The Industrial Revolution

  • JethroTull invents the seed drill

    Jethro Tull was one of the first scientific farmers and he created the seed drill for cultivation of larger fields.
  • John Kay invents flying shuttle

    The flying shuttle helped double the amount of textile production
  • James Watt builds the first steam engine

    James Watt wanted to solved the problem of using so much fuel by making a steam engine. Matthew Boulton funded the production.
  • Marx and Engels publish The Communist Manifesto

    Marx and Engels discussed that human society have always been divided. They wanted to make a society that the government controlled everything.
  • THe US Civil War ends, US experiences huge technilogical expansion

    The British wanted to keep their industrial ideas to themselves, so they had a blockade from the US. The US then had to rely on their own resources and had a huge jump in technology.
  • Germany has the dominant industrial power in Europe

    Germany began to copy England's industrial ways and got British engineers and equipment. They unknowingly had a coal-filled valley called the Ruhr Valley.
  • The British Unions win ability to strike

    The British Unions won the right to strike by wanting better working conditions and higher pay,