Kite Runner and the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba builds orphanage

    When Baba succeeds in desgining and building his orphanage, everyone "shook their heads in awes at his triumphant ways" (13). This quote sets up Baba's character for later in the story. It also builds respect for him, not only from the people in the community but from Amir, and from the reader themselves.
  • Baba Speculatates on Amir

    Amir listens in on a conversation between Rahim and Baba, and Baba talks about Amir, saying, "A boy who wont stand up for himself is a man who won't stand up for anything" (22). This shows how Baba has a low opinion of Amir, and makes Amir want his aproval all the more. It also is forshadowing to when Amir doesn't help Hassan in Chapter 7.
  • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan

    Soviet Union invades Afghanistan
  • Ali shows affection for Hassan

    When the Soviet Union invades, "Ali was crying, [and] Ali pulled him close, clutched him with tenderness. I would later tell myself I hadn't felt envious of Hassan. Not one bit" (35). Here, Ali shows his affection for Hassan. Amir is envious of this. He wishes that his father would show the same for him. This leads him to be even more desperate for his father's love.
  • Period: to

    Soviet Invasion

  • Assef rapes Hassan

    As Assef rapes Hassan, Amir recalls that, "In the end, I ran" (77). Amir is not confident in himself, and controlled by fear, he leaves his friend. His want for his father's love also motivates him to let them rape Hassan, and get the kite later.
  • Amir tries to atone for letting Hassan get raped

    As a way of atoning for his actions. Amir tries to goad Hassan into attacking him. Instead of throwing the pomegranate at Amir like Amir has to Hassan, "Hassan opened [the pomegranate] and crushed it against his own forehead" (93). Amir now knows for sure that Hassan saw Amir in his inaction. Hassan makes Amir feel much worse because of his infallible goodness.
  • Ali and Hassan leave Baba and Amir

    On page 106-107, Ali and Hassan leave because Hassan admits that Amir didn't help him when he was raped. Here, Amir sees "something i had never seen him do before: he cried" (107). Amir sees the extend of pain he has caused. His father reduced to tears, and lifetime friends Ali and Hassan leaving. However, in this moment Amir starts to change his perception of Baba. He sees that Baba isn't perfect. This lets him atone for his actions without worrying about Baba's approval as a factor.
  • Baba stands up to a Russian officer

    When traveling away from Kabul, a Russian guard demands an extra price for letting them through. Baba stands up to him, saying "Ask him where is shame is" (115). Baba is showing how his power comes from not only his riches but from his bravery, and unfaltering belief in what is right. This makes Amir want to become like him all the more, but also makes Amir doubtful of himself, and thus less self-confident.
  • Baba becomes enraged at local shop owners

    When two elderly shop owners demand Baba's ID, he becomes enraged and breaks things in their shop. Amir defuses the situation by saying, "I'll take him home. Just don't call the police, okay?" (128) We can see Amir gaining confidence, and Baba losing respect. This also shows a shift of power from Baba to Amir.
  • Amir begins to court Soraya

    Amir is deeply in love with Soraya, and eventually he works up the nerve to confront her, saying "Can I ask what you're reading?" (146) This question makes it very clear to her that he is interested, because it is a question not purely for information about other matters. Amir has gained confidence to a point of a normal person. Although when he was a child he didn't help Hassan, now he most likely would, given his newfound confidence.
  • Soraya accepts Amir's marige

    Amir asks Soraya to marry him and she accepts. However, she tells him that she once eloped with another man. However, Amir is not at all phased, because he realizes, "How could I, of all people, chastise someone for their past?" (165) Amir is now accepting what he has done. He knows it was horrible, and he doesn't hide from that fact. However, the fact itself stills burns at him, and leaves him unsettled.
  • The U.S. gives anti-aircraft missles to Afghany Rebels

    The U.S. gives anti-aircraft missles to Afghany Rebels
  • Soviet Troops leave Afghanistan

    Soviet Troops leave Afghanistan
  • Period: to

    Afghanistan is divided

  • The Taliban has 12,000 followers

    The Taliban has 12,000 followers
    It was founded by grop of students.
  • Bin Laden arrives at the Taliban

    Bin Laden arrives at the Taliban
  • Period: to

    Taliban Takeover until 9/11

  • Al Queda suicide bombs the Twin Towers

    Al Queda suicide bombs the Twin Towers
  • Period: to

    Post 9/11

  • U.S. drives the Taliban out of major Afghany cities

    U.S. drives the Taliban out of major Afghany cities
  • Period: to

    The Taliban wage Guerilla Warfare

  • Amir learns that Hassan was his brother

    Rahim Kahn, attempting to convince Amir to save Hassan's child, tells him, "Ali was sterile" (222). This means that Hassan was Amir's brother. Amir is extremely upset, but this fact makes him choose to save Hassan's child, Sohrab. Amir realizes that by saving Sohrab, he will have truly atoned.
  • Karzai takes office as an interim President

    Karzai takes office as an interim President
  • Amir learns that a Taliban official took Sohrab

    Amir goes to the orphanage where Sohrab was, and the man in charge tells him that "[A Talib official] vists once every month or two. He bring cash with him... Usually he takes a girl" (255-6). This official has taken Sohrab. Amir is now especially motivated to find Sohrab. However, he knows now that it will be more difficult than he expected. His continuation of his missio shows that he has become much more confident and sure of himself.
  • The Talib Official is Assef

    When Amir asks to see Sohrab, the Talib official refers to his father, saying "Whatever happened to old Babalu, anyway?" (281) This statement tells Amir that the Talib official is Assef. Now Amir sees that his mistakes have come full circle. However, now, whatever punishment he recieves will be much more gratifying.
  • Assef beats up Amir

    Assef insists that Sohrab be taken for a price. He visiously beats up Amir. However, Amir starts laughing because "For the first time since the winter of 1975, I felt at peace" (289). This is what Amir always craved. What Hassan wouldn't give him, Assef is. And despite the pain, the relief from guilt feels so good.
  • Karzai is elected President for 4 years

    Karzai is elected President for 4 years
  • Sohrab smiles

    After one or more years since Amir rescued Sohrab, Sohrab is silent and depressed, never smiling. However, once Amir wins the kite tournement, he "looked down on Sohrab. One corner of his mouth was curled up just so. A smile" (370). Finally, Amir is done. He has done all he wanted to. He rescued Sohrab, and took a beating for it. He tried to make Sohrab happy, and only know has he started to succeed. Everything he did so many years ago, leaving Hassan to be raped, he has atoned for.
  • Period: to

    Obama fights in the war in Afghanistan

  • Obama deploys 30,000 troops to Afghanistan

    Obama deploys 30,000 troops to Afghanistan