Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

  • Photo of Amir's grandfather and King Nadir Shah taken

    (year) When describing his living room at his father's house, he mentions, "an old, grainy photo of my grandfather and King hadir Shah taken in 1931, two years before the king's assassination,"(Hosseini, 5)
  • Hassan's mom left their family

    Amir recaps that, '[n]one of [his family and friends] had seen Sanubar since she had eloped with a band of singers and dancers in 1964, just after she had given birth to Hassan,"(Hosseini, 210).
  • Hassan was born

    When describing a shack in the back of the house, Amir mentions that "in that little shack, that Hassan was born in the winter of 1964, just one year after [his] mother died giving birth to [Amir]," (Hosseini, 6).
  • Hassan and Amir run in kite competition

    "In the winter of 1975, [Amir] saw Hassan run a kite for the last time," (Hosseini, 55) when they joined a kite competition that they had won.
  • Amir turns 13

    "[Amir] turned thirteen [the] summer of 1976, Afghanistan's next to last summer of peace and anonymity,"(Hosseini, 93).
  • Period: to

    Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

  • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

    (actual date)
  • Baba and Amir go to local store in Fremont, California

    Amir talks about how ,"[o]ne Sunday in the spring of 1983, [he] walked into a small bookstore that sold used aperbacks, next to [an] Indian movie theater just west of where Amtrack crossed fremont Boulevard," (Hosseini, 127) adn told Baba i=to go to the store and there, Baba got in trouble for the man asking for his I.D in order for him to buy the oranges he wanted.
  • Amir graduates high school

    Amir, in, "that summer of 1983,..graduated from high school at the age of twenty, by far the oldest senior tossing his mortarboard on the football field that day."(Hosseini, 131).
  • Amir goes to Hazarajat

    Amir tells reader that, "[t]here were a lot of reasons why [he] went to Hazarajat to find hassan in 1986. The biggest one...was that [he] was lonely [because by] then, most of his friends and relatives had either been killed or had escaped the country to Pakistan or Iram," (Hosseini, 203)
  • Amir finishes his first novel

    It was, "[i]n the summer of 1988, about six months before the soviets withdrew from Afghanistan, [that Amir] finished his first novel, a father-son story set in Kabul,written mostly with the typewriter the general had given [him],"(Hosseini, 182).
  • The last Soviet troops leave Afghanistan

    (Feb. 1989)
  • United States attack Soviet Air Force

    (year) 'After 1989, the Soviet Air Force was rendered largely useless by advanced Stinger antiaircraft missiles supplied by the United States to the rebels." ("The Soviet Invasion and After")
  • Hassan's wife had given birth to a second baby

    Amir states that "[i]n early 1990, Farzana became pregnant again."(Hosseini, 209).
  • Power of Afghanistan was divided

    (year) "by the smmer of 1994, power was anarchically divided among competing warlords and individual fiefdoms." (The Soviet Invasion and After")
  • Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers to attack warlords to the north and east

    (year) Once he had enough supporters, "he created a genuinely popular movement in a country weary of corruption and brutality." ("The Taliba Takeover")
  • Shorawi were defeated

    Amir states that," by...1995- the Shorawi were defated and long gone and Kabul belonged to Mosoud, Rabani, and the Mujahedin,"(Hosseini, 212).
  • Taliban bans kite flying

    In 1996, "Taliban banned kite fighting. And two year later, in 1998, they massacred the Hazaras in Mazar-i-Sharif,"(Hosseini, 213).
  • Amir tells his wife he has to go to Pakistan

    Amir tells Soraya that, "'[he has] to go to Pakistan,'" because,"'Rahim Khan is very sick,'"(Hosseini, 191).
  • Hassan comes home

    "[Sohrab and Amir] arrived home about seven months ago, on a warm day in August 2001."(Hosseini, 357).
  • 9/11 Invasion

    9/11 Invasion
    Although 9/11 was a horrible disaster, this "invasion succeede in disloging Al Qaeda and removing the Taliban from power, but not [completely destroying] either group." ("Afghanistan- An Overview")
  • Hamid Karazi becomes chairman of the Afghan government

    (year) After 9/11, "Harmid Karazi, a supporter and realtive of Mohammad Zahir Shah, the exiled former king of Afghanistan, was named chairman of an interim government that replaced the defeated Taliban, making him the leader of the country." ("The Karazi Government")
  • Amir takes Sohrab kite running

    It was, "on a cool rainy day in March 2002, a small, wonderous thing happened."(Hosseini, 363). It was on that day that Amir took Sohra to go kite flying, shwoing hi waht him and Hassan used to do as kids.
  • Karazi was elected to a five-year term as president

  • Obama puts Gen. David H. Petraeus in charge of the American forces in Afghanistan

    (year) As a result, the American foperations "stepped up enormously, initally in the Taliban's strongholds in the south." (Afghanistan-An Overview")
  • Obama delivers speech at West Point

    (actual date) "In a speech delivered Dec. 1, 2009, at West Point, Mr. Obama announced his plan to deploy 30,000 additional troops" ("Obama's War")