The Important Times in Rhode Island Colony

  • Rhode Island Charter

    On July 8,1663 Great Britian Granted a second chater to Rhode Island.
  • King Phillip's war

    King Phillip starts a war that causes a lot of colinists lifes.
  • Sir Edmund Andros

    Sir Edmund Andros takes control of Rhode Island.After 4 years he is sent back to Great Britian.
  • Slaves

    The first shipload of slaves is brought and sold.
  • Stamp Act Congress

    Rhode Island takes part of the Stamp Act Congress.
  • Slaves Come Agian

    More slaves get imported into the colony.
  • Independence

    Rhode Island is the first independent colony from Great Britian.
  • Soldiers Fail

    Rhode Island fail in their atempt to drive British out of Newport in the Battel of Rhode Island.
  • They Try Agian

    The last of the British troops sail out to Rhode Island.
  • Delegates

    Rhode Islanders decide not to send delegates to the Constitutional Convention.
  • The Thirteen Colonies

    Rhode Island becomes the last of the thirteen colonies to become a part of the ratify U.S. constitution