Kite runner

Kite Runner & the History of Afghanistan

  • TKR-Baba Enters the World

    Many events occured in the year, 1933. This was "...the year Baba was born..." (24) and also the year Baba met Ali. Ali's parents were killed by drunk drivers, so Baba's father adopted Ali into the family. As Ali being the closest thing to a brother Baba can get, Baba's guilt caused him to atone for his mistake. He tried to atone for sleeping with Sanaubar by using his power and wealth.
  • TKR-The King is Replaced

    On this date, the monarchy in Afghanistan is abolished. During the king;s abscence, the king's cousin '...ended the...forty-year reign with a bloodless coup," (36) In this part of the book, Amir and Hassan are confused about the situation in their country. To distract themselves from reality, they continued to play with each other.
  • TKR-Hassan's Surgery

    On one of Hassan's birthday, Baba offered Hassan a chance to get a surgery to fix his harelip. Amir kept on thinking about this because he came to realization that "... everyone...was either dead or dying. Except for [him]" (219). Amir's realization is impacting him because his childhood family and friends are dead. Now that Hassan is dead, he is unsure on how to atone for his mistake.
  • TKR-Hassan is Raped

    In the winter of the year 1975, Hassan was raped by Assef. Amir watched Hassan get raped and has lived with the guilt until he rescued Sorhab. Amir's guilt cause him to "...let the tears break free..." (93), and feel even more guilty. Amir felt very guilty and held it in. He finally let it out during this scene.
  • TKR-Hassan's Last Kite Run

    "...[Amir] saw Hassan run a kite for the last time..." in the winter of 1975. This was Hassan's last run because he was later raped by Assef. This event is important because it shows what Amir remembers about Hassan before his rape.
  • Period: to

    History of Afghanistan

  • Soviet Union Invade Kabul

    On this fate, the Soviet Union invaded Kabul, the capital of the Islamic republic, to "...assist Barbrak Karmal, who had become president in a coup within the Afghan Communist leadership." (NYT)Western analysists thought the Soviets organized the coup, seize of power, to replace Hafizullah Amin who was the Afghan leader that lost the trust of his people.
  • TKR-Amir and Baba Travel to America

    In this month, Baba and Amir "...left Kabul..." (110) to travel to America to escape the attacks in Afghanistan. The journey came with many hardships to cross the border. This event is important because Amir begins to become more mature and independent by learning about what really happens in the world and in Afghanistan.
  • TKR-Amir meets the General

    Amire meets "...a decorated geneeral in Kabul..." (138), who is Amir's future father in law. During this year, Amir is adjusting into life in America. He begins to follow his dream of becoming a writer.
  • TKR-Amir Meets Soraya

    During spring in 1985, Amir meets Soraya ,who he thinks of as "...the morning sun to my yelda...' (144) Soraya and Amir will marry in the future, but her first sees her on this date. In the Spring of this year, Amir finally introduces himself to Soraya and they talk about books and writing. Although they have only met, this is the year they begin to fall in love.
  • TKR-Amir goes Back

    During this year, Amir makes his way back to Aghanistan. Amir specifically, "...went to Hazarajat to find Hassan..." (203) Amir did not know that Hassan was killed. Amir wants to find Hassan, partially because he is seeking atonement.
  • TKR-Amir's First Novel

    The Summer of 1988 is when Amir "...finish[es] [his] first novel.." (182) Amir then gets a manager/agent six week later who then gets his first novel published. This summer is signigicant because it shows how Amir is finally getting his dream of being a successful writer. He knows Baba never fully accepted his career choice, but he is still proud of the accomplished writer her is becoming.
  • TKR-Farzana Gets Pregnant

    Farzana is Hassan's wife. She was also killed after Hassan was. During this scene, Rhahim Khan is telling Amir about the events that happened to Hassan. During Rhahim Khan's storytelling, he explains to Amir that "...Farzana became pregnant again..." (209). Farzana was pregnant before, but she gave birth to a stillborn child. This quote is important because Amir is learnng about Hassan's life and his family for the first time since he left.
  • TKR-Adoption is Possible

    March of 1991 is when Soraya's OB/GYN "..used the word 'adoption' for the first time," (186). This impacted Soraya greatly because she was also told she was no longer fertile anymore, meaning Soraya could not get pregnant. Amir always looked up to Baba as a great father figure and losing the chance for his wife to become pregnant hurt himself and his wife. As a married coupls, Amir and Soraya are ready for a child and she felt as she was letting her family down.
  • Mullah Omar's Followers

    Mullag Omar was a person from South Afghanistan. He lost an eye from fighting the Soviets that invaded the country. In this year, he had "...nearly 12,000 followers..." that stood by his side to make a memorable movement against the Soviets.
  • TKR-The Taliban

    During this year, "...the Taliban rolled in and put an end to the daily fighting..." (213). When the Taliban came, the Afghans didn't know that the Taliban would take over the government and cause more years of torment. The Talibans were the ones who killed Hassan and Faranza because they were Hazaras.
  • The Taliban's "Help"

    The Taliban decided to "...provide a safe haven for Mr. bin Laden..." in May of 1996.
  • TKR-Amir Decides to go back

    Amir receives a phone call saying " 'Rhahim Khan is very sick' " (191). This phone call causes Amir to decide to go back to Afganistan. He deeply cares for his father's friend who also believed in his writing career. Amir also wanted to go back to find Hassan and seek atonement.
  • September 11th Terrorist Attack

    September 11th Terrorist Attack
    On September 9, 2001, a devastating event occured. A terrorist attack from "...the extremist Islamic Al Quaeda..." (NYT) made the date, 9/11, unforgettable.
  • The Taliban Refuse to Give Up

    Even after the 9/11 attack, the Taliban, "despite their defeat,... continued a guerilla warfare." (NYT) One of their goals are to influence Afghanistan to agree with their decisions.
  • Hamid Karzai Becomes Leader

    On this date, Hamid Karzai "...became chairman of an interim government..." (NYT) of Taliban. He claimed that he oped to find peace for Afghanistan.
  • TKR-Sohrab's Lopsided Smile

    In this month of 2002, an event Amir described as "...small [and] wonderous..." (363) occured. Sohrab smiled. This happened during Sohrab's first kite competition when Amir helped him win. A sign of Amir trying to atone is shown. He spent a year trying to cheer Sohrab up and when Sohrab finally cracks a smile, Amir knows that he is making things better for Sohrab.
  • Hamid Karzai President?

    In June 2002, Hamid Karzai "...took office as interim president..." through an election.The current president in the U.S at this time was George W. Bush . The U.S president thought of Karzai as brave to be picking up the damage Al Quaeda left.
  • Hamid Karzai Becomes President

    Hamid Karzai was elected and ran for five years as president of Afghanistan. He said he wanted to " the country much-needed international aid." (NYT)
  • General Petraeus Takes A Stand

    Heneral Petraeus is a commander who took charge of the United States Central Command to attack a "...responsibility for military operations in Iraq." (NYT)
  • Obama's Speech

    President Obama gives a speech on his plan to move "...30,000 additional troops" (NYT) to help with the war against Afghanistan.