Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • Baba's socioecomnomic status

    When Amir was a young child, "Baba decided to build an orphanage..and everyone shook their heads in awe at his triumphant ways"(13). Starting early in Amir's childhood, Baba was looked up to as a person. When people saw his good deeds they realized that is the quality that is important in a leader. This event introduced Baba's leadership in the community.
  • kite race

    In the final minutes of the kite race Amir thought to himself,"I didn't need to hear the crowd's roar to know. I didn't need to see either"(66). Winning the kite race was a huge deal in afgahnistan because it was one of their main yearly entertinments. Winning was so surreal for Amir and it made him so happy to know that people, especially his father, cared and were proud.
  • assef violates hassan

    After the kite race while Amir was looking for Hassan, he, "could hear Assef's quick rythmic grunts"(77). Amir was a witness of Assef raping Hassan but he stood there and did nothing. The fear he felt struck him so much that he made the wrong decision to stay quiet which guilted him forever.
  • Period: to


  • waiting to go the US

    While Amir and Baba were waiting to travel to America Baba got angered by Karim and "Karim was turning red and kicking his legs. Baba kepy choking him..."(118). This was a point in the story where Baba's strong and powerful side was shown. His determination overtook him and made him want to kill the man. This was terrifying to the people but just reminded them of his capabilities.
  • War involvement

    Afghanistan's involvement with war first started in "1979, when the Soviet Union invaded"(1).
  • living in the US

    When Amir and Baba made it to America, their "neighbors in Fremont were bus drivers, policemen, gasstation attendants...people who would soon suffocate under the pillow"(126). Amir and Baba experienced a huge change because they used to be high class people and now they're ina place unfamiliar to them. They thought of these people as poor and lower class but they had to adjust because they were now a part of that group with Baba working at a gas station.
  • soraya and amir

    Amir fell in love with a woman named Soraya, asked for her hand in marriage and "the general accepted"(163). Having her father allow Amir to marry Soraya was so exciting for Amir. They both loved each other dearly and Amir could now have Baba live to see that he has a wife.
  • Baba is diagnosed

    When Amir and Baba go to the doctor, they diagnose Baba with lung cancer but Baba says, "no chemo medication for me"(156). There was a slim chance of Baba living without treatment but this decision proves the courage that he had. Baba knew he would die but he knew he would suffer with or without medication and he wanted to live life free. This decision frightened Amir but would lead him to become stronger.
  • baba's death

    After being diagnosed with lung cancer baba soon passed away and Amir thought to himself "Baba couldn't show me the way anymore; I'd have to find it on my own. The thought of it terrified me"(174). Baba was such an important person in Amir's life and made him to be the person he was. Amir was scared to not have him in his life anymore and realized he would have to become more independent without the wise tips from his father.
  • amir's education

    When Amir was in college he told Soraya, "Martin called and informed me I was going to be a published novelist"(183). Amir had always been a writer, but making it from having dreams in Afghanistan to achieving them in America was incredible. He could not tell Baba the news but knew he would be proud of Amir being an accomplished writer. Amir was finally meeting the level of his father's achievements.
  • Soviet invasion effects

    Instead of helping Afghanistan to become a better place the soviets left it as, "a beacon to islamic extremists from across the globe who had come to assist in the fighting, including Osama bin laden and the group he helped found, Al Qaeda"(2).
  • farid's family struggle

    When Amir was staying with Farid, at dinner he realized the kids "hadn't been staring at the watch...they'd been staring at my food"(241). Farid's family gave Amir the kids' food because they didn't have enough for all of them. This scene represented the struggle of life in Afghanistan at the time because of the war going on.
  • taliban strikes

    At a community event in Afghanistan the Taliban came and "hurled the stone at the blindfolded man in the hole"(270). The Talian threw stones at a couple who had cheated on each other because it was not morally right. This event was one of the Taliban's many tortures made toward society at the time and showed their cruel actions and ways of living that surprised Amir.
  • amir and assef fight

    When Amir searches for Sohrab, Hassan's son, he finds Assef as the owner of the orphanage. They fight for Sohrab and Amir was "getting thrown against the wall...lying on the floor...ribs snapping like the tree branches..."(288). Amir risked his life fighting Assef because he wanted Sohrab so badly. This proved his courage and bravery and how it would make Hassan happy because he was atoning for the past.
  • mullah omar

    "By the end of 1994 Mullah Omar had nearly 12,000 followers", including the east neighbor of Afghanistan, Pakistan.(3).
  • amir's tries to bring sohrab to the US

    When Amir runs away with Sohrab he tries to bring him back to the US but the officers said "The boy has to be declared a legal orphan"(330). Amir was doing everything he could to bring Sohrab back to the US but wouldn't succeed without his parents' death certificates. Amir didn't want Sohrab to go back to an orphange where he would be abused and his efforts to bring him home were much appreciated by Sohrab and Soraya.
  • Taliban

    The extremist islamic group known as the Taliban, "seized control in 1996 after years of civil war"(1).
  • sohrab harms himself

    During one of the nights Sohrab and Amir spent in Afghanistan, Amir "Stepped into the bathroom...screaming"(343). He was trying to tell Sohrab the good news that they would go to America but instead found his unconcious in the bathtub, bleeding. Sohrab was so scared to go to an orphanage that he tried killing himself to prevent it. Luckily, Amir found him in time to go to the hospital. This just proves how much being sexually abused scarred Sohrab and how he would never forget it.
  • a "normal" life

    When Soraya, Sohrab, and Amir were living at home Sohrab and Amir went to fly a kite and Sohrab asked Amir, " 'Do you want me to run that kite for you?' "(371). Sohrab had barely spoken since getting out of the hospital and hearing those few words meant so much to Amir. His brother's son was now his and he could make up for his actions by caring for him. Even though Sohrab would never be the same again, being in his presence was all that Amir needed.
  • 9/11

    Since the attack by the Al Qaeda group, "The *United States has been militarily involved in Afghanistan since 2001"(1).
  • Hamid Karzai

    After the new king was exiled, Hamid Karzai became the leader of the country, but society," blamed him for the mainfest in lack of economic progress and the corrupt officials..."(3).
  • taliban returns

    The Americans were once again distracted by Iraq while, "the Taliban continued to wage a guerilla warfare from a base in the mountainous and largely lawless tribal area on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border"(3).
  • the leak

    America had once again more to worry about in Afghanistan after there was "A six year archive of classified military documents, released by wikileaks"(4).
  • general petraeus

    General Petraeus who controlled military in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places, "had taken charge of United States Central Command in October 2008"(4).
  • US military

    Due to the unsafety of the country, "the United Stated will have forces in the country until at least the end of 2014..."(1).