Ali Leave Baba's house

    Baba forgives Hassan after the stealing incident, even though he was framed by Amir, "Life here is impossible for us now, Agha sahib. We're leaving.'Ali drew Hassan to him, curled his arm around his son's shoulder. It was a protective gesture and I knew whom Ali was protecting him from."(Hosseini 106). Ali knew the truth at this point, he wasn't protecting Hassan from the situation, he was protecting him from Amir, someone he now knew to be a selfish liar.
  • Soviet Union Invasion

    In "1979 [the]... Soviet Union" (New York Times) invaded Afghanistan, going against the Soviet-Afghan friendship treaty, established in 1978.
  • Kamal dies and his dad commits suicide

    After the travelers arrive in Peshawar and exited the fuel tank someone in the group was "screaming. No, not screaming. Wailing... Kamal's father was sitting...rocking back and forth, kissing his sons ashen face" (Hosseini 124). Kamal had died from the fumes inside the tank. His father lunged for Karim's gun and shot himself. Kamal was his dad's only tether, through all the sadness he let go. This shows the intensity of the trip to Peshawar.
  • Baba and Amir forced to sneak out of Afghanistan due to soviet soldiers

    On the truck to Peshawar, Amir reflects on his old life. "No grim-faced Russian soldiers patrolling the sidewalks" he wishes "no tanks rolling up and down the streets of my city, their turrets swiveling like accusing fingers, no rubble, no curfews..." (Hosseini 113). Everything familiar is gone, they're forced to leave and know that if they ever come back all that will be left is terror. It feels like abandonment, their home, their lives; yet it's their only choice.
  • Amir Graduates from High School at 20

    After the graduation Baba says "'I am Moftakhir, Amir,'... Proud. [Baba's] eyes gleamed when he said that and [He] liked being on the receiving end of that look" Now in America, this meant less to Amir than it would had when he was a kid in Afghanistan. It touched him, but due to the power shift America had brought on, he didn't dwell, he just accepted it and moved on. This shows growth in Amir's person and may even foreshadow the letting go he's soon to face with Baba's death. (Hosseini 131).
  • Amir Meets Soraya at the Flea Market

    When Amir meets one of Baba's friends, the general, he introduces his daughter "'Soraya jan,"(Hosseini 141). When Amir immediately takes a liking to her, one can infer their future relationship. This is a key plot point because Soraya becomes a huge part of the book as well as Sohrab's life once he's introduced.
  • Soraya and Amir get married

    When Baba goes to ask the general if Amir can have Soraya's hand in marriage he responds with "We are honored to welcome the son of a man such as yourself to the family...Amir jan, as for you, I welcome you to my home, as the husband of my daughter" (Hosseini 168). This is one of Baba's final important moments in the book, after this he slowly fades away with the progression of his cancer. It adds a sense of closure for Baba and Amir, as he finally did something Baba had always dreamed for him.
  • Baba Passes Away

    Soraya was preparing to come back with Baba's morphine but he insisted "there [was] no pain [that night]...Baba never woke up." (Hosseini 173) It wasn't that there was no physical pain, he was just at peace with himself and Amir. This meant he could pass away knowing he helped Amir grow into not just the son he always wanted, but the son he knew was better than any of his selfish fantasies. His helped Amir grow emotionally, like a final gift from Baba.
  • Amir and Soraya realize she can't have kids

    Amir believes this was due to karma relating to his wrongdoings "someone, somewhere, had decided to deny [him] fatherhood for the things [he] had done. Maybe this was [Amir's] punishment, and perhaps justly so" (Hosseini 188). He still feels so much guilt about Hassan that he is willing to give up adopting kids. This foreshadows Hassan's influence in their parental status'; later indirectly giving them the chance to become parents through Sohrab.
  • Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

    "after peace talks moderated by the United Nations, the last Soviet troops left Afghanistan" (New York Times).
  • Pakistan Prepares for Battle

    In 1994 "Pakistani intelligence officers began funneling arms, money and supplies to Mullah Omar's men, as well as military advisers to help guide them in battle." (New York Times)
  • Taliban seizes control

    in 1996 the Taliban, an "extremist Islamic group...seized control." (New York Times)
  • Hassan Dies

    After the Taliban took over, they were able to impose many strict rules, all with their soul purpose being violent. One day the Taliban came into Baba's old house and tried to kick out Hassan's family. When Hassan refused they "shot him in the back of the head" when his wife ran to him they "shot her too" (Hosseini 218). His duty to Amir's family carried until his death. He died protecting the house he grew up in, though it was never his. He died for Amir and Baba and their off-chance return.
  • Amir's first novel is published

    Amir gets an agent and a month later "[He] called and informed [him] he was going to be a published novelist" (Hosseini 183). His book was a "Father-son story set in Kabul" (Hosseini 182). This shows how Baba provides influence in every aspect of Amir's life, even through death Amir honors him with his first novel; something he's dreamed of since he was young.
  • Amir reunites with Rahim Khan

    Amir travels to Pakistan to meet up with the terminally ill Rahim Khan. Rahim reveals everything to Amir, from Baba's wrongdoings to his familial relation to Hassan. "[He] just found out his whole life is one big fucking lie" (Hosseini 223). The classist ways he had known since he was little were shattered, everything he thought he knew was wrong. This is a very hard moment for Amir, yet it drives him forward in his quest for Sohrab.
  • Sohrab attempts suicide

    Amir tells Sohrab that he might have to stay in an orphanage for a awhile thus breaking his promise. He then walks into the bathroom to tell Sohrab some good news about the adoption only to find him bleeding out. "Suddenly [Amir] was on [his] knees, Screaming through [his] clenched teeth" (Hosseini 343). Amir lost Sohrabs trust and now needs to gain it back. To Amir this feels like it could've been a loss of Hassan all over again.
  • 9/11 attacks

    The 9/11 "attack on the World Trade Center [happened] in New York on Sept 11, 2001" by the group Al Qaeda (New York Times).
  • Hamid Karzai is named chairman of new government structure

    After the fall of the Taliban "Hamid Karzai, a supporter and relative of Mohammad Zahir Shah... was named chairman of an interim government that replaced the defeated Taliban, making him the leader of the country." (New York Times)
  • Hamid Karzai becomes president of Afghanistan

    "[Hamid Karzai] took office as interim president in June 2002, saying he hoped to secure peace for Afghanistan and win the country much-needed international aid."
  • Sohrab Smiles While Flying Kites

    While Amir is flying a kite on New Years, Sohrab came to join him. After cutting one of the kite's line's "[Amir] looked down at Sohrab. One corner of this mouth had curled up just so. A smile." (Hosseini 370) One of Amir's most fond connections to Hassan had been the thing that made Sohrab smile when he hadn't in over a year. This was a building block and a path to a rich relationship between Sohrab and Amir.
  • General Petraeus takes charge of US Central Command

    "General Petraeus, the Iraq commander... had taken charge of United States Central Command" granting him responsibility of military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • McChrystal removed from General position

    Barack Obama accepts McChrystal's Resignation in light of being notified "contemptuous quotes from the general and his staff about senior administration officials [were to appear] in an article in Rolling Stone magazine." (New York Times).
  • Afghan War Documents Leak

    "A six-year archive of classified military documents, released by Wikileaks, painted a bleak, ground-level view of the [Taliban-based] conflict. They amounted to a daily diary of an American-led force often starved for resources and attention as it struggled against an insurgency that grew larger, better coordinated and more deadly each year." (New York Times).