The Journey of a Hero: Nelson Mandela

  • Subway Story

    Today we watched the video about the subway hero in New York.
  • Period: to

    Hero Project

  • "Why Courage Matters"

    Today Mrs. Allen read the story of the hero John Benavidez.
  • Ms. Quillen- Peace Corps Interview

    Today we watched the inteview about Ms. Quillen's life as a Peace Corp in Costa Rica.
  • Chose my subject today

     Chose my subject today
    I finally decided to write about Nelson Mandela
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    The Process

  • "Change The world Powerpoint"

    Today we worked on exercises and analysis from the powerpoint.
  • Blog 1

    Blog 1
    I turned in my first blog, explaining my hero options and the reasons why I chose Nelson Mandela
  • Blog 2- Heroes in Literature

    Today my heroes in literature paper was due.
  • DEAR

    Today we had time in class to read our hero books.
  • First Chapter Monday

    Today we shared our favorte passages with the class.
  • Hero Interview

    Today I had my interview with Coach Patterson about Nelson Mandela. She answered my questions and I have my recording ready.
  • Interview Preparation

    Today I asked my history teacher for help in my project. She agreed to an interview, it will beThursday.
  • Timeline due

    This timeline is due today.
  • Interview due

    Today the interview file is due to Edmodo.
  • Final Paper Due

    Today the final Hero's Journey paper is due.
  • Period: to

    Upcoming Assignments